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Giorgi Nacvlishvili
29 Aug 2021

Mobile betting has taken the gambling industry by storm and a lot of sportsbooks are spending more energy on developing separate apps. It comes as no surprise because the amount of people using mobile devices has grown rapidly in recent years. Melbet online sportsbook also has an app available for customers. Let’s explore its characteristics and features.

Download Melbet Mobile App

How To Download & Install Melbet Sportsbook Mobile App?

Melbet mobile application
Melbet mobile app

Melbet sportsbook app guarantees the fastest access to sports betting. Downloading the app is supported on both Android and iOS devices. We will review the process of download and installation step-by-step.

Download Melbet Sportsbook Mobile App For Android

Downloading the Melbet mobile app on Android might seem difficult at the first glance, but it is easier than you would imagine. Here is the guide of downloading the Melbet mobile on your device:

  • Go to the Melbet’s official website;
  • At the top left corner of the main page you will see a mobile icon. Click it;
  • You will be transferred to the mobile application section. Click “Android”.
  • The alert will tell you to indicate the number of your phone;
  • SMS will be sent to your number with the apk link. Download it and the app will install automatically.

Melbet Sportsbook Mobile App System Requirements Android

The only thing that you need to take into account before downloading Melbet Android app, is to have the OS version 4.1 or above. There are no other requirements from the sportsbook’s side, but it is advised to have a newer model of a mobile phone to get the best experience and performance.

Download Melbet Android App

Download Melbet Sportsbook Mobile App For iOS

The app on iOS is available for free. Downloading the app is more complicated for iOS users, but we will explain everything clearly in our step-by-step guide:

  • Head to the Setting and click your Apple ID;
  • Select “View Apple ID”;
  • Click “Country/Region”;
  • In the “Country/Region”, select Cyprus (no other countries allowed);
  • Accept “Terms and Conditions”;
  • Fill in the information as shown in the table below;
  • Go to the “App Store”, search for Melbet and press “Get”. The app will install automatically.

Melbet Sportsbook Mobile App System Requirements iOS

To run Melbet on your iPhone you need to have the OS version 9 or higher. The majority of older iPhones will have issues with running the app, so it is recommended to have iPhone 5S or better. iPad devices are also supported.

Download Melbet iOS App

Mobile Version of Melbet Sportsbook

Mobile version of Melbet sportsbook is nice. There are no problems with the performance of the app. Customers will get the best user experience. Colours are chosen nicely, the design is minimalistic. Sections are logically interconnected with each other, and there are no extra details. The mobile version is well-optimized and does not consume a lot of cellular data.

Melbet Sportsbook Mobile App Main Features

Download Melbet Mobile App

As we talk about the Melbet mobile app, we can point out its main features:

  • User-friendliness and and interactivity;
  • Low data consumption;
  • Direct access to different sports;
  • Increased security;
  • The possibility to receive alerts.

The registration is possible on mobile devices and follows the same principles as in laptops and PCs. As for other advantages we can also mention the ease of deposits and withdrawals.

Melbet Mobile App Pros:

  1. Optimized Functionality and User-Friendliness
  2. Wide Choice of Sports
  3. Receiving updates immediately
  4. High Quality of Security

Melbet Sportsbook Mobile App Bonus

Unfortunately, Melbet sportsbook does not offer a specific bonus for downloading the app. There is no incentive for installing Melbet Mobile on your devices, however the sportsbook does offer a massive welcome bonus of up to 300 EUR. As soon as you make the first deposit, the bonus activates automatically and you do not need to enter a bonus code. The funds are subject to wagering, before the withdrawal request. 


Whether you go for the desktop or mobile version of the Melbet sportsbook you are 100% guaranteed to receive the best experience from the bookmaker. The app will allow you to have direct access to the sportsbook and grant complete control over your account. The mobile app might be slightly slower than the computer version, but you won’t be left disappointed, as the difference is really minimal.

Download Melbet Mobile App


Is a sportsbook app legal?
Yes, sportsbook apps are legal unless there are no specific laws imposed by particular countries. In order to download the Melbet app on iOS, it is essential to indicate Cyprus in Country/Region. On Android devices, you can download the app simply via SMS link.
Can you win money on sportsbook apps?
Yes, you can win money on sportsbook apps. In fact, the process of betting on mobile devices is even more simplified. The rules of betting remain the same, but mobile-friendliness saves you quite a lot of time.
How to bet on your phone?
Players who want to place bets through their phones should first log in to the account. After that, they need to check the sportsbook section, where different sports are available. Include the selections in your bet slip, place a stake and wait for the result.

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