Docomo trials fiber manufacturing IoT in Thailand

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NTT Docomo and its Singapore subsidiary NTT Docomo Asia have commenced a trial of an IoT monitoring system to improve the manufacturing performance of a synthetic-fibers factory in Thailand.

In the trial, Docomo Asia is deploying the IoT Solution Platform to visualize the operational status of production operations in the Thai factory.

Docomo said IoT devices equipped with up to 30 different sensors are collecting operational information on the factory floor and then transmitting real-time data to the cloud via a mobile network.

“Technicians will be able to use PCs, smartphones or tablets to remotely monitor the status of production operations via the platform,” Docomo said in a statement.

“The IoT Solution Platform enables manufacturers to digitalize their operations and rapidly gather information from factory floors for improved efficiency in production management.”

It also helps to reduce production downtime by allowing manufacturers to closely monitor the status of their production equipment to detect malfunctions, maintenance needs and so on, the Japanese mobile carrier said.

NTT Docomo fabric manufacturing IoT trial in Thailand

Service scheme (Source: NTT Docomo)

According to Docomo, the platform is already being used by an automotive plastic parts manufacturer and is now being introduced in the textile industry to enable manufacturers to realize more efficient and reliable production operations.

The trial is part of Docomo’s global IoT initiative launched last July to provide global connectivity, operational support, and consulting to Japanese manufacturers with global IoT operations.

The trial will be conducted until March 31, and is being conducted in collaboration with Teijin Polyester (Thailand) Limited, a Teijin Frontier subsidiary company that manufactures polyester fibers, filament yarn, chips and more.

Docomo expects manufacturers of synthetic fibers and other products across Southeast Asia to increasingly adopt the IoT Solution Platform to increase the productivity and quality of their production operations going forward.

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