Sapphirebet 50% Bet Insurance Bonus

Insurance on your bet sounds pretty exciting. Well, with Sapphirebet it is perfectly possible. Sign up for the platform and find out more!

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About the Bonus

With Sapphirebet, anyone can fully or partially insure their stake. Insurance is a for-profit service. The cost of insurance is determined by the current odds of a specific event. Customers can either insure 10, 30, or 50% of the bet. If you are interested in more details, simply keep reading. 


How to participate?

  • Have an active account on Sapphirebet;
  • Make bets;
  • Insure them - the platform will take care of the rest.

How to get the bonus?

In order to participate in this offer, logically you will need to have an account on Sapphirebet, otherwise, it will be impossible for you to ensure the bets. However, insurance costs money - For instance, if you make a 10 euro bet (odds of 1.5) and ensure it by paying 5 euro to the platform, there are two possible outcomes. Either you win and get 15 euro, or lose and still get your original bet.

Sapphirebet 50% Bet Insurance Bonus
Sapphirebet 50% Bet Insurance Bonus

Wagering Conditions

  • The cost of insurance may fluctuate in response to changes in the odds;
  • The total sum of all purchased insurances cannot exceed 100% of the wager;
  • Only individuals that are 18 years or older can insure their bets.
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