How to Deposit on Betway

You have created an account with one of the biggest gaming establishments. You have a bankroll for casino games and sportsbook offerings, or both. Now there is one thing you haven’t done -funding your Betway account. And we bet that you also want to enjoy super fast cashouts. If that’s the case, you have come to the right place to learn about how to deposit on Betway.

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Why Should You Deposit with Betway

Great cash prizes, fantastic and player-friendly bonuses, and action-packed legal betting are the top reasons you should deposit with Betway. 

Here are five other reasons to deposit with Betway:

Image of Betway deposit methods
Betway banking methods
  • Guarantees fast deposits;
  • Facilitates secure deposits;
  • Deposit flexibility is guaranteed;
  • No transaction charges;
  • Supports reliable rand-accepting deposit methods.

How to Deposit Money on Betway?

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A few tips on how Betway deposit methods work will make a world of difference, especially to newbies in the online casino scene. Let’s dive in.

You need a Betway account for Betway deposits. You, therefore, need to create an account at Betway to fund an account on the platform. Relax. You will encounter no hassles while creating an account with the site.

Image of deposit funds
Deposit funds

Once you have a Betway account, log into the account by providing your Betway banking details, Click “My Account.” Next, click on the “Deposit Funds” button. You will see a variety of supported banking methods. Select the one that suits you or your transaction best.

Now, enter the amount you wish to deposit. Follow the prompts that follow to finalize the deposit. Your funds will be available in your Betway balance if the deposit was successful.

Betway Sign-Up
Betway Sign-Up
How To Access Betway Account
How To Access Betway Account


How Long Does It Take for Betway Deposit to Reflect?

The wait time for funds to reflect in your account depends on the Betway banking method you opt to use. But worry not. Most deposit options available on the i-gaming site support near-instant deposits. You, therefore, will enjoy the chance of staking on lucrative live bets. And the best part is that Betway deposits don’t attract transaction fees. 


How to Withdraw on Betway?

Your multi-bet aka the accumulator just won. Wherever or whatever you decide to spend your winnings on, Betway doesn’t want to get in the way. For this reason, the gaming site supports secure and fast banking methods that will let you access the winnings ASAP.

  1. Log into your Betway account to make your withdrawals.
  2. Click on the “My Account” button.
  3. Click on the “Withdraw Funds” button.
  4. Select a withdrawal method that meets your preferences.
  5. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and finalize the withdrawal.
Betway Withdrawal
Betway Withdrawal
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How Long Does Betway Withdrawal Take?

Similar to Betway’s deposit wait times, the withdrawal wait times depend on the banking method a player uses for online betting. Do you prefer fast withdrawals? If so, you can opt for a withdrawal method that allows customers to access their winnings within a few hours. High rollers will find bank transfers a convenient way to withdraw lump sum winnings from their Betway accounts.


How to Deposit on Betway General Guide

We have also highlighted how to get to Betway online casino’s deposit and withdrawal pages. Now, let's discuss the workings of the popular banking methods supported on the world-renowned site. 


With Visa/Mastercar

If you want to add money to your Betway account using a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card, visit the site then click on the “Login or Sign Up” button. Click on Menu, My Account, and Deposit Funds buttons. Now, select the Credit and Debit Card from the list of payment methods.

Enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Enter your card details. You will be prompted to complete a bank authorization. Finally, the transaction will be processed, and the funds will reflect in your account.


With Ozow

Log into your account. Next, click on the Menu, My Account, and Deposit Funds buttons. Select Ozow from the list of available banking methods. To enjoy instant deposits with the payment method, select your preferred bank after opting for Ozow on the list of supported banking methods.

Image of Ozow deposits at Betway
Ozow deposits at Betway

Use your internet banking details to log into Ozow. Select the account you want to use for the transaction. Note that you will be prompted via SMS, PUSH notification, or email to complete the transaction. Lastly, the funds will be credited to your account once the transaction is successful.

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With SiD

Betway also supports EFT deposits via SID. You have to access your account on the platform to use this payment method. So after logging into your Betway account:

  1. Click on the Menu and My Account button.
  2. Click on Deposit Funds and select tap on Quick EFT (SID or i-Pay).
  3. Now, enter the amount you wish to deposit then click on the Proceed button.
  4. Select the bank you want to use for the transaction. Also, log into the bank using your i-banking credentials.
  5. You will receive a one-time pin (OTP) on your mobile. Provide it and click the Next button.
  6. The funds will reflect in your Betway account and you will also be redirected to your account.


With Vouchers

Can you fund your Betway account using vouchers? Yes, you can. Most players will always opt to use vouchers to fund their Betway deposit account when their debit or debit cards have insufficient funds.

