How to Bet on Cricket?

Alisa Barladyan
16 Dec 2023
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Online betting sites, especially in the world of cricket, have ticked all the right boxes and become extremely popular with the scores of exciting promotions and bonuses that are available throughout the year, in daily, weekly or monthly segments, and which include seasonal and special sports event promotional offers as well. Online betting sites have sprung up all over as well, with simple and succinct website navigation, SSL encrypted security procedures and the brand new and the best online casino games available to make the gambler in you feel like taking a chance.

Bet on Cricket with Betway

When talking about betting, India is clearly a huge market with the residents of the country having very different tastes in sports, with a special mention of cricket and football. For all the sports lovers and sports betting enthusiasts who want to know how to bet on cricket match, how to do betting on cricket and how to bet on cricket and win, this article will provide you with not just a grand list of the best legal betting sites on cricket in India, but also give you enough information on cricket bets and odds so that you win big and easy, all at once. Scroll down to know more and get ahead with that holistic experience by betting online on a cricket session in India.

Best Cricket Betting Sites

There are just so many cricket and other sports betting sites or sportsbooks available online that it can sometimes turn out to be quite confusing for you to decide amongst. Even with some knowledge on how to pick the best out of lists, it is always better to look at verified sports betting sites from articles that show you both credibility and reviews from professional online sports betting site writers. Some of the best sports betting sites available online that have cricket exchange betting available are as follows:

  • Pari Match: Welcome Bonus of a 150% cashback of up to INR 12,000;
  • Pure Win: Welcome Bonus of up to INR 10,000 in Free Bets;
  • Betway: Welcome Bonus of a 100% cashback of up to INR 2,500;
  • Bet365: Welcome Bonus of a 15% cashback of up to INR 4,000;
  • 10Cric: Welcome Bonus of a 100% cashback of up to INR 10,000.
Claim your 100% cashback Welcome Bonus from Betway
Cricket game in motion
Man playing cricket

Cricket Betting Strategy

Read Up & Research Likely Conditions

It is important that you always remember to do research before you get into any real money cricket betting at any online sports betting site or sportsbook. Cricket as a sports game is not only a game of skill or statistics, but also most definitely dependent majorly on the conditions of the game, the strategy and the individual matches organized alongside the big ones. Also, it is evident that you need to research and know fully well what kind of rules this sports match has. Understanding and knowing about the earlier sports matches between the teams and knowing the statistical information as well as the records puts you in a better position to negotiate on sports betting grounds. Take your time to learn how to bet on cricket tips and do your research before really starting on your cricket betting experience.

Make sure to check the weather forecasts of the days when cricket matches are bound to take place. It is also important to know about the time of sunset or how much daylight time a particular country hosting a cricket game has. For Sri Lanka, for example, a lot of time lost to a rainy day assures that the play will not continue for long with the quick sunset. For England, it is different. Also, do not believe that you should stop betting just because there is a rainy weather forecast, as sometimes the cover of rain helps seam and swing bowlers to such an extent that it makes or breaks a cricket match.

Ground History & the Pitch

The pitch and wicket types of a particular cricket stadium are two extremely important parts of a cricket betting strategy plan. The weather conditions, cricket betting odds and cricket betting markets aside, the ground allotted to the teams for the game and the pitch provided have a sure possibility to change the statistics of the game. Pitches all over the world can never be the same. Some pitches offer slow cricket match playing, making it easier for batsmen to score more, while other pitches make it so much easier for the fast or swing bowler to make it difficult for the batting division of a team. There are the dry and hard pitches as well that help the spin bowlers to a great extent, deciding the match for them. But, be careful of the flat pitches because these draw the game out for a long period of time, making the match end with a tie, which is not good for sports bettors.

The Toss

The Toss is a significant decision that also makes decisions of its own. The Toss helps you understand how a team or favorite player will perform after they make up their mind whether they want to bowl first or bat first. 

The following must be kept in mind after your favorite team wins a Toss and takes their choice of batting or bowling:

  • With a green pitch, the captain of the team should choose bowling fast as it is paradise for the seam bowlers of the team;
  • With a brown or yellow or even white pitch, it is often better to simply choose to bat first, as that is easier under these conditions;
  • With a cracked pitch, it is always better to bat first as the condition of the pitch with regard to batting will keep on getting worse with time, so batting later is not really recommended;
  • If it is cloudy and the pitch is generally suited for swing bowlers, then bowling first is the way to go.

It is usually better to wait for the Toss to be over before placing your as that gives you a clear idea of how the cricket match might proceed. 

Form of Teams & Players

Make sure that before you begin your cricket betting experience with a reputed sportsbook of your choice from the list given above, you check not only the form of the players but also the teams playing. Ensure that you research well into how good a team or a player of importance is playing for the last few matches before you put your bet on them. It is also important for you to remember or check what kind of pitch causes which player to behave in what way during gameplay to make sure that you win your bet. Spend some time looking at the statistics and the latest news regarding cricket betting to get the best wins out of the betting procedure.

