Challenges and opportunities in scaling up digital health

26 Oct 2010

Healthcare systems are facing tremendous pressure to improve health quality, accessibility and outcomes and to do so in a cost-effective manner.

The deployment of broadband networks around the world is accelerating ICT deployment in health, and offering an unprecedented opportunity to address these challenges. New smarter and infinitely more efficient tools for decision support, data collection, remote diagnostics, collaboration and m-learning can – together with electronic medical records and public communication networks – completely revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered in many regions.

A number of digital health pilot projects exist worldwide, and the potential benefit been identified. By using broadband solutions based on standardized, mainstream technology, the health sector can greatly benefit in terms of technical innovation, economies of scale and ultimately help to achieve the MDGs.

With economies of scale, the benefits from digital health pilot initiatives can be then scaled and provide an increased access to health services and information, more efficient and cost-effective processes, and engaging citizens as active participants in their own healthcare.


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