Login to Your Konfambet Account Today: Welcome Bonus & Registration Guide

Konfambet is a Nigerian premium bookmaker brand that was incorporated in 2019, a duly registered and licensed gaming company under KONFAM BONUS GAMING LIMITED. To bet on Konfambet sportsbook you must login to your account. How to do that read the article.

Login to Konfambet Account

How to log in to the Konfambet account

Each new client obtains a personal account shortly after completing the registration process, which he can use to place sports bets. Entering a username and password given upon registration is required for website login and Konfambet app login. A player is permitted to change their password as many times as you would like to under the account's settings.


Log in Konfambet account using the website


Visit Official Website

Visit Official Website

Go to the Konfambet website for further information. When you first visit the website, you'll be taken to the company's home page, which is simple, with all critical functions highlighted in a bright colour against a black background.


Enter details

Enter details

Go to the Konfambet website for further information. When you first visit the website, you'll be taken to the company's home page, which is simple, with all critical functions highlighted in a bright colour against a black background.


Login Now

 Login Now

Enter details of phone number/email and password.

Login to Konfambet Account

Log in Konfambet account using Facebook

Konfambet login page
Konfambet website

When you click this button, you will be directed to the bookmaker's homepage.


Quick Konfambet Login Steps

  • Visit the Konfambet site from desktop or mobile;
  • Click the Login button;
  • Enter your Username and Password;
  • If you correctly enter your account details, you will be logged into your Konfambet account.
Login to Konfambet Account

Why is it worth undergoing registration on the betting platform


Exceptional Safety

Konfambet offers its players the option of Konfambet login into their account using the Facebook application inscribed on the website in the top right corner. This sportsbook feature enables players to quickly and conveniently login to their accounts. They do this by connecting their accounts to their Facebook profile to enable our one-click login feature.

Locate the "Login" icon, which has the Facebook sign "f" beside it. It's blue and is seen in the website's upper right corner. When you click it, a new window will open, where you can fill out the Facebook login form. You will be required to key in your Facebook credentials. Keep a close eye on all data to avoid typing errors, which might skew verification results. Once done, you will be automatically redirected to your Konfambet account.


The website is easy to navigate

Hackers and other intruders will not be able to access your personal information or money stored on the betting site. The Responsible Gambling section of Konfambet contains tips and advice on how to behave while betting on the site. Moreover, the betting site has no ties to criminal activity and is a safe and reliable platform for gamers.


Convenience and Reliability

The website is user-friendly and pleasant to use. During registration, you'll notice that they've kept things simple and are attempting to play to their strengths. Konfambet makes it much easier for new players entering the gambling industry to understand the registration process using the most basic language easily understood.


Top Bonuses


Login problems and how to solve them


Login Problems

Registration on the betting platform is convenient and reliable as there are only a few steps required of a gamer to create and verify their accounts.

  • The password is incorrect;
  • Invalid Username;
  • No such user exists;
  • Network error.


How to Solve the Problems

Konfambet Password Reset for forgotten passwords

If you are having problems logging into your Konfambet account, you should contact Konfambet support via the contact platforms. The following are some of the most prevalent Login Issues.

  • From a desktop or mobile device, go to the Konfambet website;
  • By clicking on login, you will access the sign-in / login form;
  • On the login form, click the Forgot Your Password link;
  • To reset your Konfambet password via SMS, enter your mobile number.

Invalid Username

If you forget your password, the bookmaker gives you the option of regaining access to your account. It provides three options for doing so. The first method involves sending an SMS to reset the password, the second method requires sending an email, and the third option is resetting the password from the website. The Konfambet mobile login will only be available with the new password combination after recovery, with the old one being deleted. This option works on both desktop PCs and mobile devices.

If you've forgotten your Konfambet password or are having trouble accessing your account, we recommend that you try the password reset first before calling support by;

  • 'konfambet2022' is an example of a username with all lowercase letters;
  • There are no extra spaces between each credential or preceding it.

If you're having trouble logging in and getting the message 'Sorry Invalid login – Wrong username, please try again,' make sure you follow these steps:

Network error

And by chance, you're still getting the 'Invalid Username' error while providing the correct Username and password; you may need to erase your temporary internet files since your browser may have saved an invalid username.


Customer Support

Network problem signs include slow application and network speed, buffering downloads, and no Internet connection. There's a significant probability your network is to blame if you're having trouble performing basic Internet operations; you're most certainly dealing with a network problem if a faulty network connection prevents accessing your account.

The most prevalent network problem is File Sharing - Some programs enable users to send and receive files over the Internet via a computer-to-computer connection. These tools can waste a lot of bandwidth since they require you to download and send big files containing vast amounts of data over the Internet. This happens when a player uses Facebook to log in.

To solve this problem, one is required to have a stable or high-speed network to log in to their accounts.

Login to Konfambet Account


Konfambet’s personalised and in-depth customer support services are available to their customers 24 hours a day, all days of the week, thus, consumers do not need to become agitated if they have a problem that needs to be fixed. Customer complaints and questions can be directed to a variety of Konfambet channels. Customers can use the live chat tool, which is available to anyone.

There is also a well-designed FAQs page that already answers common concerns and queries from customers. However, if you require additional assistance, you may contact them using the following methods:

Headquarters Address: Oyo State in Nigeria.

Phone Numbers: 09087867701; 09087867702; 09087867703; 09087867704.

Email Address: [email protected]

Konfambet Website: www.konfambet.com

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