Wimbledon 2022: schedule, dates, how to watch all matches online for free

Alisa Barladyan
21 Jun 2022

Wimbledon, the season's third Grand Slam event, will feature the world's greatest players. It will begin on June 27 with Novak Djokovic attempting to win the Grand Slam for the fourth match in a row and Iga Swiatek attempting to add to her French Open win with a major crown.

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Wimbledon 2022 will take place from June 27 to July 10, 2022. The All England Lawn Tennis Club in London, UK, will host the grass-court Grand Slam competition, which was founded in 1877. Jamie Baker is the tournament's director.

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For the first time this year, Wimbledon will be a 14-day tournament, according to organisers.

Because organisers are certain that the pitch quality shall not be harmed by the switch, the competition's middle Sunday, which has traditionally been designated as a rest day to focus on the condition of the courts, will now feature play.

The men's and women's singles schedules for Wimbledon 2022 are shown below:

27-28 June - First round

Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles First Round 

29-30th June - Second Round

Second Round of Gentlemen's and Ladies' Singles, and First Round of Gentlemen's and Ladies' Doubles

1-2 July - Third round

Third Round of Gentlemen's and Ladies' Singles, Second Round of Gentlemen's and Ladies' Doubles, and First Round of Mixed Doubles

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3-4 July - Fourth Round

Fourth Round of Gentlemen's and Ladies' Singles, Round of 16 of Gentlemen's and Ladies' Doubles, Round of 16 of Mixed Doubles, and First Round of Boys' and Girls' Singles

5-6 July - Quarter Finals

Quarter-finals for men's and women's singles, as well as men's and women's doubles Mixed Doubles quarter-finals Semi-finals

Invitation Doubles (Ladies' Doubles, Gentlemen's Doubles, Mixed Doubles), Boys' Singles Second Round, Girls' Doubles First Round

7 July - Women's semifinals

Semi-Finals for Ladies' Singles / Final for Mixed Doubles, Gentlemen's Doubles Semifinals, Finals, Gentlemen's, Ladies',Quad Wheelchair Singles Boys' and girls' singles quarterfinals Boys' and girls' doubles quarterfinals Invitation Doubles (Ladies' Doubles, Gentlemen's Doubles, Mixed Doubles), Quarterfinals, Boys' and Girls' 14&U Singles

8 July - Men's semifinals

Semi-finals for Gentlemen's Singles, Ladies' Doubles, and Gentlemen's and Ladies' Wheelchair Singles Gentlemen's, Ladies', and Quad Wheelchair Doubles semi-finals Boys' and girls' singles semi-finals Semi-finals, Boys' and Girls' Doubles, Invitation Doubles (Ladies' Doubles, Gentlemen's Doubles, Mixed Doubles) Semi-finals, Boys' and Girls' 14 and Under Singles, Invitational Doubles (Ladies' Doubles, Gentlemen's Doubles, Mixed Doubles)

9 July- Women Finals

Finals of Ladies' Singles, Gentlemen's Doubles, Ladies' Wheelchair Singles, Gentlemen's Wheelchair Doubles, Quad Wheelchair Singles Semi-finals, Finals of Girls' Singles, Girls' Doubles, Boys' Doubles, Boys' and Girls' 14 and Under Singles, Invitational Doubles (Ladies' Doubles, Gentlemen's Doubles, Mixed Doubles)

10 July - Men's Finals

Gentlemen's Singles Final, Ladies' Doubles Final, Boys' Singles Final, Gentlemen's & Quad Wheelchair Singles Final, Ladies' & Quad Wheelchair Doubles Final, Boys' & Girls' 14 and Under Singles Finals, Invitational Doubles (Ladies' Doubles, Gentlemen's Doubles, Mixed Doubles), Invitation Doubles (Ladies' Doubles, Gentlemen's Doubles, Mixed Doubles), Invitational Doubles (Ladies' Doubles, Gentlemen'

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In every country, Wimbledon buys televising rights to specific stations. For example, ESPN+ in the United States and BBC in the United Kingdom are the only streaming services that offer such an event.