In Play Value

Cricket betting is such a reactive and constantly changing market that the sports matches give all the sports betting enthusiasts like you the way to actually get involved in big odds for something that did not have great value even a few hours ago. This is especially true for Test matches, where it gets increasingly difficult for a particular team which started out with a solid bang to keep their concentration and great gameplay intact to actually win the series. Keep an eye out for how the sides are doing after 80 overs. Look out for which bowlers a side is choosing to use and if they belong to the lower rung, bet opposite.

The Best Sportsbooks to Bet on Cricket

The Most Popular Cricket Bets

More cricket bets at Betway

Match Betting

One of the most well known cricket bets in the world, match betting is easy and very concise as well as straightforward. There are essentially three options, amongst which you have to make your choice. You can choose that the home team will win the cricket match, the home team might lose the cricket match, or the cricket match might end in a tie or a draw. Match Betting is the choice of cricket bet for those sports bettors who are just coming into the field or are essentially newcomers.

Completed Match

The Completed Match bet is one of the easiest cricket bets out there, with respect to all the newbies in the world of sports betting and the ones who do not know much about cricket as a game in the first place. This cricket bet is only valid for ODIs or One Day cricket matches. You just have to place a bet on whether the match will be completed on a particular day or not. If the weather forecasts show clouds and thundershowers, then you have a clear opening for a winning bet. 

Tied Match

Another very famous cricket bet, the Tied Match cricket bet is simple and to the point. As the name suggests, you just have to bet on whether the cricket match will end in a draw or tie or not. Again, if you are a newbie or are not accustomed to cricket as a game or a betting sport, Tie Match is a marvellous option to check out.

Innings Runs

Easy peasy, innings runs is a sure shot way to get some extra bucks through cricket betting. The innings runs cricket bet works well if you can bet on and win the bet when it comes to predicting the number of runs scored by a team in a particular innings. 

Top Bowler

Are you a fan of the best bowlers out there currently, like maybe Bumrah? Then this is the cricket bet for you! In this cricket bet, you predict the name of the bowler who will take the highest number of wickets in a particular match, series or championship

Top Batsman

Are you a fan of the best bowlers out there currently, like maybe Kohli? Then you should definitely check this how to bet on cricket online bet out! In this cricket bet, you predict the name of the batsman who will get the highest number of runs in a particular match, series or championship. There are various markets as well for this cricket bet- Top Away Batsman, Match Top Batsman, Top Home Batsman, and Top Series Batsman.

Team of Top Batsman

Thought that the last cricket bet mentioned above was a tad too difficult for you? Then try out this cricket bet. Here, you just have to predict and place your bet on the team from which you think the Top Batsman will emerge.

Bowler Match Bets

This is between two already selected bowling players in a particular cricket match. They might be from the same team. You just have to predict and place a bet on which bowler will take the most wickets in that particular match.

Batsman Match Bets

This is between two already selected batsman players in a particular cricket match. They might be from the same team. You just have to predict and place a bet on which batsman will have the highest number of runs or make the most sixes or other two-people competitions in a particular match.

Tournament Outright Winner

Bet on Outright Winner

This one has a much higher betting odds being placed on it, since the prediction here is a bit tricky. It is usually on offer for cricket sports events which are drawn out like the ICC Champions Trophy, how to bet on Cricket World Cup and so on. Here, you have to select a winner for the entire tournament and not just one match. 

Series Winner

This bet is for a 3 or 5 game championship. If you choose and bet on the side that wins the best of 5, then you win. 

Over/Under Score

Calculate the total runs scored by the two teams and bet on over the run predicted by the sportsbook or under it. You just might win. 

Series Score

This bet asks you to place a bet on what you think will be the total series score of a tournament. The closest you get to it, you win.

Method of Dismissal

Predict correctly on the exact way in which a batsman will be dismissed, and you win.

Win Toss

Here, you predict which team will win the toss and bet on it. 

Toss Combination

Here, you not only predict which team will win the toss but also if they will choose batting or bowling and then bet on it.

Odd/Even Runs

Predict if the runs scored by a team are even or odd, and you win if you are correct.

Most Run Outs

Predict correctly which team will have the most Run Outs, and you win.

Man of the Match/Player of the Series

Predict correctly who will be the Man of the Match of a tournament or series, and you will win. 

Cricket Betting Odds Explained

Check the odds on cricket at Betway

What Do Cricket Betting Odds Mean?

If you are interested in cricket betting, you need to know about how the odds are set for it. Usually, the odds depend on four things. The table below will show you how:

Odds Based OnHow it is decided
WinProbability, statistics, trends, experience
LossProbability, statistics, trends, experience
TieProbability, statistics, trends, experience
Profit of BookmakerDefault margin or based on the cricket event

Selecting A Bookmaker for Cricket Betting

The following table will show you how to select a bookmaker for cricket betting:

ConditionWhat to check
Betting MarketsEnsure that you have a variety of betting choices
Payment Gateways Ensure that there are several payment options from bank transfers to cryptocurrency to e-wallets
OddsReasonable odds to be checked
ReputationRead reviews to check sportsbook credibility
Customer Service24×7 support is mandatory
Terms and ConditionsReasonable or not has to be checked
Promotional OffersAttractive bonuses are a must


How to Bet online on cricket just got easier. So, follow these lists and tables on how to bet on cricket tips and learn carefully how to play online betting on cricket, and you are all set to win BIG.

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