N8 - cool hardware, shame about software

N8 - cool hardware, shame about software

Michael Carroll  |   October 18, 2010
The arrival of the first batch of Nokia N8s last week was an almost immediate anti-climax, as reviewers universally criticized the Symbian ^3 operating system.
Nokia has a lot riding on the N8 – arguably its entire smartphone future.
The unit is the first commercial device running the new Symbian ^3 operating system, and is meant to spearhead Nokia’s fightback against Apple’s iPhone and an increasing spread of Android-powered smartphones.
Nokia’s smartphone market share fell from 51% in 2Q09 to 41% in 2Q10, according to Gartner.
The N8 ticks the box of feeling better built than the iPhone, according to Financial Times columnist Chris Nuttall, who praised the unit for feeling solid and light.
However, he said the ^3 software is “still lacking,” despite the addition of multi-touch and a boost in multi-tasking speeds.
Perhaps crucially, Nuttall said moving between home screens “is not intuitive,” a serious black mark compared to the uber-smooth iPhone.
Reviews in the US, where the firm has never had a hit device, have been particularly cutting. Bloomberg’s Rich Jaroslovsky called the N8 “an awfully sweet little camera.”
While Jaroslovsky rated the N8’s hardware, he said it doesn’t touch the iPhone 4 or leading Android devices from Motorola and HTC in terms of software.


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