Nairabet Registration: Sigh-Up Guide, Welcome Bonus, Problems

Nairabet, as the name suggests, is a Nigerian online sportsbook. Here, you can have access to many types of games ready for betting. Whether you are new or already an expert in betting, there is always something for you to get started. Having good customer support makes it easier to find help in case you are stuck while betting. The best part is that Nairabet is also licensed and regulated by the relevant authorities in Nigeria to ensure the safety of the funds and details of the players.

Sign-Up with Nairabet

How to Register with Nairabet

Most people find the signup process on Nairabet simple enough. Even if you have not registered on Nairabet before, the process should be simple to follow. Well, here is how you get started.

Creating an account on Nairabet
Nairabet sign up form
  1. Visit the Nairabet homepage and locate the “register button”;
  2. Click this button to access the signup form on the same website;
  3. The form has several fields that you should fill. In this case, you can decide to sign up by email or SMS. Whichever choice you pick, you have to enter your personal details to continue;
  4. Click the “register” button once you are done filling out the registration form. Further account activation details would be sent to your mobile phone or email based on the method of registration you had picked;
Sign-Up with Nairabet

Nairabet Registration Terms & Conditions

Like most sportsbooks, you may be required to consider the terms and conditions of setting up an account before getting one. Sometimes people end up violating these terms and conditions, thus leading to the closure of their accounts. So, what are some of the notable account registration terms and conditions? Here are some to keep in mind.

  1. Nairbet is likely to ask for account information verification at any time. This is to help in curbing money laundering.
  2. The sportsbook assumes that you have supplied it with the correct and verifiable information. This means you cannot open an account for another person.
  3. Customers can only have one account per person. If Nairabet finds out a person has several accounts, then all accounts can be banned from the platform.
  4. Nairabet encourages the customers to pick their usernames and passwords and keep this information confidential. Someone else having access to the information can lead to a data breach.
  5. Bettors should supply the KYC information within 7 days after it has been requested by Nairabet.

So far, you can see that they are the usual terms & conditions you would find with other sportsbooks also. 


How to Login to Nairabet

Accessing your Nairabet account
Nairabet account login

If you found the signup process simple, then the login part is even simpler.

Just as before, simply visit the Nairabet website, but click the “login” button rather than the “register” one this time around. You will see a form appearing where you enter your account details. This includes the username and password. Once all this information is filled in correctly, click the “login” button.

Sign-Up with Nairabet

What Account Adjustments Can I Make Upon Registration

One of the biggest options you would get with Nairabet would be to choose your deposit method. This makes it easier for you to deposit in the best way possible. Of course, the amount too would be adjustable so that you can have some remaining for the next betting round.


How to Make the First Deposit at Nairabet

If you already have an account, then it becomes easy to log in and deposit the funds you want to use for betting. Here is how you can make your first deposit.

Depositing into Nairabet account
Nairabet account funding
  1. Once you log in to your account, click the “Deposit” button.
  2. You will be given several options to use for depositing. We will use credit or debit card deposit as an illustration.
  3. Choose this option and fill out your card details. Enter the amount you want to deposit and process to click the “Pay” button.
  4. You will receive an OTP to your phone as a security measure. So long as the card had the money, then your account should also be funded with ease.

Go ahead to try out other methods too. Simply follow the onscreen instructions to complete the deposit process. 

Sign-Up with Nairabet

Nairabet Registration Bonus

Currently, Nairabet does not have a registration bonus. Hopefully, we hope to see that there will be changes in the bonuses soon.


Top Bonuses


Sign Up Common Problems

These problems might not always happen, but it is good to know potential solutions so that you can know how to handle them when they happen.


Nairabet website downtimes

Those providing hosting for Nairabet might have downtimes. When this happens, the website might not have full functionality. That is how you can sometimes have issues signing up for an account. You should then consider waiting until such issues are resolved by Nairabet before trying to sign up again.


Connectivity issues

Connectivity issues can arise with time probably due to ISP’s deteriorated services. If there is a problem with your internet, talk to your ISP to have it resolved before attempting to sign up again. 


Frozen mobile app

It is possible that you may consider using your mobile device to signup on Nairabet. However, you can experience a frozen mobile app at times. It could be that you do not have enough space to run it or internet connectivity issues.

If it is the internet, have it resolved before you can continue. The other option would be using your mobile device browser to access Nairabet and signup for an account.


Incorrect personal details

Sometimes you may have inputted the wrong email format or phone number thus you end up with an error. So, you always need to look at the different details that you are using and only click the register button once you have the right details in the form.

Sign-Up with Nairabet

Nairabet Overview

LicenseNational Lottery Regulatory Commission (Nigeria)
Address22, Isaac Aluko Olokun Street, Lekki, Lagos
Email[email protected]
Phone0700 6247 2238


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Also ask
Does Nairabet have a registration bonus?
Currently, Nairabet lacks a registration bonus. It might be included on the website in the future, so keep checking it out.
Can I register via a mobile app?
Nairabet has an Android app you can use to register your account. The process is just the same as you would use when registering via a desktop website.
How long does the verification process take?
It will take a couple of days for the support team to go through the documents and get back to you. Make sure everything is in the right order as requested.


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