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  • A large variety of sports;
  • Simple registration process;
  • Helpful customer support available through live chat, phone, and e-mail;
  • Higher winning odds through match and player stats;
  • Live-streaming of sports events;
  • Weekly and monthly jackpots, promotion, and other events.
  • SBA Uganda does not have a mobile application for their platform

SBA Bonuses

SBA Uganda provides users with various kinds of promotions, coupon codes, and membership programs. These not only provide you with a bonus but also chances to win free bets. 


Welcome Bonus

Users can claim a 100% Virtual Bonus on the SBA Uganda website on their very first deposit to make the bets. To avail of this offer, users simply have to Sign Up on the website.


Promo codes

The website posts various coupon and promo codes on a weekly basis which will not only provide you with free bets but also bonus cash on deposits as well.



SBA Uganda provides users with amazing promotional offers on both a weekly and monthly basis. It would provide promotions like

  • Bonus cash
  • Weekly free bets
  • 750% extra cash on combi-bets
  • Jackpots win on bets
  • Grand Tournaments and more


Loyalty Program

SBA also offers membership for the Cash Back Club where the players can earn free bets when they play more. The more the users bet, the more free bets they would earn. Users can get up to 40,000 UGX for free to make the bets.


Types of Bonuses

Bookmaker Welcome Bonus Exclusive Bonus Freebet Loyalty Program Cashback
No No No No No
30 USD No Up to 30 USD No No
100 EUR No No No No
1000 USD No No No Yes
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Mobile Sports Betting

Mobile Version

Currently, SBA Uganda is only available through the web browser, and you can access the website through any device which supports a web browser, such as smartphones, PC, Mac, or tablets. You might see a mobile app for the same in the future.


Bookmakers Comparison

Bookmaker MetaScore Bonus Margin Cash Out Live Streaming
NEW - Yes Yes
89 200 USD 5 - 7% Yes Yes
88 100 USD 2 - 2,5% Yes Yes
80 50% 7 - 10% Yes No
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SBA Review

SBA is an online sports betting platform that not only provides the highest winning odds but also other services like match analysis, player performance stats, live streaming, and more. It is a great option for people who are looking to bet on sports events and live matches. Since it is a completely legal and trusted platform in Uganda, betting on SBA Uganda is completely safe. If you are losing money on other websites while betting, then SBA Uganda is the platform you should come on. It is safe, secure, and has highly professional bookkeepers with a user-friendly experience on the website.

New games regularly updated on SBA Uganda
SBA Uganda Website

Not only that, but it also allows the users to bet on various casino games that are available on their platforms. It is also one of the most popular platforms for legalized betting on sports events like Football. Apart from betting, you can also view match statistics, pre-match analysis which helps in making the bets, live streaming of the associated sporting events, and various other promotional jackpots and games. 


Is SBA Legal and Safe?

SBA Uganda provides a betting platform for sporting events, however, the only question that arises is whether betting on SBA Uganda is legal and safe? SBA Uganda is currently one of the most popular and safest bookkeepers websites in Uganda which follows all the government norms and policies that are applicable in legal settings. SBA Uganda comprises a group of professional and experienced bookkeepers who follow all the professional norms to bet your money. Therefore, you can trust the platform completely and yes it is legal and completely safe. All the details of the users are verified with only users above 18 years of age allowed to bet after verification.

New Promotions and Bonus on SBA Uganda
SBA Uganda Bonus


SBA Features

SBA Uganda currently features a browser-based website for users for betting. They do not have a dedicated mobile app for the same, but it is expected that it will be available in the future. You can use the website on Android devices, PC or Macs. Since it is one of the most popular sports betting sites in Uganda, it provides various features to the users which makes betting easy, even for the first time.

Betting Carousel

Since SBA Uganda provides a variety of options when it comes to betting on a sports event, you can simply browse through the carousel to view a specific sport and a live sporting event under it. You can find the carousel on the home page as well as in the categories. The user interface on the website has made it easy for users to find their interested sports events almost immediately and without any difficulties.

Simple To Understand Language

One of the most difficult tasks for new users on other betting websites is to guide themselves on betting events and understand the complex language of betting. However, SBA Uganda makes it very easy for the users. The platform has all the information about betting in a more simplified manner which is very easy to understand and will guide the users on each step. SBA Uganda also provides detailed information on all betting types to avoid any kind of confusion.

Different Types of Bets and Flexibility

There are no hard betting norms on SBA Uganda. Users can select from various types of bets and select a minimum or maximum amount based on their preference. It also allows the users to cash out of the existing bet anytime they want. Therefore, the flexibility in bets allows the user to avoid any kind of losses.


Sign-Up Process for SBA

The registration or Sign-Up process in SBA Uganda is very easy and one simply has to follow the given instructions.

  • Visit the website
  • Click on the Join button on the top right
  • Enter the requested personal details like phone number, e-mail and click on the register button
  • Check for the welcome email and complete the registration
Sign Up and Registration process on SBA Uganda
SBA Uganda Registration


SBA Uganda odds, Lines & Betting Markets

With SBA.CO.UG, you can select from a wide variety of sporting events to choose from. Here is a list of all sporting events available for betting on the website.

