Artificial intelligence earned the first million. It sold its pictures

Alisa Barladyan
28 Dec 2021
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Artificial intelligence rights have not yet been regulated, but the neural network is wasting no time. While usual artists struggle to get recognized, AI is doing much better. It monetizes its abilities, following modern trends. Due to it, the educable algorithm managed to earn its first million dollars.


NFT auctions and сrypto voting

The IA algorithm Botto has saved a fair amount of money. It creates unique paintings by generating images.

The community of admirers supports neural networks art. It includes the cryptocurrency owners of the same name as the AI. Botto coins can be purchased or exchanged. Their number affects the way users can participate in the fate of the algorithm.

The project patrons determine the direction and quality of Botto's works. They also choose the paintings worthy of going to the auction. The neural network has quite strict judges. The machine produces about 300 art pieces per day, but only some of them appear in the court of the public. The machine depicts more than 2,000 paintings per week. The commission selects 350 of them and publishes them. Then the best work is chosen from this amount.


The creation of a picture has several stages. First, the algorithm generates random words and phrases. They contain the meaning of future work.

A picture is formed from the resulting combination. However, this is not the end. Artificial intelligence determines whether the resulting image corresponds to the content. If the picture does not cover all the words, the AI re-paints it. The CLIP algorithm is in charge of that. It analyzes the connection between text and image and formulates a perfect title. Out of all the possible combinations of two words, the most suitable one is chosen.

Another neural network makes the summary of the pictures. The GPT-3 algorithm writes several abstract poems. The project administrators choose the most convenient text. These are the lines that describe the electronic image most accurately.

The best painting of the week goes to the auction. It is sold as the NFT token. So far, six works made by Botto have been sold. The neural network's style is supposed to improve with time. But in fact, the trend quickly became boring to the public. The cost of paintings decreased almost fourfold. The last art piece by Botto was sold for only $80,000.

Auctions take place on the SuperRare platform. It takes a percentage of the algorithm's revenue. The rest goes to finance artificial intelligence. The total revenue of the machine was a million dollars. Thus, the IA has become a millionaire by its creativity. We can only be jealous.


Neural networks in the art

The works of the AI algorithms are rather mediocre. Their form and design are secondary. It is inevitable, as the machines are taught on the real masterpieces. But common human artists are not always gifted. Humanity is not a guarantee of the author's style.

While AI in art remains a fresh topic, it is attracting attention. The neural networks are used to write songs and develop video games. The algorithm has recently published Beethoven's Symphony No. 10. And singer Grimes works at the AI band.

A month ago, Google issued a fun app called Arts and Culture. It helps users find the twins of their pets. They have to upload a picture of the pet to the search engine. The neural network will find a similar creature on the famous art pieces.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most multi-potential inventions. It is equally relevant for earning and for entertainment. What future will it have? It depends on the imagination of those who use it.

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