Commvault, Huawei to establish joint cloud lab in China

Networks Asia staff
Networks Asia

Commvault and Huawei have joined forces to create a joint lab in Chengdu, China that will be used to develop data backup, recovery, archive and cloud solutions based on both companies' technologies. Chengdu is the headquarters of Huawei's storage business.

Commvault and Huawei will commit personnel, software and hardware to the lab, which features both a testing and development center and an executive briefing center.

Work at the lab will focus on ensuring interoperability, as well as incubating, testing and demonstrating cloud backup, Data Protection-as-a-Service and other cloud solutions covering data protection and management needs.

The joint lab further expands Huawei and Commvault's strong partnership, which was initially established three years ago when Huawei agreed to distribute Commvault's software with Huawei OceanStor data storage systems.

After that initial agreement Huawei and Commvault collaborated to create an integrated offering with bundled service agreements. More recently, Huawei and Commvault started to collaborate for the Huawei Cloud Data Center Offerings, which include Data Protection-as-a-Service capabilities.

Worldwide customer response to the Huawei and Commvault partnership has been very positive – for example, Brennan IT recently announced that it using Commvault Software and Huawei OceanStor to deliver a scalable and flexible Backup-as-a-Service solution to its customers in Australia.

"Over the last few years Commvault and Huawei joint backup solution has been very successful, and we are very pleased to announce the establishment of the joint lab," Huawei president of storage products Ruigi Fan said.

"This represents a significant milestone on the path towards even closer collaboration. This lab will function as a platform for our continuous joint innovation, incubating Data Protection as a Service and data management solutions.”


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