October 23, 2015
Computerworld Hong Kong

As part of efforts to build an open ICT developer ecosystem

August 20, 2014

US court finds companies must reimburse workers for work use of personal mobiles

June 20, 2014
CommunicAsia Show Daily

Wearable tech and M2M are expected soon to cause even greater waves of disruption

June 17, 2014
CommunicAsia Show Daily

With focus on managing and installing SSL certificates in browsers

February 06, 2014
Networks Asia

But this is leaving them open to greater security risks: IHS

October 23, 2013

Young employees contravene company policies on restricting use of own devices

July 15, 2013

Best Buy enlists Cisco Services to validate mobile network, taking its "work anywhere" initiative to next level

July 15, 2013

Cisco and its partners can deliver business value for your mobility initiative with smart services and solutions for

June 11, 2013
Telecom Asia

Sheer demand for mobile technology outweighs the need for a measurable business case, but culture will determine BYOD

May 06, 2013
Enterprise Innovation

CIOs increasingly expect to stop providing work devices: Gartner

April 26, 2013

Provide heterogeneous support to an ever-increasing range of mobile devices

April 03, 2013

BYOD drove the rise of BlackBerry, but now it's working to sink the platform

March 13, 2013

Smartphones, tablets being relegated to thin clients in the name of security

March 06, 2013
Asia Cloud Forum

Cloud security, BYOD, and social networking are major concerns

January 23, 2013
Asia Cloud Forum

Monetization of data seen in the next 12 months