However, several streaming services include channels like ESPN in their Live TV streams.

However, without a solid VPN service, accessing such streaming services from wherever is impossible. These are the points to keep in mind when picking which one to get:

  1. VPN performance is critical in terms of reliability and speed. Its dependability ensures that you may watch high-quality content without having to wait for it to buffer;
  2. Server selection - You may use the VPN to get inaccessible content in a variety of regions thanks to a large number of servers in various countries;
  3. Devices that are supported – Choose a VPN service that works across numerous platforms. You'll be able to watch streaming material on the go this way;

Wimbledon is less than a week away, and tennis players from all over the world are gearing up for one of the most prestigious tournaments on the calendar.

The qualifying rounds for the Championships are currently underway, and British tennis talents Emma Raducanu, Cameron Norrie, Dan Evans, and Andy Murray are all looking forward to the main event next week.

ESPN and Tennis Channel will broadcast the 2021 Wimbledon Tournament. ESPN.com and the ESPN app will both be able to stream the event.

Matches will also be on BBC One and BBC Two, with catch-up and supplementary coverage available via the Red Button as usual.

BBC iPlayer, which is accessible to be viewed on smart TVs, desktops, tablets, and smartphones, will allow online users to catch up.

Specific match times will be released closer to the time.

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Watching From Australia

If you're in Australia and want to watch Wimbledon, Channel 9 is the place to go. Otherwise, you can watch the program on Stan Sport, a recently formed sports streaming portal.

If you're not in Australia, you'll need to utilise a VPN with an Australian server. You'll be able to use the streaming service from anywhere and watch Wimbledon.

Wimbledon in the UK

Wimbledon is covered by the BBC in the United Kingdom. It's available on a variety of BBC stations, and you can also watch it online via BBC iPlayer.

You may still watch BBC iPlayer online and stream Wimbledon on your device if you're not in the UK.

Wimbledon in the USA

You may watch Wimbledon on the go if you have a subscription to Hulu Live TV, FuboTV, Vidgo, YouTube TV, AT&T TV, or Sling TV.

If you're outside of the United States and want to utilise these services, you'll need to use a VPN. NordVPN comes highly recommended.

Watch Wimbledon on Kodi

Do you use Kodi to watch movies and TV shows? To enjoy Wimbledon, follow these tips.

  1. On your router, download and install a VPN. (We suggest NordVPN.);
  2. Select the United States server. Kodi should be connected to your router;
  3. Get the YouTube TV addon, for example, for the streaming provider you want to utilise;
  4. Organise it and watch Wimbledon live online;

Wimbledon on Amazon Fire stick

On your Amazon Firestick, you can access a wide choice of streaming services. All you need to do now is create a VPN.

  1. Install a VPN and allow other sources on your Firestick. (We recommend NordVPN because it includes an Amazon Firestick-specific app.);
  2. Connect to a server in the United States;
  3. Turn on ESPN by logging into one of the above-mentioned streaming services;
  4. Enjoy the live broadcast of Wimbledon;
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Wimbledon on Roku

If you're a Roku user, you'll be pleased to learn that Wimbledon is also available on the device. Here's how to do it.

  1. Install a VPN on your router and connect to it. (We suggest NordVPN.);
  2. Use a server in the United States;
  3. Through that router, connect the Roku device;
  4. Locate the service you're using (such as Hulu + Live TV);
  5. Find ESPN and tune in to the Wimbledon coverage;

Wimbledon on Smart TV

Smart TVs come with a couple of apps that enable you to smoothly stream information. VPNs, on the other hand, are only supported natively on Android TVs from Panasonic and Sony. Other brands, such as LG and Samsung, will be required to take the following steps.

