Football Coupon: Guide on How to Fill a Betting Coupon

Alisa Barladyan
01 Apr 2022

Filling a football betting coupon should not be a significant task; for beginners who are new to coupons and how it works, this guide is for you. 

What is a betting coupon?

A betting coupon is a slip that you have to fill out, and with it, you can place a wager on an event or a soccer game. As we delve in, we will look at football betting coupons, more accurately, a betting coupon lists the outcome of games or matches offered by a bookmaker. 

A screenshot of the William Hill coupon page with different coupons
An image of the William Hill page
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Types of betting coupons

To those familiar with betting vouchers, the famous coupon of them all is the football pools coupon. Coupons of recent have been made to make betting straightforward. However, most coupons are reserved for soccer games. The type of coupons adopted by a gambling company depends on the firm. These types include;

  • Uk Matches;
  • International Matches;
  • Goal in Both Halves;
  • Correct Score;
  • Both Teams to Score;
  • Match Result;
  • European Matches;
  • Over/Under Goals;

There are other betting coupons, but that depends on the platform your place your bet. Additional wager might include over/under in their coupon, and others might not; it differs based on the gambling site. The famous types of football coupons are;

  • Football match result coupons;
  • Both teams should score coupons;
  • Over or under goal coupons;
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Football match result coupons

Under this coupon, bettors are expected to pick how the match ends either a win to the home team or otherwise to the away team. It requires the bettor to decide if the game will end in a draw or a goalless game.

Online coupons save the customers from digging through other coupons individually to find the bet they want. It depends on the bookmakers as to the coupons they make available. This is what is available at most betting companies.

Home winsBankers couponMidweek QuickslipMatch Odds, and BTTS
Home wins first halveAway wins First halvesCorrect scoreTelevised coupons
English MatchesScottish MatchesSpanish MatchesGermany Matches
French Matches

Italian Matches

Weekend MatchesEuropean Matches
A picture of the William hill betting page showing the arrow pointing at the coupons for the home and away teams.
An image of the William hill betting age.

Both teams should score coupons

It is clear from this type of coupon that the meaning can be derived from its dictionary meaning; there is no need for further clarification. However, if both teams score and the bettor has placed a bet on both teams should score; if possible, the goal line should be 1-2; the coupon selected is therefore won. The bettor that likes this wins the bet. Here is a table illustrating this type of coupon.

Both teams to scoreBankers couponMidweek QuickslipMatch Odds and BTTS
BTTS in first halvesGoal in First halvesGoal in first HalveTwo goals in 15 minutes
English MatchesSpanish MatchesScottish MatchesGermany Matches
Italian MatchesFrench MatchesWeekend MatchesEuropean Matches
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Over ot under goal coupons

Over or under coupons are used to make predictions for goals, corners, red cards, fouls, and saves. You make predictions that the goals in such will exceed 5, you select over 4.5 goals, in that way, you have won the bet. They also have a fixed odd football coupons. You can also make predictions for yellow cards and fouls of both teams or the home or away team. Here is a bet coupon available on the Betpawa webpage on over or under-goal coupons. 

The betpawa page shows odds and coupons for over/under goal scoreline
the Betpawa webpage

Steps to fill an online coupon

To fill an online football betting coupon, you need to consider the platforms and the available coupons. Here is a guide on how to fill in your online football coupons;

  • Open the bookmaker's online webpage;
  • Open an account if you don’t have one yet;
  • Click on the football page on the website or mobile app;
  • Select the coupon you want to place your bet on;
  • Select multiple or single bet;
  • Choose the odds on the coupons Place your wager.

Steps to fill an offline football betting coupon

Different bookmakers have shops or branches where bettors can place their bets; others prefer online while some prefer offline. While any of both is convenient for everyone, some love to have discussions with other bettors on what coupon to place a bet on. Don’t forget that anyone below 18 is not allowed to bet in Europe and other countries. 

  • First, get to a betting shop closer where you can place a bet;
  • Some shops have the games and coupons on a shelf or attached to a board, pick the paper where the games and coupons are;
  • Skim through the bet slip and select the coupons of your choice;
  • Writer them out in a clean sheet of paper with your selected coupons and code, this code is used to identify the teams playing;
  • You can also tick if that is available at the shop, if not, proceed by writing out the codes;
  • Hand it to the cashier, he/she will input your codes and coupons. Make sure to confirm with the monitor to ensure the games are accurately inputted before they are placed.
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Do bookmakers only offer Football Coupons, or are there coupons on other sports?
No, they have coupons for other sports, and it applies to other sports like basketball, golf, iRacing, etc.
Do I need a registration to the bookmaker platform to fill in and place an offline betting coupon?
Before you can access other coupons on William Hill, you have to register, and this applies to every other bookmaker. However, you can see the home win or away win coupons but you can’t place a bet.
Are Football Coupons available on every online bookmaker platform?
It is a probability thing as we are not sure if it exists on all bookmakers' websites. Most bookmakers feature football coupons, and that’s the best answer to this.
Do odds or bet boosts apply for Football coupons?
As each platform boosts bets and odds, some don’t, as each match is not an apportioned boost on odds and bets.
Can I place an Accumulator bet with the Football Coupons offered by the bookmaker?
Of course, you are allowed to place an accumulator bet with football coupons offered by a bookmaker.
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