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At Bet365 customers can easily withdraw their winnings. The article provides detailed information on how to do this.

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Bet365 Withdrawal: Methods, Withdrawal Times, and Procedure

You have just had a big win from your last betting slip, what next? The next probable step is withdrawing the big winnings before betting again.

If you own a Bet365 account, you might have already seen the question, how long does Bet365 withdrawal take? Luckily, this guide talks about the whole process and how long it might take for different withdrawal methods.

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How to Withdraw from Bet365

withdrawing money from Bet365
Bet365 Withdrawal

First things first, we need to show you the whole process of making a withdrawal. Here are the crucial steps anyone should follow to withdraw the money.

  1. Start by logging into the Bet365 official account;
  2. Click the icon with a human symbol in the top right corner;
  3. From the drop-down list, pick the option “Bank’ to proceed to the next screen;
  4. Pick the “Withdraw” listing from the list of options that appear;
  5. In the next form, input the Withdrawal Amount and enter your password to proceed. Take note that the money can only be withdrawn to the payment processor that you used to make the initial deposit;
  6. Now that you have withdrawn the money, give it up to one business day for it to be processed to your account. It can vary also depending on the withdrawal method you choose as we shall see later.
Bet365 Sign-Up
Bet365 Sign-Up
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Bet365 Mobile App
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Bet365 Live Streaming
How To Close And Delete Bet365 Account
How To Close And Delete Bet365 Account

Bet365 Withdrawal Rules

Bet365 withdraw
Bet365 withdraw page

It is always good to know more about the withdrawal rules so that you do not end up being denied your winnings from the company.

The first withdrawal rule you should know is that the withdrawals can only be processed to the payment method you used before for making the initial deposit. This will be the method you can be using before things can change.

Now, if it is impossible to withdraw your funds to the deposit method, then the withdrawal would be sent to your bank account through the Bank Wire option. There will be a form where you can input your bank details to facilitate the withdrawal.

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Bet365: How Long Does A Withdrawal Take?

It should be interesting to learn more about the Bet365 withdrawal time to see which would be the best method to use. Sometimes you may just want the withdrawal to be faster. Well, some methods can offer you such flexibility.

Below is a quick table to help you understand how long it takes to get your money after withdrawing from Bet365.


Bet365 withdrawal methods

Method Fee Processing Time Min Max
Debit Card Free 1 to 5 Business Days $10 $30,000
Bank Wire $9 or 1 free transaction every 28 days 1 to 5 Banking Days $40 $50,000
PayPal Free Within 24 hours $10 $10,000
Neteller Free Within 12 hours $20 $50,000
Skrill Free Within 24 hours $10 $38,000
Credit Card Free Within 24 hours $10 $30,000

Bet365 Withdrawal Options


With Debit Card

Bet365 withdrawal takes 1 to 5 working days in most cases. In case you qualify for Visa Direct option, then it should take only a few hours to have the payment in your account.

The minimum withdrawal for such a method is $10 with a maximum of $30,000.


With Bank Wire

Bank wire can be a popular choice for some people. You can consider this method when the other faster methods are unavailable.

This method takes from 1 to 5 working days for the amount to show in your account. It will mostly depend on the type of bank you are using.

The minimum you can withdraw with this method is $40 and goes up to $50,000 as the maximum. In case there is a fee, you will be informed about it in advance.


With PayPal

Bet365 PayPal withdrawal time of fewer than 24 hours makes it among the most desired method for anyone who wants fast withdrawals. On top of the quick Bet365 withdrawal time from PayPal, you will not be charged any fees.

The minimum amount is $10 with a maximum of $10,000.


With Neteller

Neteller is the fastest option you can get. It will take 12 hours to get your money. Since it is also free, it should not be much of a problem.

The minimum amount is $20 with a maximum of $50,000.


With Skrill

Skrill also offers free and fast transfers. You will get the money in 24 hours after initiating your withdrawal request.

The minimum amount is $10 with a maximum of $38,000.


With Credit Card

A credit card withdrawal takes 1 to 5 banking days. This should work the same as using a debit card. There is no fee with this kind of transfer thus quite interesting to consider.

The minimum amount is $10 with a maximum of $30,000.


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