Mobile open API: An introduction

12 Apr 2011

IP/mobile broadband has meant that the connected mobile device is, for almost the very first time, as fair game to hackers and cyber criminals as the fixed line internet has been for the past decade.

The security challenges we'll see in this second decade of the 21st Century, will directly impact mobile’s ability to structurally change consumer’s lifestyles, will cause reputational issues for brands and perhaps more crucially, will mean that fewer services are used…and that means less money to go around the value chain.

This paper highlights the need for a change in how security is approached on the connected mobile device. It focuses on the need to create security (and security policy) at the development stage, and highlights the telecoms industry's unique position of already having a solution to the problem.

It discusses why 'buy in' is needed from the application development and operating systems communities, and introduces the SIMalliance’s new Open Mobile API workgroup whose task it is to connect the application, operating system and the operator with the Secure Element found in billions of connected devices right across the world.

This white paper originally published on SIMalliance

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