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Yesplay Review

The online platforms are coming up with numerous ideas to keep oneself amused. With the high rise in internet services, banking facilities, and many more add ons, many sites actively provide users with various fields of activity. Online betting has become the most recognised time killer and is in high demand. Yesplay is one of the most well-known and renowned sportsbook brands in South Africa. Its main motto is not to be one of the best but to be the best online brand.

SA Sportsbook (Pty) Ltd. t/a Yesplay is a unique legit brand licensed by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board. The allotted bookmaker license number is 10180204-009. It supports the National Responsible Gambling Programme and is thus a licensed and legit online betting platform. Yesplay is based out of the Western Capes and offers to bet on most sporting events. After the brief overview about the online sportsbook brand of Yesplay betting brand, let us look into various other essential details about the site.


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Yesplay Pros & Cons

  • You can live stream without delay;
  • High to better and innovative betting features;
  • Numerous betting options.
  • Leaves scopes for the betterment of the odds;
  • Hurtles your financial and mental future.

Where is Yesplay legal and safe?

It is the utmost responsibility of the individual to be acknowledged in the laws of the jurisdiction, and Yesplay cannot take any responsibility under any law or jurisdiction other than that of South Africa and especially the licensing jurisdiction of the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.


Yesplay bonuses

Yesplay offers bonuses, rewards, and promotional offers to its customers. Yesplay reserves the right to refuse, grant, or exclude a customer from bonuses, offers, promotions, or rewards, or to withdraw, limit, change or suspend bonuses, promotions, or rewards any time or providing any reasons, therefore.

However, this sportsbook review mentions a welcome bonus of a 100 % deposit up to R3000.


Yesplay promotions

Yesplay changes limits per promotion. The terms and conditions for the promotions pertain to each individual, and they must be familiarised with it precisely.


Loyalty Program

Through the Loyalty Program, the betters get 10% of their losses as bonus money.


Mobile Sports Betting

App Store
Google Play
Mobile Version

You can readily download the iOS version of the Yesplay app from the app store of iOS devices.

Yesplay has an app for android users as well. You can readily install it from the Playstore.

It works reasonably, and it has very few graphic components. It makes finding the right section, championship, match, and being much easier. On the application’s main page, you can look at the necessary information on rates and find out what activities Yesplay offers for its customers. The mobile version is available for both iOS and Android users.


Yesplay sportsbook features

Yesplay sportsbook features both an app and a browser-based site and can be played on iPhones, iPads, Android devices, PCs, and Macs.

The Yesplay sportsbook offers a variety of features to its customers for its increment of their trust and loyalty.

The following are the features of Yesplay sportsbook online betting.

  • the best odds, lines and predictions that make your betting experience most unprecedented;
  • a large variety of sports for online betting;
  • feature of Live-in play;
  • incredible offers, promotions and offers on online betting.


Help centre

The customer support is very responsive and responsible on the Yesplay website. If you are faced with any issues, feel free to contact them whenever the need arises.


Yesplay odds, lines, and betting markets

Yesplay offers a wide range of all major sports, including your favourite sports like rugby, cricket, and soccer. In addition to that, you can place your bets on tennis, boxing, baseball, golf, volleyball, and MMA. The offer is solid but not extensive. The site is currently lacking horse racing and other sports such as F1. Efforts are being made to expand it soon.


Bookmakers Comparison

Bookmaker MetaScore Bonus Margin Cash Out Live Streaming
NEW - Yes
89 200 USD 5 - 7% Yes Yes
88 100 USD 2 - 2,5% Yes Yes
80 50% 7 - 10% Yes No
Add Bookmaker


Sports betting options

The following are the sports options available at Yesplay for online sports betting.

  • Soccer;
  • Tennis;
  • Volleyball;
  • Ice Hockey;
  • Basketball;
  • Rugby Union;
  • Cricket;
  • Boxing;
  • ESports;
  • Handball;
  • Mixed Martial Arts;
  • Rugby League.


What kinds of bets can I place?

The following are the types of bets that you can place in Yesplay.

  • Bet games;
  • Casino games;
  • Live sports;
  • Sports betting.

Yesplay sportsbook live betting and Livestream

Live Betting is fast and exciting and also offers some additional betting options. And YesPlay provides live in-play betting on selected sports, including soccer, tennis, or basketball. Therefore, you can get into the action and place bets while the event has already started.


Yesplay sportsbook sign-up process

YеsРlаy has the simplest registration рrеss among all of the modern sports books in the Rерubliс оf Sоuth Аfriса. All that is required is a valid рhоnе numbеr tо gеt stаrtеd:

  1. Gо tо thе оffiсiаl Yesplay website;
  2. Ta on thе Sign-Up icon оn thе tор-right соrnеr оf thе hоmераgе;
  3. Enter your valid phone number and follow the instructions;
  4. You will then be asked to еntеr yоur реrsоnаl ID аnd оthеr dеtаils to соmрlеtе thе trаnsасtiоn. If you have accounts with Google or Fасеbооk, the app allows signing uр wіth а sіnglе-сlісk viа thеsе ассоunt. This is not rесоmmеnded bесаusе thеn it dоеs not allow уоu tо gеt а рlаtfоrm-sресifiс раsswоrd. So it is better to sign up with a phone number.

Yesplay customer support

The contact details of the Yesplay helpline is


Official Info

  • Website:;
  • Established: In Cape Town;
  • License:10280204-009;
  • Address: 80 Strand St, Cape Town, 8001;
  • Headquarters: South Africa;
  • Sponsor Deals: CDP Gaming Technologies;


Yesplay is a safe online betting sportsbook site. The promotions offered and bonuses that it has offered are incredible. The predictions and the line of odds one receives from Yesplay automatically enhance the betting experience.

It is a safe, legal and licensed site for all the passionate betters who find leisure in betting and to make their leisure time more enjoyable, Yesplay has the best features. The large variety of sports and the feature of live-in betting makes its quality of elevating the betting experience even better.

It provides excellent betting experiences across all devices. The reward policy doesn’t stop offering you new offers and maintains the customers’ interests. It keeps you updated with the game even when you are not playing it. So now, it is your turn to sign up and enjoy the betting game.


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Also ask
How to use a Yesplay freebet?
The investment of 15 African rands offers 20 bets, i.e. five free bets.
How to make a deposit and cash out at Yesplay?
A deposit and a cash-out can be made through the bank account registered while signing up.
Does Yesplay sportsbook have a mobile app?
Yes, yesplay sportsbook has a mobile app for both Android and iOS.
Is there a Welcome Bonus?
Yes, new players get a bonus of a 100 % deposit up to R3000.
Is there a Cash Out option?
No sufficient information on the official website.
Is there an option of Live Stream?
There is an option of Live-in in Yesplay.
What is the minimum deposit?
For - FNB: R110 - EFT and ATM deposits: R100 - Nedbank, Standard Bank, ABSA: R20
Is there an application for iPhone/Android?
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