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As far as betting sites go, there is still a lot to be desired. To feel and be up to date on current happenings over a wide spectrum of sporting selections. Enter Parimatch to the rescue. Parimatch is a very dependable, time-proven betting company that allows you to place your winning bets on your favourite sports in any championship. The market depth at Parimatch is a huge improvement from the competition that exists.

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Parimatch iOS App Pros & Cons

  • Very secure app;
  • Loads of sports kinds;
  • Live streaming;
  • Live betting;
  • Limited payment options;

How To Download And Install Parimatch iOS App

Go into the app store using your iPhone and search for Parimatch in the search bar. You will be able to locate the app in the sports directory. Initiate the download by clicking the button. Ensure you put in your Apple login deets where applicable. An Alternative will be visiting the official website of Parimatch and clicking the download button. After which follow the prompt listed above.

Download Parimatch iOS App

Parimatch iOS System Requirement

The Parimatch app is compatible with devices running iOS 8 and above for the iPhone and iPad.


Parimatch iOS app requirements table

Device Android
RAM 1.2GB+
Operating system iOS 8
Cost Free


Parimatch Sportsbook Mobile App Countries Availability

Available countries include:

  1. Ukraine;
  2. Russia;
  3. Moldova;
  4. Georgia;
  5. United Kingdom;
  6. South Africa;
  7. Nigeria;
Download Parimatch iOS App
Parimatch Sign-Up
Parimatch Sign-Up

Account In Parimatch iOS App

Setting your account on the iOS platform is quite an easy process. The steps are:

  • Open the app and then proceed to click the signup button;
  • Provide the required information and also enter a phone number. The message sent to you is for verification;
  • Click on the message Parimatch will send to obtain the confirmation number and input it where needed;
  • Click on the join now button and you have successfully opened an account on the ios app;


How To Fund Your Account In Parimatch iOS App

To fund your Parimatch online sportsbook follow the bit-by-bit tips below:

  • After logging into your Parimatch account into the app, click on the “Deposit” option;
  • Pick your desired deposit method (Visa and Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Jaton wallet);
  • Input the amount details you wish to fund;
  • When you are finished, a message pop-up will show, this is your confirmation that the money has been deposited into your account;


How To Withdraw From Your Parimatch iOS App

  • Open the Parimatch online sportsbook web page;
  • Log into sports betting user account;
  • Open the My Account section;
  • Hit the withdrawal option button;
  • The withdrawal window will show all the withdrawal methods;
  • Choose your preferred withdrawal option;
  • Input the amount you desire to withdraw;
  • Hit the Withdraw option button to successfully withdraw funds from your Parimatch online sports betting user account;
Download Parimatch iOS App
Parimatch Mobile App
Parimatch Mobile App

iOS App Main Features

The Parimatch app has some features that aid the user in many ways and they include:



On the Parimatch app, the user can watch the sport that has been bet on. This provides the ability to watch multiple sports simultaneously and to change your bets correspondingly. This is a feature for premium users.



The homepage of the Parimatch application shows stats of ongoing games. This is to act as a brief overview for the customer to use before placing the final bet.


Live Match Statistics

The homepage of the Parimatch application shows stats of ongoing games. This is to act as a brief overview for the customer to use before placing the final bet.


Live Alerts

This is an option that gives you access to updates of live events even when the app is not open.


Live Betting

Live betting gives the option to place a bet even though the event has started.


Special Bonus

Parimatch offers incentives in the formof a welcome bonus for every new client.

Download Parimatch iOS App

Sports Betting on the Parimatch iOS App


How To Place A Bet On The iOS Application

  • Open Parimatch online sportsbook web page;
  • Log into your online sports betting user account;
  • Fund the registered parimatch account if the account balance is low. This is to enable placing your preferred amount to stake;
  • Proceed to click on the “Sports” option menu to access a vast network of sports all over the world;
  • Choose a sport from the options available;
  • Choose the preferred market, tournament and subsequent team/match of choice;
  • We can now move to place our bets with the numerous options available on the app;
  • The final step is placing your preferred amount on your bet. Parimatch will now deduct the corresponding amount from your registered Parimatch account;

iOS App Vs Desktop Comparison


Parimatch Android app vs desktop comparison table

No storage space required Storage space is needed
Not as many features as the android app. A lot of new features.
Updates and downloads are not required It is given regular updates to improve performance and fix bugs
Optimised for small screens It has an added layer of security
Compatible with all modern devices Compatible with devices running ios8 and above
Download Parimatch iOS App

Parimatch Mobile Bonuses

An image of theParimatch sportsbook mobile app bonuses
Parimatch sportsbook mobile app bonuses image

Parimatch offers its new users a welcome bonus on their first deposit of funds into their sports betting user account, where they can get up to INR 20,000. To get this bonus, register for a Parimatch sports betting account using your mobile application, deposit funds into your account up to INR 20,0000, and get over 150% in bonus. 


Top Bonuses