October 06, 2011
4G Insight Asia Edition

The PC8609 underwent thousands of tests, including functional, performance, conformance and stack integration tests

February 17, 2011

Players look to LTE as telcos show support for the tech

January 05, 2011
4G Insight Asia Edition

PicoChip and Wavesat complete IOT tests between Picochip’s LTE femto solution and Wavesat’s UE chipsets.

November 04, 2010
4G Insight Asia Edition

The programmable system is upgradeable to support interoperability, changes in standards or manufacturer-specific

October 14, 2010
4G Insight Asia Edition

Solution enables low-cost deployment of small basestations for urban hot-spots, city-centers or public access

November 05, 2009
4G Insight

The PC8219E Class 3 femtocell reference design brings femto to campuses, rural areas or 'metrozone' hotspots.

October 05, 2009
4G Insight

picoChip has launched the industry's first fully-featured LTE development system for small cells, helping original