Download & Install Bitcasino App for Android and iOS 2022

We are in the year 2022 and online sports betting and gambling aren't showing any signs of slowing down. This industry has experienced a great boom in the past decade. This article is about the Bitcasino mobile app, this online betting provider parades itself as the first to allow users to bet online with bitcoin. By the end of this piece, users will be acquainted with how the Bitcasino mobile application functions.

Download Bitcasino Mobile App

How to download and install the Bitcasino Mobile app?

An image of the  Bitcasino android app availability
Bitcasino android app availability image

Users of the Bitcasino online betting service provider don't need to be perplexed about downloading and installing the Bitcasino mobile app on their mobile devices. This online sports betting marque mobile app can be downloaded with ease, unfortunately, it is only available to Android users only. To download this mobile app, Android users must make sure their devices meet the requirements for the app to work.  


Download Bitcasino Mobile app for Android

Follow the bit-by-bit tips below, to download the Bitcasino mobile app for Android users:

  • Firstly, head towards the Bitcasino web page;
  • Access the mobile app page;
  • Users can click the link on the page, or scan the barcode as provided on the site to download the app, for basically no fee;
  • After download, make sure your Android gizmo or device is set to allow downloads from unknown sources;
  • Open your gizmo or device download folder, and click the apk file to install directly into your Android phone;
  • You can now enjoy loads of amazing online betting and gambling experiences using the Bitcasino online sportsbook;
Download Bitcasino Mobile App

Bitcasino Mobile App System Requirements Android

Users of the Bitcasino online sportsbook need to make sure that their Android mobile devices must meet certain requisites. Study the table below to learn more:


Bitcasino sportsbook android mobile app requirements table

Android version 4. and above
Memory (main) 1 Gigabyte
Memory (places in) 35.65 megabytes
Mobile App Size 174 megabytes
Processor 1GHz or higher
Version 14.0.6
Cost Free of charge
Last Update April 15, 2022


Download Bitcasino Mobile App for iOS

As of the time this research was conducted, the Bitcasino online betting provider is still working on the iOS app, for the Apple crowd.  

Download Bitcasino Mobile App

Bitcasino Mobile version

Users of the BItcasino online sports betting platform can also take advantage of the mobile version, directly from their mobile gizmos or devices. users can easily place bets on a huge load of online betting games. Unlike how the mobile app works, which requires a user to download it, the mobile version requires no download. Users won't have issues navigating the mobile version as its resemblance with the web version is very visible, the only outstanding difference is that this mobile app was tailored in a way to fit on mobile phones. This mobile version is friendly to use, and its performance rate in terms of loading is very fast. To use this version, users can simply use any installed browser on their Apple iOS and Android devices to access the Bitcasino web page. Users must make sure that they have the latest update of their respective device operating system, a device that allows HTML5, and a fast and reliable internet network service provider.


Bitcasino Lite Version

This online betting service provider does not have a lite version of the mobile web app.

Download Bitcasino Mobile App

Bitcasino Mobile App Main features

There are a bunch of reasons why using the mobile is worth it. The following are the main features of the Bitcasino mobile app:

  • User-friendly;
  • Languages;
  • Search option;
  • Lots of sports and games;


User Friendly

The Bitcasino mobile app for android has an amazingly designed user interface, and its users will have no issues navigating through the mobile application, and carrying out tweaks on several preferences, to how it suits them.



The Users of the Bitcasino mobile app can choose from a list of languages, making it approachable to various users from different language backgrounds. 


Search Option

Users of the Bitcasino mobile app are blessed with a search button option, which helps users to narrow their searches for the different online games available to bettors.


Lots Of Online Gaming Options

Users of the Bitcasino mobile app can choose from a huge list of online betting and gambling games.

Download Bitcasino Mobile App

Bitcasino Mobile App Bonus

The Bitcasno mobile does not have any mobile app bonus or even a welcome bonus as of when this research was conducted.


What Can Be Improved In Bitcasino Mobile App

The Bitcasino online sportsbook must be hailed for designing an amazing mobile app, it is well designed to meet the ever insatiable appetite of the online gaming and betting enthusiast. It is very easy to use. Regardless, this online betting marque can make some adjustments to the mobile app for use by its users. One of such adjustments is providing a mobile application for users of the Apple iOS devices or gizmos. Secondly, this online betting platform should avail users of rewards for joining this bandwagon and also for downloading the mobile application. The Bitcasino online betting platform has to improve the functionality of its mobile application, and also add real live sports to the already clustered online betting opportunities available on its platform.



Users of the Bitcasino online sports betting service provider by now must have understood the nitty-gritty of how the mobile app functions and the various system requirements for easy use of the mobile app. Users of the Apple iOS are not catered for yet, as the mobile application for them is still in view. From the lesson learned in this article users now know how to download and install the Bitcasino mobile app, which is available to users of the Android operating system. Users can make use of the mobile version of this online gaming and betting service provider, as it functions a lot like the web version, only better. In the course of writing this article, we discovered through research that Bitcasino doesn't have a lite mobile version. Also, Bitcasino has no bonus for users who join this online gaming provider, and also no mobile app bonus is available for both types of users (new and old).

Download Bitcasino Mobile App


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Also ask
Is the sportsbook app legal?
The Bitcasino is a legal online sports betting service provider, with a license from the Government of Curacao.
Can you win money on sportsbook apps?
The answer is a loud yes, as users can place their bets using the mobile app, and in case winners win their placed bets, they will be paid all their winnings in full.
How to bet on your phone?
Users can use either the mobile app or mobile version to place bets. To achieve this, users upon downloading the mobile app can log in to access all the available online games to enable them to wager on them.
What taxes should you pay for winning in the Bitcasino mobile app?
Users who win their placed bets using the Bitcasino mobile app may have to pay some kind of taxes to the government. Visit the web page of the sportsbook to find more information on taxes.