  • Football. It is not only one of the most popular sporting events in the world, but also a favorite for users on SBA. It is one of the most sought after sports on the website for betting.
  • Tennis. Apart from football, Tennis has been a popular sporting event on the website, for which you can see pre-match analysis and make a bet according to the stats.
  • Cricket. The website also covers all international cricket events around the world and provides users to bet on the same. You can also check live scores, team stats, and live streaming of the event to make bets accordingly. You will also be able to view the stats related to players and their careers in the game.
  • Boxing. Boxing is not only an international sport but also one of the most intense as well. It is why Boxing has a huge fan base around the world. SBA covers all major boxing events globally and provides great betting odds with the entire career stats of the boxer.
  • Baseball. Baseball is one of the most popular games in the USA and has global fans as well. The website not only provides live streaming of the games, to help you make the bets but also provides details on the past performance of the team and players.
  • Ice Hockey. Another popular game across the world is Ice Hockey. SBA provides some great odds for Ice Hockey betting to try on.
SBA Uganda Host different sporting events for bets
SBA Uganda Sporting events

SBA hosts many other games for betting such as Badminton, Handball, Motorsport, Aussie Sports, NFL, Cycling, Water Polo, Golf, Volleyball, MMA, Rugby, Snooker, and a lot more. SBA covers almost all kinds of sporting events across the world and even those which are played and popular in a specific country. Therefore, there are plenty of betting options to choose from in SBA Uganda.


What Kind Of Bets Can I Place?

When it comes to betting on SBA, you have a lot of options to go for. There are different types of betting available. Some of them can be used in between the game and for some, you will have to wait for the results of the game. Betting options on SBA include

  • 1x2
  • Over and Under betting
  • Three-way handicap
  • Scores for both teams
  • Double chance
  • Two-way handicap
  • Clean sheet
  • Draw bet
  • Odd and Even
  • Total goals or score
  • Goalscorer
  • Specials and more.

Apart from the available betting options, SBA adds more betting options depending on the games and based on special promotions that are available from time to time.


SBA Live Betting and Live Streaming

SBA Uganda not only provides you with great bookkeeping services but also provides live streaming of international events from around the world. Also, while you are watching the live stream online, you can also place live bets on SBA Uganda. You will have the complete flexibility to customize the bets and withdraw them when you want. If you feel that at any point in the match you need to make a bet or withdraw a bet, you can do that as well.

Live streaming and score updates for live betting
SBA Uganda Live Betting


Banking Options


SBA deposit methods

Deposit method Processing time Maximum Deposit Minimum Deposit Fee
Airtel Instant 4,000,000 UGX 500 UGX 0%
MTN Instant 4,000,000 UGX 500 UGX 0%
Voucher 5 Minutes 4,000,000 UGX 500 UGX 0%


SBA withdrawal methods

Withdrawal method Processing time Maximum Withdrawal Minimum Withdrawal Fee
Airtel Instant 4,000,000 UGX 5,000 UGX 0%
MTN Instant 5,000,000 UGX 5,000 UGX 0%
Voucher Instant 50,000,000 UGX 5,000 UGX 0%


SBA Customer Support

If you are new to Betting on SBA Uganda and are confused about anything on the website, their professional customer service team is always ready to help you. You can contact them through chat, voice calls, and e-mail. They will provide assistance for any issue you face on the website.

Different option to connect with customer support
SBA Uganda Support



SBA Uganda is probably one of the best bookmakers websites that you will ever come across, It is why it is one of the most trusted and respected betting companies in the whole of Uganda. They have not only kept the betting system transparent but also easy for people who are new to this. With the best of winning odds and all the details required about betting, it becomes one of the safest platforms for users to bet on their favorite sports.

We would definitely recommend SBA for the ease they provide the users on the website to bet on any event. One of the best things about SBA is its complete transparency and speed with which bets and transactions take place. Therefore, if you are looking for one of the best experiences in gaming and betting online, SBA is the only platform that will not only make the experience better but will also advise you on every bet.


SBA Uganda Official Details

Established: 2003

License: Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board © Sports Betting Africa 2021

E-mail: [email protected]

Chat: 24x7

Address: Sports Betting Africa Plot 40-46, Ben Kiwanuka street 23 P.O.BOX 37599 Kampala

Headquarters: Central, Kampala



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Also ask
Is SBA Uganda legal?
Yes, SBA Uganda is completely legal and has some of the most experienced and professional bookkeepers who follow all government norms.
How to use an SBA Uganda-free bet?
You can simply log in to your account on the website and select the free bet option from there.
How to sign up for an SBA Uganda?
Simply click on the Join button on the website on the top right and follow the on-screen instructions.
How to make a deposit and cash out at an SBA Uganda?
Login to your account and click on the Deposit section.
Does SBA Uganda have a mobile app?
No, they do not have a mobile app right now.
What are the categories of sport that we can bet on?
SBA Uganda has almost all kinds of national and international sports you can bet on.
How much time does it take for withdrawals and deposits?
Both withdrawals and deposits are almost instant, as they are verified through OTP on your phone number.
How do I reset my password?
Simply click on Login on the top right of the website and then select Forgot password. Enter the OTP sent on the mobile number to reset the password.
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