Image of Betway voucher deposits
Betway voucher deposits
  1. Access your Betway account using your Betway banking details.
  2. Click on the Menu, My Account, and Deposit Funds buttons.
  3. Opt for OTT Vouchers among the site’s supported banking methods.
  4. Enter your voucher.
  5. Click on the Redeem button.


With MTN Mo Money App

MTN Mo Money App is one of the most popular banking methods you can use to fund your Betway deposit account. Besides having an account with Betway, you will also need to download the MTN Mo Money App.

After downloading the app to your iOS or Android device and logging into your account, click the MoMo pay and Pay & Buy buttons. Next, click on the Lotto & Betting buttons. Now, tap on the Betway button. Next, confirm that the number you’ve used to register your MTN Mo Money App is also registered on Betway.

Next, enter the amount you wish to deposit. Finally, confirm the transaction. The funds will be credited to your Betway account if the transaction is successful.


With Shoprite & Checkers

You can enjoy sports or casino betting at Betway after funding your account with Shoprite & Checkers. For this reason, visit Shoprite & Checkers outlets then walk to the money counters to fund your Betway account.

Betway Deposit
Betway Deposit

The employee on the money counter will ask you to provide your Betway account number. You will be asked to state the amount you wish to deposit. Of course, the employee handling your deposit will also ask you to verify the ownership of your account by asking you to provide your name and surname.

After verifying the ownership of your account, the Shoprite & Checkers agent will credit the amount you give them to your Betway account. It’s easy, right?

Deposit and Play on Betway

With EFT

Players who want to fund their Betway accounts using EFT(s) should note that they need to have accounts on banks that support this payment method.

Follow these steps to deposit money in your Betway account using EFT(s):

  1. Sign in to your account using your bank’s mobile app.
  2. Navigate to the section for making payments.
  3. Add beneficiary or choose recipients.
  4. Search for Betway.
  5. Enter your Betway account number, and the amount you wish to deposit.
  6. Complete the deposit transaction.


With FNB

Funding your Betway deposit account with FNB is straightforward, secure, and fast. You will need an FNB banking app. That said, visit the Android or iOS App Stores to download the apps to your mobile devices.

Log into your FNB banking app. Click on the Payments and Public Recipient buttons. Now, search Betway. You will be prompted to enter the recipient reference and you should enter your Betway account number when this happens. Now, complete the transaction.


With Standard Bank

You can fund your Betway account with your Standard Bank App. Download this app to your mobile device from the Android or iOS App Stores. First, log in to your Standard Bank App. Now, click on Pay then add New Beneficiary.

Next, search for Betway then enter your Betway account number as the reference number. You will receive a one-time pin, enter it in the space provided. And Betway will be added as the transaction’s beneficiary. Lastly, click the Pay button to finalize the transaction. 


With Nedbank

You will need a Nedbank App and a Betway account to fund a Betway account. Simply log into your Nedbank Mobile App. iOS and Android device owners can get these apps from the Apple and Android app stores. Next, click the Quick Pay button. Now, tap the Single Payment button.

You will need to find Betway. You can do this using the search function. Click on Betway when it appears on the search. After this, click on pay to a bank account. Use your Betway account number as your recipient reference.



We have some great news, the ABSA mobile app is a convenient and safe way to deposit money into your Betway account.

Funding your Betway account using the banking method is a walk in the part. Follow the steps below to transact on Betway with the ABSA mobile app.

  1. Log into your ABSA account;
  2. Click Pay;
  3. Click Pay New Beneficiary;
  4. Click pay a bill;
  5. Find Betway;
  6. Use your Betway account number as the transaction’s Bill Account;
  7. Add Betway as the transaction’s beneficiary;
  8. Specify the amount to deposit;
  9. Provide the transaction’s reference number.
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Deposit Money Into Your Betway Account Today

If you are all about winning, having a good time, and treating yourself to lucrative bonuses, we recommend that you play the real money games Betway has on offer. These games are immersive and entertaining. Betway guarantees the availability of numerous banking methods, and this helps players enjoy flexible and convenient transactions. Below are the most popular payment methods you can use to fund your Betway account.


Best featuers of different payment methods

Payment MethodBest Feature
Visa/MastercardReadily accessible
SiDNo transaction fees
VouchersNo transaction fees
MTN Mo Money AppReadily accessible
Shoprite & CheckersInstant 
EFTNo transaction fees
FNBNo transaction fees
Standard BankNo transaction fees
NedbankNo transaction fees
ABSAReadily accessible


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