Telekom Malaysia adopts EdgeVerge Systems' AssistEdge

These days staying connected is more than just being able to talk to someone on a communications device or being able to send messages on demand or being able to research online. It is also about a customer’s experience talking to an agent of the operator – be it at the service counter, over the phone or online.

In its CX Index Telco Use Case, Forrester reported that customers’ dissatisfaction with telecom providers is well documented. Known for frustrating customers with confusing programming bundles, poor service, and opaque pricing, telecom firms can no longer afford to rest on their monopoly positions as the industry faces disruption from Netflix, Skype, Sling TV, and others that threaten the business.

The analyst recommends that telcos innovate on product experiences, connect with customers emotionally and focus on CX in order to earn customers’ trust.

Telekom Malaysia may be on that path with its deployment of AssistEdge technology from EdgeVerge Systems. AssistEdge is helping the operator automate processes, drive efficiency and productivity across its customer service centers.

The vendor claims that the carrier has significantly reduced the average call handling time, resulting in enhanced customer experience. It does this by enabling a single window dashboard for all contact center applications making it easier for agents to navigate the systems.

AssistEdge allows TM to automate all the relevant data required by agents, thereby enabling faster query resolution and enhance customer experience.

"TM aims at becoming the convergence champion and the OVAL program, powered by AssistEdge is helping us create an enriching customer experience,” Telekom Malaysia VP for customer experience transformation Ahmad Nasri Mohamed said.

“With this solution, we are confident that our agents are able to make every conversation convert in to a connection, fostering us to drive client delight and effortlessly augment our productivity and operational efficiencies.”

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