Energize your network in the new era

05 Jun 2013

In 2012, with consumerisation of IT, the convergence of cloud, social, mobile and information into a unified force is shaping almost every IT-related decision for many of our CIO customers. To take advantage of everything this opportunity represents, you will need a powerful, efficient, secure and reliable network – a “good enough” network will not be good enough.

In this Services Discovery magazine of Cisco Services, we will look closely at the key enablers to cloud computing and how you formulate a cost-effective and scalable data center strategy.

We will also address the potential problem outlined by a recent Gartner survey that predicts that through 2014, employee-owned devices will be compromised by malware at more than double the rate of corporate-owned devices. You will learn how taking an architectural approach can significantly reduce the risks and pain involved for a BYOD deployment and how CIO can benefit from this approach.

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