  1. Install a VPN on your router and connect to it. (We suggest NordVPN.);
  2. Select the United States server;
  3. Use a VPN to enable your television to connect to the router;
  4. Log in to your preferred streaming service app;
  5. Enjoy the show by tuning in to ESPN;
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The championship draw will occur on June 24 at 10 a.m., three days before the main event at the All England Club gets underway.

That's when players like Iga Swiatek, Serena Williams, and the men's competitors will find out who they'll be playing and which side of the draw they'll be in.

Being placed in a half with fewer elite players can assist players succeed by giving them the chance to prevent early confrontations with seeded opponents.

  • Qualifying draw:Monday, June 20th – Thursday, June 23rd at 11 a.m;
  • Main Draw: Monday, June 27 – Sunday, June 5;
  • start times to be determined;
  • Doubles draw: Saturday, July 9th, start time to be determined;
  • Singles Final: Sunday, July 10th, start time to be determined;
Wimbledon tickets 2022

Following last year's closure due to Covid restrictions, tennis fanatics will again be allowed to queue for tickets for same-day games. In 2022, resale tickets will be available again.

This year, all persons' tickets will be offered for purchase, with each household receiving only one set. The Wimbledon application will be used to sell tickets.

Wimbledon ticket prices for 2022 have been released, and with so many different types of seats to choose from, the prices vary greatly.

Ground passes are the cheapest tickets, and they allow you to stroll around the lesser courts at the tournament.

Meanwhile, tickets for the major finals on Centre Court are the most expensive. They range in price from £230 to £240. The cheapest tickets are £8 while the most expensive ones are £240.

This year, Wimbledon has implemented tiered ticketing on the Centre Court and No. 1 Court, with front-row seats costing more than back-row seats.

The cost of a Wimbledon ticket varies depending on the day and the court:

  • Price range: £75–£240 (Price band A);
  • No.1 Court (Price band A): £68–£160;
  • No.1 Court (Price band B): £65–£155;
  • Centre Court (Price band B): £70–£230;
  • No.1 Court (Price band A): £68–£160;
  • Centre Court (Price band B): £65–£155;
  • Court No. 2: £43–£90;
  • Court No. 3: £46–£90;
  • £8-£27 for a ground pass;

Prices start at £670 for hospitality packages.

Thousands of Grounds Passes are offered at the turnstiles each day, entitling the holder to an unreserved sitting room on Courts 3–18.

The following are various methods you can access the Wimbledon 2022 tickets so as not to miss the action:

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While fans are excited to see the line return, Wimbledon will make some changes to the concept since its previous appearance in 2019.

The Championships' tradition returns in 2022, after the iconic Wimbledon line was cancelled for the 2021 show owing to Covid regulations.

Wimbledon is one of the few big UK athletic events where premium tickets can be purchased on the day of the game, with only one ticket being offered to each individual in line. Except for the last couple of days on the Centre Court, when all tickets have been sold in advance, a limited number of tickets are available everyday for Centre Court, No. 1 Court, and No. 2 Court.

Moreover, each day at the turnstiles, hundreds of Grounds Passes are available, entitling the bearer to access available seating and standing rooms on Courts No. 3 – 18.

Buy Returned Tickets

Because capacity for The Championships was limited owing to Covid, ticket reselling was phased out in 2021, just like the queue.

For 2022, that ticketing option will be available again, giving fans another way to watch the Grand Slam.

On each day of play, certain ticket owners from the Wimbledon courts (Centre Court, No. 1 Court, and No. 2 Court) will depart before the match is finished. Some of the early birds will return their tickets to be resold.

The general public can then purchase these tickets for a fraction of their face value and sit in the allotted seats for the rest of the day to watch show court competition.

You must already be on the pitches of the venue to be eligible for these tickets.

Through a Hospitality company

If you're willing to spend a little extra, you can secure tickets through a corporate hospitality business like Keith Prowse. While this is a more expensive method of obtaining the Grand slam tickets, it is a safe bet. You can also purchase passes for the court and day of your choice, as well as enjoy their distinctive hospitality, which includes lunch and tea.


