Webwire: TOT board walkout; Aircel launches 3G

Webwire: TOT board walkout; Aircel launches 3G

Dylan Bushell-Embling  |   February 24, 2011
Five in 12 board members of Thai state-owned operator's TOT have quit, allegedly over fears of legal reprisals if AIS fights against the massive compensation claims the government is pressuring TOT to pursue against it.
Vodafone Essar has revealed plans to launch 3G services within a month, one day after Aircel went live with 3G in one telecom circle.
Apple has cut the minimum spend for customers of its iAd mobile advertising service in half to $500,000, in a bid to counter declining fill rates by attracting smaller brands and agencies.
A bug affecting some Samsung Omnia 7 handsets has left them unusual after attempts to install the latest Windows Phone software update.
Apple investors voted rejected a resolution to compel the company to be transparent in its CEO transition plans, but voted in a push to force the company to require a majority, not plurality vote to elect new board members.
In a sign of the increasing importance of online video, Netflix has signed a deal to stream some shows offered by US broadcaster CBS, as YouTube revealed it is in talks to stream live basketball and ice hockey games.
Telecom NZ has called for donations of old analog landline telephones, which do not require mains power to use, to Christchurch citizens who have lost electricity due to the earthquake.
Dylan Bushell-Embling

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