Premier League - 10 best midfielders in history

Zlatko Ilijevski
27 Oct 2021
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Premier League - 10 best midfielders in history

The Premier League has produced and promoted many talented midfielders, so much so that it could be difficult to determine the best midfielders in the Premier League of all time.

However, in this section we have compiled an extensive list of the best midfielders in the Premier League. These midfielders not only won matches, trophies, praise and hearts, but also inspired future generations to play the game in a new light.

The criteria used in compiling this list are statistics, impact on their teams, trophies and legacy in the Premier League.

It is also important to note that only midfielders who have played in the League (since its renaming to the Premier League in 1992) are taken into account.

10. David Silva

David Silva

The Spaniard, who has scored 60 goals in 308 league appearances, has left the Etihad stadium in 2020. Silva will be remembered as one of the best Premier League midfielders of all time.

The Spaniard was key in realizing team’s dream of winning its first Premier League title. Silva contributed with 8 goals and 19 assists in 49 games in all competitions, as Citi dramatically won the title ahead of neighbor Manchester United.

It was Silva's most productive season in the sky blue of Manchester.

Since arriving at Citi from Valencia in 2010, Silva has won two FA Cups and five EFL Cups and four championship titles.

He won two European Championships for the national team (2008 and 2012) and the 2010 World Cup. The only trophy he missed was the Champions League.

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9. Xabi Alonso (Liverpool)

Xabi Alonso

One of the greatest Spanish players of all time, Xabi Alonso, is the next player on our list. Maestro lying deep down, Alonso was not a typical midfielder because of the value he added to the team for progress. His transience and vision, as well as his ability to convey key goals, are impeccable.

Alonso was also excellent in defense. He was smarter and more eager to break the opposition game than his attacking counterparts, like Steven Gerrard in Liverpool. Gerrard called Alonso the best midfielder he has ever played with.

In essence, Xabi Alonso allowed the more creative players on his team to roam freely ahead because of their encouraging presence behind them.

Winner of the Champions League and FA Cup with Liverpool, Xabi Alonso was unlucky that he never won the Premier League with the Reds despite being part of a very strong team.

8. Micheal Essien (Chelsea)

Micheal Essien

By far the best Ghanaian player of all time and one of the best midfielders of his generation, Micheal Essien was almost as important in starting Chelsea’s dominance in the Premier League as Frank Lampard.

The Ghanaian midfielder had it all; strength, speed and technique. He showed all these qualities in Lyon before joining Chelsea in 2005 by becoming a player of the 2004-05 season in Ligue 1. However, at Chelsea he took it one step further and became one of the biggest midfielders in the Premier League.

During the 9 seasons he spent at Chelsea, one of which was on loan to Real Madrid, Michael Essien managed to play 256 games and score 25 goals. He became an integral part of the Chelsea team, which won 2 Premier League titles, 4 FA Cups and 1 League Cup trophy, as well as the Champions League title.

7. Yaya Touré

Jaja Toure

An engine room and a perfect midfielder from box to box, that is Yaya Touré.

Touré was 6 feet 2 inches tall and was a rare mix of physical and technical looks from the middle of the field. His dominant presence in the midfield served as a cover for the back line, while his sublime ball control and technique allowed him to easily pass behind the opponent lines.

Touré's goal-scoring abilities were enchanting, as the Citi legend had a huge amount of stellar solo goals while playing in the Premier League. Touré may have been signed as a simple midfielder, but with each passing season, the Premier League has seen one of the most versatile and complete midfielders to ever adorn its shores.

Touré played for Man City from 2010 to 2018, played 230 games in the Premier League and made an impact with 97 goals / contributions.

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6. Claude Makelele (Chelsea)

Claude Makelele

Advertised as a player who revolutionized the role of defensive midfielder in the Premier League, Claude Makelele joined Chelsea from Real Madrid in 2003. Claude Makelele joined Chelsea as one of Roman Abramovich’s first signatures.

The Frenchman finished second in the league in his debut season under Claudio Ranieri, behind Arsenal's Invincibles and advanced to the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League, where he was defeated by surprise champion FC Porto, led by Jose Mourinho.

5. N’Golo Kante

N’Golo Kante

A 500-page article could be written about the journey of this little Frenchman. Kante never managed to become a star like some of the players on this list.

He played in the lower leagues in France before his light began to be signed upon his arrival in the Premier League.

N’Golo Kante is already one of the greatest defensive midfielders of all time. The Frenchman has been so impressive in the 10 years since he started his professional career.

Kante, who recently led Chelsea to the Champions League title, is the only player in the history of the EPL to have won 2 consecutive Premier League titles with 2 different teams.

4. Paul Scholes

Paul Scholes

The United giant could do almost anything: pass long, pass short, shoot from the exit, shoot from close range, he was strong, he could hold the ball and he had vision. Had he been able to cope, he would have been half decent.

Scholes continued to win trophies and modified his style under the tutelage of Sir Alec Ferguson, becoming one of the best deep playmakers in the modern game.

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3. Roy Keane

Roy Keane

Keane won everything that could be won with Manchester United, but he still did it in Nottingham Forest, where he entered the mastery and art of football.

Keane progressed to a wise, energetic and capable player, and in the 92/93 season, Sir Alec Ferguson and Man Utd took a young Irish colleague to Old Trafford.

Roy Keane is a perfect example of an "old school" destroyer. Extremely energetic, fast and aggressive, Keane was thrilled to remove the attacker, but at the same time he had the quality to carry the ball forward and help in the attack whenever needed.

Keane won 7 championship titles with 61 contributions during his time in the league.

2. Patrick Vieira (Arsenal)

Patrick Vieira

The French midfielder joined the Gunners in 1996 and stayed with them for almost 10 years, helping Arsenal win various awards under Arsene Wenger, while at the same time winning everything that happened to the French national team.

There is a large group of different characteristics that made up this great footballer, from his strategic insight to his incredible study of the game.

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1.Frank Lampard (Chelsea)

Frank Lampard

Finally, the number of midfielders in the Premier League era is Frank Lampard. In this current era in which statistics play a lot in gaining recognition, Frank could easily have mastered the world with his talent.

The signing of Claude Makelele at Chelsea, which gave Lampard permission to wander further, and thus came an additional achievement as Lampard was Chelsea’s most significant standard scorer in the 2004/05 season.

Fast forward, another year, with Chelsea winning his second progressive association title, and Lampard was the top scorer again.

It is no coincidence that Lampard began to flourish with Makelele on the side, because he had the opportunity to finish his craft, while his friend from the middle did a dirty job behind him.

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