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BetAmerica is one of the biggest betting brands in the United States. Unlike other sporting sites, this brand offers real money as a welcome bonus for all new players. That isn’t all! You also get to enjoy the numerous betting options available with BetAmerica.

Founded in 2008, BetAmerica has grown to be one of the most reliable and respected betting sites in the US. If you are looking to take your horse racing career to another level, this sporting brand is the right place to visit. Churchill Downs Incorporated, BetAmerica’s parent company, has dominated horse racing history for more than 150 years. With the availability of several horse racing educators and experts, BetAmerica brings wonderful horse racing experience to your doorstep.

Is BetAmerica legal? What are the betting markets available? What are the sporting odds to enjoy? Where can I access the BetAmerica App? What are the payment options available? We are sure these and many more are the essential questions running through your mind. The following sections in the post provide comprehensive answers to these questions.


Is BetAmerica Legal?

BetAmerica is a legal gaming firm in the United States. This brand is a subsidiary of Lien Gaming Racing LCC, which is a US regulated service provider. North Dakota Racing and the North Dakota Commission license Lien Gaming Racing LCC’s operation. Much of the funds received from the brand goes to the charity. BetAmerica became a legal gaming firm in 2008. Since then, the brand has gained the attention of millions of gamblers in the gambling world.

Today, BetAmerica has earned the license to offer legal sporting services to players in the US. However, not all states in the US can play BetAmerica horse racing betting. Therefore, you need to know the eligible states and those not qualified before you sign up.

The states you can legally bet in the US include all other states except Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Hawaii, and Illinois. Also, you can’t place bets in states like

  • Mississippi;
  • Missouri;
  • Nebraska;
  • Nevada;
  • North Carolina;
  • South Carolina;
  • Texas.

How do you know your state is eligible to play the BetAmerica sportsbook? If your state isn’t listed above, it could mean you can bet from the location. You should confirm your location online before you register and make the initial deposit.


Betting Markets

BetAmerica offers different betting games to place a bet and win lots of cash. These games include:

  • Horse Racing;
  • Greyhound Racing;
  • Sports Betting;
  • BetAmerica Casino;
  • Horse Racing

In the United States, BetAmerica is one of the most popular horse racing betting sites. It has made its ground internationally with this betting market. Unlike other sporting firms, BetAmerica horse racing games cover over 200 tracks across the globe. The same way you bet on horse racing in person at the track is the same way you bet on horse racing online. On all winning wagers, BetAmerica offers full tracks odds and payments.

If you love local track games, this betting firm allows you to make money on them. The horse racing games you can bet on include:

  • Breeders Cup;
  • Belmont Stakes;
  • Preakness Stakes;
  • Kentucky Derby and lots more

Greyhound Racing

BetAmerica allows you to bet on over 20 tracks around the United States. While you can place your wagers on lots of major races, you also have a lot to win on smaller races. This game awards the same wagers you get on when you play dog race in person. Greyhound racing is flexible to play. Like in real-time, you have the opportunity to watch how the game unfolds.

The bet available with Greyhound racing include:

  • Wheel bets;
  • Keys;
  • Exotics;
  • Win/place/show

Sports Betting

BetAmerica offers you different kinds of sports to enjoy. These bets categories include:

  • Parlays;
  • Exciting prop bets;
  • Futures bets;
  • Straight bets

There are hundreds of sports you can place your bets on at the BetAmerica sportsbook. Irrespective of your favorite sport, there is always a game for you to enjoy. Some of the sports betting available include:

  • Cricket;
  • Rugby;
  • Darts;
  • Table Tennis;
  • Formula 1;
  • MMA;
  • Boxing;
  • Soccer;
  • Tennis;
  • Golf;
  • NHL and NCAA Hockey;
  • MLB and NCAA Baseball;
  • NBA and NCAAB Basketball;
  • NFL and NCAAF Football

Meanwhile, it is essential that this sports betting is available for players only in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Indiana.



When playing a bet on any betting market, ensure you are familiar with the odds available. Also, make sure you are offered the best odds available. Getting the best odds allows you to win big. BetAmerica offers the same odds on most of the websites available. Also, you can use the odds on the BetAmerica New Jersey website to determine the odds on other sportsbook platforms.

For instance, check out the match between Liverpool and Leeds United. The moneyline odds listed for Liverpool to win is 1.29, while Leeds United is 9.5. So, if you place a bet of $500 on Leeds United to win and they did. Then, you calculate the odds multiply by the wager. That means you would get about $4750 wins in return.


Live Streaming & Betting

We have done a lot of reviews on sporting and casino brands. Only a few of these firms offer live streaming and betting. Unlike these sporting brands, BetAmerica allows you to bet and stream live games. But you can play live sports if you are a player from PA or New Jersey.

Likewise, you can’t play or stream live games for horse race betting. However, you can enjoy live streaming with a sportsbook and casino. With live streaming and betting, you get to watch your favorite games in progress. Sports and casinos get better and exciting with live betting and streaming.


BetAmerica App

Betamerica mobile

BetAmerica has an easy-to-use and highly responsive mobile app. This app allows you to sign up without any challenges. Also, you can place bets and win games with ease on the app. The app is available for Android as well as iOS users.



Android users can sign up, place a bet, and stream live games via the BetAmerica mobile app. However, it is important to know that the app isn’t available on Google Play Store owing to the ban on real money betting apps. Nevertheless, you can get the app on the official website.



This mobile app also works very efficiently on iPads and iPhones. But you cant download from the iTunes store. The app is only available on the BetAmerica website. Since the app is mobile-friendly, using it on your iOS becomes a breeze.

Whether you want the app on your Android or iPad, you need a dated operating system on your smartphone. The app also requires a large space for installation. You also need to be in Pennsylvania or New Jersey to use the app.


Customer Service

One of the pros of BetAmerica is its wonderful and fast-responding customer service. Irrespective of what could be the problem, you can always get a solution from customer support. The customer service options available include: 

Phone number option;

Email option

The phone number option isn’t available all the time. However, the email service is available 24/7. Although the live chat option is the best, BetAmerica doesn’t offer this chat option. Many players consider this feature as one of the cons for the betting firm. There is a portion with several FAQs on the website. You can always check this section to see the question that best answers your questions.



Since you have the BetAmerica review at hand, we believe you now have the essential answers to questions running through your mind. Most importantly, this betting firm is reliable, and you can always trust them with your funds. BetAmerica also allows you to win big.



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How do I sign up at BetAmerica?
You can sign up at BetAmerica via the website or the mobile app. Players need to provide a name, SSN, Email address, and residential address to register on this betting firm. Your details are safe with the sporting brand whenever you sign up.
Is BetAmerica legal in the US?
BetAmerica is a legal gaming firm where you can place a bet on casinos, horse racing, and sports games in some states in the US. However, there are few states where playing the casino is illegal. You can check out the list in a section earlier in the article.