Playabet Registration: Sigh-Up Guide, Welcome Bonus, Problems

The sign-up process involved in Playabet is quite easy and simple, though available for people from 18 years of age and above. The sportsbook offers enough sporting options including live betting and virtual. However, for you to enjoy the services including the promotional and bonus offers, you must have an account registered with the company. The registration can also be done on a mobile app or on the official Playabet website. A person would need a valid phone number, email address, and a password to register an account with Playabet. All the steps required are easy and self-guided as it provides instruction and guideline to customers. For the purpose of registration, first deposit, and login process, we will delve deep into the entire process of registration.

Sign-up with Playabet

How to register with Playabet?

To register an account with Playabet is simple and easy. A person needs to have a strong internet connection. Below is the step-by-step procedure for registering an account with Playabet.

Playabet account sign up
How to register with Playabet
  1. You will need to locate the official website of Playabet
  2. Once on the Playabet homepage, click on the Register at the top right-hand side of your screen
  3. A pop-up window will display a form for you to fill in your phone number, Password and confirm the password afterwords, click to accept the terms and conditions and click register, wait for a confirmation code sent directly to the phone number you have to provide and enter the code in the space that will appear and click confirmed and your account will be registered

Playabet Registration Terms and Conditions

Playabet has numerous terms and conditions associated with registration, but only a few will be provided here.

  • The law prohibits betting for persons under the age of 18 and from time to time you will be asked to confirm your age
  • Your Kenyan phone number (+254) is your customer identity number. They use it to uniquely identify customers and their account details
  • The account owner must not be located where Playabet does not operate
  • It does not allow multiple accounts and if found, the account can be closed permanently
  • Playabet cannot be held responsible for any delay or non-delivery of sms communications through the mobile operator network
Sign-up with Playabet

How to Log in to PlayaBet?

As can be seen during the sign-up process, the login process is also very easy and simple. The following are the log-in steps for PlayaBet.

  1. Once you access the Playabet through the official website, you will see the login at the top right corner of your website
  2. In the form that will appear, input your Phone number and password you provided during registration if at all you did not later change it
  3. Click login after inputting the details and you will be logged in
How to login with Playabet
How to login into Playabet

What Account Adjustments can I make Upon Registration?

After signing up on Playabet, there are a few things you can adjust. The first will be the odds type listed on the sportsbooks. The options for odds include Decimal and Fractional.

Secondly, you will also choose the type of bet you want to bet on. Thirdly, there is another option where you can limit how much you spend on betting in a day. This can be done through the deposit limit option under responsible gambling. You can as well adjust your security architecture by adding two-step authentication to your account.

Sign-up with Playabet

How To Make The First Deposit At Playabet?

Despite the bonuses customers can get, it is a requirement that when you sign up, you should deposit some money in your account before you will be able to start order to make the first deposit, users need to first of all log into his/her playabet account in order to deposit money.

Once you Log into your Playabet account and click on “Deposit” at the top right corner of your screen, and once you have done that you will have to choose a particular deposit method you want. A very good and easy one is card deposit. In this method, you will have to input card number, security code and card pin mostly for Debit or Credit card.Enter the amount you would like to deposit and click on “Deposit”.


Playabet Registration Bonus

There is not enough information to say whether Playabet offers sign up bonuses to customers. There are many promos for both old and new customers, however, there are no need to say Playabet offers welcome sign up bonuses. It only offers promo exclusively for only new customers called Risk Free First Bet. Playabet also provides referral bonuses to users.

Risk free first bet promo for new customers only
Risk free first bet promo for new customers only

Sign up common problems

It is good that you have seen how easy it is to sign up on Playabet, however, there are certain instances where customers encounter challenges that need to be addressed. Some of the recurring problems often encountered by users include the followings.


Playabet website is not loading

In any case the Playabet website is not loading, this could be poor internet connection. In such cases, disconnect the internet connection and reconnect again. You can as well change browsers in case you want to sign up through the website and not mobile apps.


Playabet is not legally supported in your country

Though Playabet is famous in Kenya, however, it is not legally recognized and licensed to operate in all countries. So, when a potential customer wants to register an account where Playabet is not legally binded to operate, it will not be tenable. All you need to do is seek another sportsbook eligible to operate in your country and sign up with them.


Already Existing Account

This problem usually occurs when your username, phone number or emails are already in use. To solve this challenge, simply sign into your account or click on forget password to reset in case you have forgotten login details.


Terms and Conditions problems

This problem occurs when a user fails to accept the terms and conditions before signing up. To solve this challenge, click to accept the terms and conditions and click login.

Sign-up with Playabet


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Also ask
Does Playabet have a registration Bonus?
There is not enough information on the website as at the time of writing this review concerning sign up bonuses. However, there is a referral bonus to users.
Can I register via MobileApp?
Yes. Playabet has an Android app that you can download and install to your mobile device. The sign up procedure is the same as you would encounter on the desktop version of the sportsbook.
How long does the verification process take?
It takes Playabet from one minute to up to 24 hours to verify your account making it easy for users to start using their account.
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