Making intelligent network automation a reality with advanced analytics

11 Dec 2017
White Papers

Today’s digital economy depends entirely on the speed and reliability of networks. And it’s hardly necessary to say that demands on the network are increasing. Users expect to be able to access services on any device, from any location and at any time, which places greater demand on the network both in terms of traffic volume as well as increased performance and reliability requirements. In response, service providers are considering redesigning their network architectures by adopting SDN and NFV technologies.

Despite these advances, ongoing network and service management and optimization are proving challenging due to continuously evolving requirements, limited network resources, tighter budgets, and high customer expectations. The good news is that the network itself can provide the information required to resolve these challenges. Analytics can make sense of all the data extracted from the network and help service providers proactively plan, strategize, and better execute on their business goals.

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