Hоw tо Dероsit & Withdraw Money With Your Parimatch Acconut

As a sports bettor, you may be asking which Parimatch payment options are available to you. During the account creation and verification process, you would have entered your payment method. Before you begin, you should be familiar with the various ways. This will make it simpler for you to transfer money into and out of your account.

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How to Deposit Money in Parimatch

It's just as simple to make a Parimatch deposit. In this section, we'll walk you through a few crucial procedures to help you get started.

  • You may sign up for a Parimatch account by visiting the website and clicking the 'Sign Up' button at the upper right corner of the page, or you can log in if you already have an account
  • Fill out the required fields on the sign-up form. You'll be prompted to provide your phone number to verify your identification before submitting your account information. Lastly, you'll have to pick a password and a currency to use
  • After selecting a currency, you may choose a game and deposit using the payment options area of the website. This part may be found at the very top of the screen, to the right
  • Make a deposit by clicking on the mode of payment you choose. Personal details like a credit card security code should be entered. Put in your deposit amount and confirm it to begin the process
Bet With Parimatch
Parimatch Sign-Up
Parimatch Sign-Up

Parimatch Deposit Options and Limits

Depending on where you reside, a wide range of Parimatch deposit options are accessible to you. If you like, you may request that the deposit be restricted. You must have at least the minimum deposit amount in your account in order to make any bets.

These are the only things you'll need to do to keep your account active. There is no limit to the amount of money you may deposit as long as you do not set a restriction for yourself to work within.


Parimatch deposit options

Method Min. Deposit Max. Deposit Processing Time
Visa $10 $5000 Instant
Mastercard $10 $5000 Instant
Entropay $10 $5000 Instant
Neteller $35 No limit Instant
Webmoney $1 No limit Instant
Qiwi $1 €450 Instant
Perfect Money $10 No limit Instant
Bank tranfer $10 No limit Instant
Skrill $1 No limit Instant
Yandex money $1 $450 Instant
Bitcoin $10 No limit Instant
Visa electron $10 $5000 Instant


Which Credit and Debit Cards are Accepted?

Credit and debit cards listed by Parimatch may only be used. MasterCard and Visa are the two options for these credit cards. It is also important that the cards are in good condition and have not expired. It's best to get a fresh card before setting up a Parimatch account if your current one is about to expire.


How to Withdraw Money in Parimatch

Withdrawing funds from your Parimatch account is simple. To help you out, we're going to walk you through the process:

  • Visit Parimatch's official website and register or log in to your account
  • Next, navigate to the Finances section of your account's settings
  • The section titled 'Withdraw' may be found here. After clicking you'll be presented with a list of all the withdrawal options
  • Once you've selected a payment option, enter the amount you want to withdraw. Providers will charge different amounts for this service
  • Finalize the payment
Parimatch Mobile App
Parimatch Mobile App
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Parimatch Withdrawal Options and Transaction Times

The process of withdrawing at Parimatch takes just a few short minutes. The payment methods you choose may take some time . Refrain from employing techniques that require you to wait more than five days for your money, unless you want the longest possible wait period. Here are some withdrawal options available for you to choose from.


Parimatch withdrawal methods

Method Min. Withdrawal Max. Withdrawal Processing Time
Visa $10 No limit 2 hours
Mastercard $30 No limit 2 hours
Entropay $30 No limit 2 hours
Neteller $10 $2500 2 hours
Webmoney No limit No limit 2 hours
Qiwi $10 €450 2 hours
Perfect Money $10 No limit 2 hours
Bank transfer $10 No limit 2 hours
Skrill $10 No limit 2 hours
Yandex money $10 $450 2 hours
Bitcoin $10 No limit Instant
Visa electron $10 No limit 2 hours


There is a lot of growth potential for the Parimatch brand. Clearly, there is a lot to enjoy about Parimatch, particularly the excellent payment options that they provide its users. It is possible to compare the transaction times of each method to determine which one is the most suitable for your needs. Because of the nature of the system, the transaction time may vary from time to time . Examine all of your alternatives and choose the one that best suits your requirements to get your money as quickly as possible.

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Can I Change the Currency in My Parimatch Account?
You can use several currencies in your account, but you can't change them as often as you'd want. Your preferred currency will be the one you choose when you register for the website. Your currency will be changed to the primary one as soon as you make a deposit in another country's currency.
Can I Use Different Options for Deposit and Withdrawals in Parimatch?
Yes, you are free to switch to a different method of depositing funds. This may also be done using the withdrawal method. Transactions may be made using any of the options given.
Can Deposit and Withdrawal Limits Be Changed?
Changes to your account may be made, however there are usual restrictions on the payment methods you can use. You may establish a deposit limit via your portal if you need to. From your menu, it's easy to see what you're looking for.
Is Parimatch a safe platform to use?
In terms of security, Parimatch is an excellent choice. With the Curaçao Gaming license, they sponsor numerous big sports teams and use powerful SSL encryption t