Download & Install PMU App for Android and iOS 2022

PMU is optimized for all mobile devices. Article tells how and where to download PMU applications for Android and IOS.

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About PMU

Many punters enjoy the convenience of placing bets on the go. Thanks to technology, most betting sites now offer their customers the option to bet on their phones wherever they are. They can now access the same quality and functionality that is provided on the desktop site on their mobile. PMU being a big player in the betting world is up to date with the trends and has provided its customers with mobile options.

To use PMU on your phone you have the option to: 

  1. Download a dedicated app from the Appstore or the PMU website. They have created three native apps for each of their main sections. Their customers can now bet easily from their phones from wherever they are. PMU sport is the native app that is dedicated to sports betting.
  2. To use the website on their phone through the browser. It is possible that a punter may not be able to download the dedicated apps. This could be because: Their devices do not have enough space to install the apps Their Operating system is lower than the required operating system to enable a download.

If they cannot download the app, they can still enjoy the services offered by PMU through the browsers on their phones. The site is available in a version that is optimized for mobile devices. They enjoy the same functionality as both the desktop and mobile app versions, except with a few disadvantages.

Download PMU Mobile App

PMU Mobile App for Android

PMU apps

The Google Play Store does not allow any real money gambling apps on their platform. This makes it a little harder for Android users to download the app. Unlike their iOS counterparts, Android users cannot simply go to the store and download an app. Their download must be done manually.

To download the app, simply follow the following steps:

  • On your browser, open up the PMU website
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, under the contact section where you will see the PMU applications option. Click on the link
  • The link will lead you to another page that gives you the option to choose from the three apps
  • Select the Sportsbook app and select to download either from the App Store or from Google Play.
  • You will be prompted to accept the download. Click on accept to begin the download.
  • Since the App is not from the Play Store, you may need to make some changes to your settings to allow an App from an ‘unknown source’ to be installed to your device. To enable installation, on your phone, Go to Settings, select Security and scroll down to ‘Unknown Sources’ and select it. Tap OK to confirm
  • Go back to the app and click install
  • Your app is ready to use and you can place bets on the go.

PMU Mobile App

For iOS devices, the App is available for download at the iTunes App Store and the process is therefore more straightforward. The iOS version is bigger than the android version as it is 150MB while the android version is 20 MB. This difference has no bearing on the quality or usability of the app. To download, follow these steps:

  • Visit the AppStore
  • In the Search Box, fill in PMU sport
  • Alternatively, use the same process as above where you get the download link from the website.
  • From the results, click on ‘download’
  • Confirm the download by providing whatever information is asked for and accept the terms and conditions
  • Once downloaded, proceed to install
  • Your app is ready to use.

Though the download requirements may be different, once you have the app installed the functionality is the same across the board.


System Requirements

Android devices like Sony, Samsung phones can easily download the PMU Sportsbook Mobile App. All they need is to have enough space for the app and an Android version of 4.4 or higher.

IOS devices can download the App as long as they have iOS versions 9.0 or higher. In summary these are the requirements.


Android and IOS System Requirements

Requirements For Android For IOS
Devices Phones and tablets iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Operating System 4.4 or later iOS 9.0 or later
Size 20MB 154.4 MB
Language FR FR

How to Register via Mobile App

Once you have downloaded the app, you need to register an account so that you can start betting. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Open the app and select the menu button is the three short lines on the top left. The first option is the option to log in. Select that option. It will open up to another page that gives you the option to either log in or create a new account. If you already have an account, all you will need to do is enter your account credentials and you may proceed to start betting. To log in, you will need: your 10 digit customer number, your date of birth and your 4 digit password.
  • If you do not already have an account, select the create account section.
  • This will open the registration page. Page 1 will ask for your personal data. Fill in your details taking care not to make any errors as they may cause your account to be blocked.
  • Next you will enter a 4 figure PIN code. Choose one that is not easy to guess. You will also enter a security question and answer.
  • Page 3 is the Promo code section to enable you get the sign in bonus. Enter the word ‘SPORT’ and proceed
  • On the 4th page, they will ask whether you want to receive news and promotions. You may choose the second option if you are not keen on the promotional messages. Click okay to proceed.
  • PMU lets you choose your game limits before you can complete registration. These can be changed later. Set your weekly limits and proceed.
  • Make a deposit of at least €5
  • The last step is to upload your documents. you are required to send your electronic receipt, your Identification document, National ID or passport and a copy of your bank statement. If you cannot send the documents immediately, you can upload them to the site within 30 days.
  • Your registration is now complete. However, you cannot make any withdrawals yet until you have validated your account. The operator will verify your documents and send you a validation code. Enter this validation to finish registration and start betting
  • Once your registration is complete, you may access the sign in bonus from the app. It is located on the top right corner of the screen.
PMU Sign-Up
PMU Sign-Up
Download PMU App


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Also ask
How can I make a deposit into my PMU account using my phone?
If you want o make a deposit, go to the app and select my account. Choose the deposit method you wish to use. Enter the amount you want to pay and confirm. Your account may be funded through: bank transfer, debit and credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and Blue card or through ewallet payment platforms such as PayPal, Neteller and Ticket Premium.
How can I withdraw my winnings from my PMU account through my phone?
To withdraw your winnings, open the app and go to the ‘My Account’ section. Choose the wins option and select the amount you wish to transfer to your bank account. Confirm withdrawal. Once you have made the request, it will take 3 to 5 days for the funds to reflect in your account.
How do I bet on the mobile app?
To make a bet, simply open the mobile app. Tap on the menu button and scroll to the sport of your choice. You may choose the match you want to bet on from there or you can use the search button to find the game you intend to bet on. When you have found the match, select your bet type and the amount you wish to stake. Confirm your bet. Please note that the bet cannot be cancelled.
I want to download the other PMU apps. Is there an easy way to do it?
PMU has three different apps for its three different sections. That is, there is a different app for Horse racing, for the sportsbook and for the poker section. If you already have the sportsbook app, you can download the others from there. To do this, go to the app and pull down the menu tab. Scroll to the bottom and select the other app you want. Follow the directions to install it.
Can I still access the CombiMax and 1N2 jackpot bonuses?
Currently, the two bonuses have been suspended due to some legal constraints. They will however be available in January 2021.