The Common Mistakes Sports Bettors Should Avoid

Alisa Barladyan
01 Apr 2022

Betting is not a walk in the park with a toddler or a friend. Rather it is a serious business that demands consistency and determination for some time. You may think of it as serious as losing weight which demands constant workouts and diet plans to follow. Although, in the case of betting, the ideology is to increase the corpus as many times as possible.

Coming back to the example, it is not enough to have a diet plan to follow. You also need to know what to include, when to avoid certain items and when is the best time for some other activities, to get the maximum results of your investment. On similar lines, you need to keep a track of the activities of sports betting as well and avoid common mistakes. You have to be aware of what you can bet upon and how much.

Stating this, we have curated a list of common sports betting mistakes that you should avoid. You may also want to get a pad and a paper and take note of the actions that can cause you to lose money.

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Sports betting mistakes to avoid

Lets’ go through the exclusive guide one by one and make the best of sports betting decisions;

Double-check your betting slips

Well done! you have successfully placed a bet and got hold of that to be an award-winning slip. Just to be sure, is it the betting slip you requested?

Consider placing a bet like booking a movie ticket, wherein you specify the rows, number of seats and timing as per your convenience. But what if the agent at the booking counter misheard you? What if you made an unconscious wrong selection when booking it through an online platform like Betway? Once, the money is paid, you barely have a chance to get it corrected.

Imagine, something like this happening with your betting slip. It can be horrifying, to say the least.

Therefore, whenever you have placed a bet, always check the details before confirming that pact. The best practice would be to check it again after placing the bet and ensure the money rolls in after the win.

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Stick to your bankroll

Another troublesome mistake that punters or players make is that they either don’t have bankroll management or they don’t stick to it. A bankroll management’s sole purpose is to distribute your money as per the requirements.

Now, it might be possible that you want to bet on a lower value than your usual. But you end up doing the opposite and being out of luck, you lost on your bet. This is a common scenario and mistake that many people make while betting or gambling.

Therefore, it is important to have bankroll management that helps you to keep a track of your money, its flow and save you from avoidable expenses at the table.

Calculate better on Parlays

 It is of great importance in the world of sports betting for you to know what can you bet on. From players, tournaments, odds - you need to get hold of all kinds of numbers. The same goes for parlays, happening at sportsbooks as well as in-person arrangements.

Parlays offer higher returns for a smaller bet of say $1000-2000. While this amount is of significance to you as an individual better, the associated risk can come down if 2 or more people come together and help you for a single bet. This bet at a Parlay can offer returns of say up to $2500. Of course, the profits will divide accordingly and the same applies to losses as well.

Referring to incorrect statistics

Statistics are one of the many important parameters that you have to take into account before placing a bet. Whenever you are placing a bet with an established association, they may offer you a mini-guide or support on what can you bet on. However, these are different ways to get hold of your attention and get you started with them.

You have to be highly careful here and listen to what you are being told. They may show you facts and numbers as stats and tell you to win easily. But in reality, you may lose your money and the person may sweep out saying - it happens in betting.

Hence, always verify the stats and go through them, or else these numbers are going to cost you your assets.

Go for profits not losses

This may sound something obvious, but still, it is one of the common sports betting mistakes. Often people like you make use of betting to win some easy money with the knowledge that it can be lost as well.

Yet when losses occur, people lose their original agenda and go after covering the losses in a short span of time. This may work for a handful of people but the majority better repeat their mistakes and incur higher losses;

Therefore, don’t think that betting is the only way to recover your money and turn it into a habit.

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Learn it step by step

The world of sports betting is gaining more followers with every passing day. But another fact is that it is going to take a while to understand it completely. This means you have ample time to learn the tricks, from your mistakes and from someone else’s mistake too.

The key is patience. It doesn’t matter whether you are in your 20s or even your late 50s. Remember to top up your game in steps.

Be practical

There are different ways to make money and gambling in sports is not going to make you a fortune. Well, at least not in the short run. You’ll have to be consistent, a learner and cracking amazing bets as well.

It would be wrong to say that betting can make you a billionaire in a matter of a few days. Instead, you may lose your money if not doing it wisely. So keep in mind to have a practical approach and expectation. You may get started with platforms like bet9ja and get started with the games you know well and a team that can guide you if needed.

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Always bet sound

It is not advisable to indulge in a bet if you are intoxicated or feeling emotional. If by any chance, you are not in your sound state of mind, it is best to stay away from the betters table. As a matter of fact, the chances of you converting a bet are very less if you are distracted for any reason.

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Going table to table

It may seem like good thinking but it is actually not. Unless you’ve spent years playing all types of games and have learned of the new and old trends. While the idea may sound tempting but you may end up digging a hole of lost cause money. Websites like Bet365 offer their users to place bets on a variety of games. Even then it is your responsibility to analyze the game and decide how well can the stats and odds help you out to place a winning bet; If you lack the guide to do so for a game, it is better advised to skip betting on it.

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Consistency is necessary

If you are spending your time, money and energy on this, then make sure you are doing it habitually. This is important if you have some kind of expectations with the income you can make from sports betting and its trends. Unless you are someone who just wants to do it because of some peer pressure or for the sake of getting to know it.

But if you are serious about this, it is better to come up with a flow.

Falling for automation

Not many of you may know of it but there are automated systems as well in the era of sports betting. These systems are programmed to tell you the best bets for the current situation. However, there’s no guarantee of these systems being 100% correct, especially for bets and punters.

It may look easy but trusting a machine to get you the best bet every time is not a smart move. You can definitely see it as a guide but there are different ways to predict the success of a bet.

Cursing your luck

It may happen some time or someday that things are not going your way but this doesn’t mean you have to play the blame game. There can be a series of sports betting mistakes, given the nature of this business.

In any case, bad-mouthing your luck for entire losses is not a great attitude if you wish to sustain yourself in this area. You have to accept that you made a bad bet and learn from what went south.

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Using the wrong platforms

There are all kinds of players involved in betting. You need to be cautious with whom you are doing business. Just the way an employer does background verification, you should also spend some time trying o figure out where you should conduct your business. This is among the beginner’s checklists to help them get the max of your betting luck.

For reference, here’s a quick guide to some of the well-known sportsbook websites:

Platform nameMobile app availabilityWelcome bonus
22BetYesYes - 100% of the deposit value
Bet9jaYesYes - 100% of the deposit value
Bet365NoYes - Free Bet
BetwayYesYes - INR 2500

Other unhealthy mistakes

While the above-mentioned traits are fairly common among betters, people do turn the odds in their favor with time and learning. Apart from these, people also get involved in betting over favorite teams or players even if they are not in their best form. Sometimes, as a courtesy of beginners luck, people like you and me can make profits at an early stage. This may also give you a sense of overconfidence and make you lose more than you earned.


We can understand if you were excited to get started with sports betting and were looking for some guide to get onboard. It may happen that with these many things to keep in mind, your excitement level might not be the same as before. But believe us, we want you to make a sound decision and only profits. We do hope that you’ll be making some good bets as and when you get started knowing the things to avoid.

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