You can also get tickets by volunteering. It's not the simplest way to get tickets, but if you contact your local Lawn Tennis Association office, they may be looking for volunteers with specific skills that can help their tennis program, and if you're lucky, you might be rewarded for your volunteer work with the right to purchase a Wimbledon ticket.

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Wimbledon Debenture

For the life of the debenture, the holder gets the right to purchase a ticket for a seat on any and every date of the Wimbledon tournament fortnight.

The ongoing campaign of Centre Court debentures extends from 2021 to 2025, which is unfortunate.

Meanwhile, applications for the new No. 1 Court debentures, which will be issued between 2022 and 2026, are already closed, and applicants will be shown their results in November.

However, because debentures are freely transferable, you may be able to obtain one through a private transaction or through your stockbroker.

Buy from Debenture holders

The website Debenture Holders was set up to connect people to debenture holders so that they can get tickets. The site was formed to link the general public with debt holders.

Those who are not able to go watch the grand slam on the day can acquire tickets from debenture holders.

These tickets provide some of the greatest points of view of the action at the grand slam each year, making them a prized commodity.

They gain access to the private debenture holder lounges and premium opportunities on Centre and No. 1 Court.

In addition to match admission for outside courts, you can purchase a debenture pass for either Centre Court or No. 1 Court.

Make Friends with a Member of the All England Lawn Tennis club Registered Members of the All England Lawn Tennis Club and its designated employees organise the tournament.

As a result, a select few hundred people get year-round opportunities to get to a variety of courts as members.

Each year, those same members can purchase tickets to The Championships.

They are free to distribute the tickets in whatever way they see fit, but they must not be resold.

So, perhaps you know someone who is a member or can make acquaintances with someone who is, and you can be invited to a day at SW19!

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World Number 1 Daniil Medvedev has been in fine form on grass this far this summer, but due to the restrictions on Russian and Belarusian players, he will be unable to compete at Wimbledon.

As he recovers from ankle surgery, World champion Alexander Zverev will not be available for the Wimbledon grand slam.

Also, Naomi Osaka will not be present at the tournament due to an Achilles problem.

Roger Federer will also not be available after going through a knee surgery so he is not fit yet. The following are the favourites to win the tournament:

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal

The Australian Open. Check. The French Open. Check. Wimbledon?

Nadal, 35, has been very consistent this year by being victorious in the first two Grand Slams of 2022 and, for the first time in his career, is on track to complete the Calendar Slam. Rod Laver was the last guy to win all four grand slams in the same year, in 1969.

After having treatment for his persistent football problem, it was unclear if Nadal would participate at Wimbledon. He has stated that he will participate at SW19 after practising on grass in Mallorca, and that he will also compete at the Wimbledon grand slam this year.

Rafael Nadal
My plan is to try and play at the Wimbledon grand slam , and I have a feeling this is an amazing opportunity. My objective is to go there; in case things don't go as planned as the days pass, we'll see what happens. It's been three years since I've played Wimbledon, and I'm looking forward to it. In five days, I'm not sure what can happen. I'm wary, but according to what's transpired so far I am optimistic that I'll be able to participate.

In his past two Wimbledon outings, in 2018 and 2019, Nadal reached the semi-finals.

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Serena Williams

Serena Williams

The 23-time Grand Slam champion will compete in the doubles tournament with Ons Jabeur at the Eastbourne International. She will then be given a singles tennis card at Wimbledon.

Williams is ranked No. 1,208 in the world after getting a leg injury in the beginning round at Wimbledon last year against Aliaksandra Sasnovich. After Wimbledon, where no ranking points are available due to the rejection of Russian and Belarusian players, she will fall off rankings

Williams is a seven-time Wimbledon winner who had reached the final in her previous two outings before withdrawing last year. She is still trying for another Grand Slam victory to tie Margaret Court for the all-time record.

Iga Swiatek

Iga Swiatek

Swiatek, the ATP's top-ranked female tennis player, is the overwhelming favourite after triumphs in a number of tournaments this year.

