Susie the pig predicts result of upcoming Euro 2020 match

Alisa Barladyan
11 Jun 2021
Susie the pig predicts the result of upcoming EURO 2020 match

Susie, the pig, sniffed out the outcome of the upcoming England-Croatia Euro 2020 match with a win for England! Susie is one of the psychic animals that we wrote about in our article. She lives at her home farm in Newcastle-upon-Thyne.

When faced with a choice of buckets with different flag options or a draw, the clever pig chose the England bucket. The pig got a hundred percent record so far. She loves football, and fans are fully confident that Susie will get her predictions right. She gets a lot of visitors lately. However, this is what happens when you are a celebrity.

Her hobbies include: eating, sleeping, rolling in the mud, and kicking her football around in her yard.

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