Karamba Battle Never Stops Offer

With the Karamba Battle offer players have a unique chance to get several bonuses. Place your bets on Karamba and get several prizes.

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About the Bonus

Karamba's new offer makes sports even more competitive. To be competitive, you do not need to be an athlete. put your bets to the test in the revolutionary Karamba battle to reach first place. After that, you’ll be able to get the prizes, including money, free bets and safe bet vouchers, and twists. 

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Karamba New Offer
Karamba Battle Bonus

How to Participate?

  • Have an active account on the Karamba platform;
  • Explore and join a free leaderboard of your choice;
  • Place your bets based on the criteria on the leaderboard;
  • Increase your unit count and move up the leaderboard.

How to Get the Bonus?

In order to get the Karamba bonus, first, you need to log in with your existing account or register with Karamba. After that, you need to join a free leaderboard based on your choice. The next step is to place your bets. The bets must be placed according to the leaderboard criteria. You will be able to view other competitors' bets after you have registered, but you must put real money bets to move up the scoreboard. Place your bets as normal, however, just € 1 of your total stake will be utilized to compute your leaderboard score. Continue to bet to increase your chances of getting bonuses.


Wagering Conditions

  • Register or activate your account to get bonuses;
  • Tournaments are completely free to enter;
  • To be eligible for a prize, players must bet more than the tournament's minimum wagering limit;
  • Sports bets placed with real money must create unit values, compute scoreboard positions, and determine medal winners in accordance with the tournament regulations outlined above;
  • Players who do not reach the event's minimum bet will not obtain a legitimate value or position on the scoreboard, and they will not win medals from that tournament;
  • Unless otherwise indicated, any rewards based on factors such as marker values or medals will be computed using values produced at the conclusion of the event and will not be adjusted after that.
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