Wimax - A way forward in India

WiMAX Forum
24 Aug 2010

India is a huge market for broadband wireless services and offers immediate and enormous potential for growth. Wimax is the only 4G broadband technology compatible with the 2.3 GHz BWA spectrum in India that today enjoys widespread global deployment along with a mature ecosystem of vendors, devices and applications.

It offers Indian consumers both fixed and mobile high speed access to all internet services. Wimax already powers a wide array of terminal devices today, from notebooks, dongles, CPEs, handhelds, and home/business VoIP gateways to the latest smartphone’s, personal hotspots, and machine to machine devices.

This white paper is targeted to the Indian broadband operators and aims to provide recommendations for optimal deployment of Wimax. The recommendations include:

  • Deployment options in a 20 MHz slot,
  • Radio coexistence in the 2.3 GHz BWA allocation,
  • Wimax Release 1 enhancements, and
  • Migration from Wimax Release 1 profile to Release 2 profile.

This white paper originally published in the WiMAX Forum

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