Download & Install BetAmerica App for Android and iOS 2022

Enjoy sport matches? Then this is your great chance to download the Betamerica Sportsbook application on your phone and win some dollars out of your love for sports. Pay attention that BetAmerica Sportsbook is only available for iOS users.

Download BetAmerica Mobile App

About Betamerica

Betamerica is a sports betting app based out if USA, not some remote location so it provides you the ease of home while being much more fun in the first place. What is even greater? Well, the mobile app is free to download and install and has loads of game options to bet on that can win you big money, big REAL money, all the while having fun and leaving the hassles to Betamerica. The customer service is also there to help you through any technical snag that you might have had. 

Download BetAmerica Mobile App

How to Download and Install Betamerica Mobile App?

Cannot find our app on Google Play? Well, unfortunately that is because Google Play has still not legalized sports betting apps in their app store. The Betamerica app is thus only on iOS.

  • Open the Betamerica web page and navigate to the mobile app section which you will find in the home section;
  • Betamerica has made a safe channel service for you to download the app for Apple users. You can click here or just download it off the Apple Store;
  • Now you are all set to download, install and bet!
BetAmerica Sign-Up
BetAmerica Sign-Up

Download Betamerica Sportsbook Mobile App for iOS

Betamerica is glad to let you know that

if you have an iOS phone or tablet, you are all set to log in to the Apple Store to get yourself the free Betamerica mobile app right now!

  1. Open the Apple Store and type in "Betamerica Sportsbook". You can also download it from here;
  2. Click on Install and wait for it to get downloaded;
  3. Once downloaded, open the app and start off with the registration straight away! Do not forget that you have to be above 17 to get in.
App on the iOS store
App on the iOS store
Download BetAmerica iOS App

Betamerica Sportsbook Mobile App system requirements for iOS

Betamerica functions on around all iOS systems but this list here gives you an idea of the requirements from the system you use. 

  • For an iPhone, there is a need of iOS 10.0 or more;
  • For an iPad, there is a need for iPad OS 10.0 or more;
  • For an iPod Touch, there is a need for 0 iOS 10.0 or more;
  • You need to have a phone storage space of 49.3 MB

Mobile Version of Betamerica Sportsbook

The mobile app version of the Betamerica Sportsbook is pretty cool for your simplicity of placing bets. With a safe and hack-free as well as pretty easy registration, and fine betting rules, the mobile app is a gift for those of you who bet on sportsbooks. What's even better is that you can keep checking on your bet throughout the day, in whichever location you might be and keep updated on all the sports matches you can bet in next. Also, the mobile app lets you know through notifications all about the new promotions that you could receive daily and lets you pick up a few great bonus deals. The mobile app also gives out separate as well as higher bonuses than the website provides.


Betamerica Sportsbook Mobile App Main Features

Betamerica Sportsbook mobile app has a few of the really cool new features, other than the ones already on the web page.

  • Simple registration and fast verification procedure with easy identification scanning and sending;
  • Clearer navigation to the game or the team you want to place a bet on accompanied by vivid high-resolution pictures;
  • Live streaming of games anytime anywhere along with live betting options;
  • Extra bonuses for downloading and placing a bet on the mobile app;
  • The app is absolutely free to download and safe with low risk of hackers or any loss of data or breach of privacy;
  • Faster and safer payouts;
  • Lots of more matches and teams to place your bet on;
  • Remember to be in USA when you place a bet since the app does not have a geolocation segment yet
Download BetAmerica App

Betamerica Sportsbook Mobile App Bonus

Betamerica Sportsbook Mobile App
Betamerica Sportsbook Mobile App

Betamerica Sportsbook Mobile App is providing you a bonus to make a first bet of $20 after you download and install the app. This promotion will get you a FREE $20 bonus other than any other welcome bonus still viable at the time.


BetAmerica Bonus Offers



Betamerica is famous for the best you can get out of sports betting. Also, the iOS mobile app is FREE to download and install. What is more is that the mobile app provides you further promotions, greater betting options and safer and simpler payouts. Moreover, you can keep looking in on promotions, matches, teams and bets you can place, round the clock, while you move! Unfortunately, there's no Android App at the moment, but hopefully bettors will enjoy that one soon too. 

Download BetAmerica Mobile App


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Is the app legal?
In the USA, it is pretty legal to bet on your favorite matches and teams on the Betamerica mobile app. Most of the states have legalized online sports betting via apps and the Betamerica mobile app has now gone live with amazing bonuses, promotional offers and the best odds.


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BetAmerica Sign-Up
BetAmerica Sign-Up