May 21, 2019

In the wake of Trump's decision to add the Chinese vendor to a trade ban list

February 13, 2019

Google wants to ensure that all Android devices have encryption

December 05, 2018

The company plans to gradually roll out services across the island

July 11, 2018

The EC plans to fine Google billions for forcing device makers to pre-install its search and browsing tools: report

July 05, 2018

New stealthy remote access trojan works on all Android versions

December 29, 2017

How bad can malware be? Read on...

October 04, 2016
Future TV Asia

They now provide a comprehensive set of hardware and software security technologies for Android STBs

September 19, 2016

But Apple's App Store will remain the highest-grossing marketplace

January 11, 2016

Smart TVs running pre-Lollipop Android are vulnerable to apps that exploit an old security flaw, says Trend Micro

November 11, 2015
Future TV Asia

Rocket Optimizer powers video compression, promising to boost bandwidth capacity

October 20, 2015

Why are smartphone makers not trying to differentiate with physical keyboards?

September 22, 2015

Is Apple's move to allow ad blockers in iOS an attack on Google?

August 27, 2015
Enterprise Innovation

As sales in China decline year-on-year for the first time during Q2

August 17, 2015

But who gets them first? Xiaomi device patched before Google's own Nexus 7

June 16, 2015

The device is rumored to include both a touchscreen and physical keyboard