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Ever since the world of betting has made a space for itself online, things have never been the same. With online betting, you get the premium experience of wagering thrill from anywhere you want. No longer driving to a store or waiting in lines when you can do it from the comfort of your own house! And with new businesses coming out every day with better deals, you could ask for nothing more. William Hill is one such community of services that offers you the best online betting experience in the city. With betting at your fingertips, they offer to help you create your own markets and help your betting needs with their services You can also enjoy various other added benefits from a William Hill Plus Card. don’t know what it is? Let’s check it out!

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What is the William Hill Plus Card?

The plus card William Hill is a card in physical terms that you can apply for and use in direct relation to your William Hill account online and what you can further do with this card is use it to get the cash from your winning bets offline. You can also use it to deposit more funds to your online account and the card will even guide you towards more bonuses that you can reap exclusively. 


How to Place Pleaser Bets

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3 Teams15/114/118/122/1
4 Teams16/135/140/150/1
5 Teams40/180/1100/1125/1
6 Teams75/1200/1300/1400/1
7 Teams150/1400/1500/1650/1
8 Teams250/1500/1750/1850/1

Why Should You Use the William Hill Plus Card?

There are many reasons to sign up for William Hill plus card:

  • The William Hill Plus Card will let you instantly cash your funds. All you gotta do is go to your nearest William Hill store and withdraw the cash that you've won;
  • You can easily transfer your funds as the card connects your betting activity, both online and offline. So, even if you win a bet in the offline stores, you can transfer the funds to your online account through the plus card;
  • You can cash out your winnings through this card. All you have to do is install the William Hill plus card app on your phone;
  • You get exclusive benefits through this card which are made available to you on a regular basis. With this card, you will be able to get more benefits than all the other regular members.

How to Place Bets With The William Hill Plus Card

It is a very easy process to place bets with your plus card. All you have to do is go to your nearest WH store and tap your selection on the betting terminal. Then you have to place your plus card against the card reader and that's it! 

William Hill Plus Betting Live, App, Bonuses
William Hill Plus Online Betting
How to play in William Hill
How to play in William Hill

How to Withdraw Money Through William Hill Plus Card?

Having a WH plus card has numerous benefits, one of which is getting your cash withdrawals immediately unlike the regular users who have to wait for a specific time period. Just visit the nearest shop and give your card along with requesting your winning cash. 


How to Cash Out With William Hill Plus

One of the major reasons you must own the plus card is that you can cash out earlier on wagers than everyone else even if you've placed your bets on a physical WH store. With all the information sprawling with the Plus, details might seem overwhelming at first.

So let's elucidate the difference between the WH Plus and WH Cash direct to make it easier to understand-

 With the WH cash direct option, you can easily move your funds between accounts online and the betting shops exactly like the plus feature. But here, it will be done by using vouchers specific to the cash direct process. You will get the voucher once you select the cash direct option in your account.

 Then you can cash in the voucher from a nearby WH store. You can also use this to make deposits through the online mode. To do this, submit your cash to a counter in the WH store who will then provide you with a voucher. This voucher will contain a unique code that you can use to make the deposit to your account.

The cash direct process has no physical cards involved, unlike the plus feature. So, choose what suits your needs!

How to Access William Hill Account
How to Access William Hill Account

Joining The William Hill and How to Get To A William Hill Plus Card

  1. The first step would be to open an account from the William Hill website that would be available on your desktop, android, and iOS. You have to access the link to join and then fill out a few forms
  2. Your next step would include visiting your nearest WH betting shop where you can get your card immediately. You can request it at the counter in the shop. By presenting your account details and id, you can claim your Plus card without any hassle;
  3. Now you have to activate your card from a terminal that would be in close vicinity with any WH store. Just tap your card on the reader and follow the instructions that would be given on the screen to activate your card;
  4. You are almost done! Lastly, you have to go to your app store so that you can access the application available for Plus members. Just put in your number and the security code that you'll receive on your SMS and start betting!
William Hill Sign-Up
William Hill Sign-Up
Sign-Up with William Hill

William Hill Plus Card App For Web

By installing the app, you gain several exclusive benefits in the betting world like no other.

  • You can have tabs on your progress from your app;
  • You can view any recent activity including your active and recently placed/ settled bets;
  • You get access to the live scoreboard and get detailed stats on the events in In-Play;
  • You can easily cash in your bets through the WH plus card web app.
William Hill Mobile App
William Hill Mobile App

How to Track Bets With a Plus Card

Tracking your bets has never been made easier than now. All you have to do is use the William hill plus card app or the plus card. You can either tap the card while placing any bet or simply type in the 18 digit character slip number on the app.

You can track it without even tagging your bet. All you have to do is scan the barcode that will be available on the William hill plus terminal and tap your card on the reader. This is available in your account app where you have to further enter the slip no.


How to Track Bets Without a Plus Card

You don't need a plus card to keep a track of your bets. All you need to do is check out your plus web app. There you will find a 'Get Started' option which you need to click. Then select the option to place your bets manually. By further punching in your 18-digit bet slip, you can easily track your bets. 


Cash-In Your Bets

Cashing in your bets is easy but you can only do it through the WH plus web app. You can view the open bets on your screen and there you will notice the Cash-in value. If you are willing to accept the Cash-In price that is offered, you have to follow through with some steps:

  1. You will find a Cash-In button in blue at the bottom of your screen that you need to select;
  2. You then have to click confirm to your choice of selection;
  3. You will then get a confirmation that will tell you that the bet has been cashed in.

William Hill Plus Offers

You can get several offers under the WH plus membership. The WH team always tries to excite the new members with various offers. For example, new players can redeem a free bet up to 10 euros. Everything is based on the terms and conditions, of course, so you are requested to read it thoroughly before placing any bets.


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What Do I Do If I Don't Receive A Text Confirming My Registration?
You can try to register with a different card with your phone number. If you are notified that the number is in use then you need to visit the plus web app and complete your mobile verification.
What Should I Do If My Card Gets Lost Or Stolen?
You should immediately try to cancel the card from your account. You can apply for a new card after that.
Can I Use My Plus Card On Gaming Machines?
Yes, you can. However, first, you need to register your card with the gaming machines to proceed further.


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