The Brit hasn't had the same impact as she had when she won the US Open, but an opportunity to play in front of a familiar audience could motivate her as a 16/1 underdog.

Swiatek, who is 21 years old, is now on a 35-match winning streak, which is tied for the longest this century with Venus Williams. Her most recent victory resulted in a second crown last week. She is the most popular player on the entrance list for The tournament in which she won the girls' singles title in 2019.

Swiatek made it to the fourth round at Wimbledon on her debut at the tournament last year, losing to Ons Jabeur in three sets.

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Emma Raducanu

Emma Raducanu

Emma Raducanu, who was knocked out in the second round of the French Open in May, is a strong contender, along with Serena Williams, but the world number one is still the overwhelming favourite.

Emma Raducanu made it to the fourth round last year as well, but it was a major surprise because she was a relatively unknown British kid at the time.

She stunned the tennis world when she won the US Open women's singles title two months later, but she has been facing challenges since then and is currently 34.033/1 to win Wimbledon.

Coco Gauff of the United States, who lost in the final of Roland Garros to Swiatek, is considered to be her main adversary in SW19, but the odds are generous at 12.011/1.

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic

Despite not being vaccinated against Covid-19, Novak Djokovic will be allowed to protect his Wimbledon crown.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion has been victorious in the last three Wimbledon tournaments and will join Nadal at the Hurlingham Club a week before the event begins.

Novak Djokovic vs Kwon Soon-woo Prediction, Betting Tips and Odds | 27 JUNE, 2022
Novak Djokovic vs Kwon Soon-woo Prediction, Betting Tips and Odds | 27 JUNE, 2022

Andy Murray

Andy Murray

According to Stuart Fraser of The Times, the grass court season has begun with an uncommon air of "general optimism" about British tennis. At Wimbledon, Britain is expected to have at least three seeds: Cameron Norrie, Daniel Evans, and Emma Raducanu. Andy Murray has also found his stride after a tough year.

Last week, the two-time Wimbledon winner beat Stefanos Tsitsipas and Nick Kyrgios in straight sets en route to the Stuttgart Open final, where he was nearly defeated by last year's Wimbledon runner-up, Matteo Berrettini. According to Tennis.com, Murray dropped out of the ATP event at Queen's Club due to a "abdominal ailment." He still wants to play at SW19, though.

The 35- year-old Scotsman reached the final in Stuttgart last week before losing to Matteo Berretini who is in red hot form. The popular tennis player last won at Wimbledon singles in 2016 and is a double champion at the event. He is the third most backed option to win the Wimbledon 2022 grand slam.

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Matteo Berrettini

Matteo Berrettini

This man in very hot form reached the Wimbledon final last year. He is the world Number eleven and he is in excellent form this year. He has been to at least the semifinals of four grand slams including the Wimbledon one last year. He also won in Stuttgart last year and dropped just a single set at the traditional Wimbledon pre-cursor at Queens.

Ons Jabeur

Ons Jabeur

She has been in amazing form this year and is backed by most to win the grand slam this year. She will be partnering Serena Williams on the doubles too. She took the title on the grass at Berlin and that's why she is a favourite to win the tournament.

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The Wimbledon winner will get a prize pool of £40,350,000.


  • £2,000,000 is the prize money
  • £1,050,000 for a finalist
  • £535,000 for a semi-finalist
  • £310,000 for a quarter-finalist
  • £190,000 for the round of 16
  • £120,000 for the round of 32
  • £78,000 for the round of 64
  • £50,000 for the 128th round
  • £540,000 is the prize money
  • £270,000 (finalist)
  • £135,000 for a semi-finalist
  • £67,000 for a quarter-finalist
  • £33,000 for the round of 16
  • £20,000 for the round of 32
  • £12,500 for the round of 64
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To learn more what to expect from this major tournament consider watching our expert preview video of this event! Also, don't hesitate to join our community by subscribing and following our Daily Video Tips!

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