Download & Install Unibet App for Android and iOS 2022

Unibet understands the importance of having a good mobile app for its players. Since more bettors love using their mobile devices, Unibet has done a good job tapping into that traffic and ensuring the players have the right app for it. Looking at its mobile app, we find that users enjoy betting with it, thanks to the sleek design and security. You would feel like using the usual Unibet website only in a form that works great on mobile devices.

Download Unibet Mobile App

How To Download & Install Unibet Mobile App?

Downloading the Unibet mobile app is simple. Since it is readily on the website, you should find it easy to get done and start playing. Below, we look at downloading and installing the Unibet mobile app on both Android and iOS devices.


Download Unibet Mobile App For Android

Here is the process to follow when downloading and installing the Unibet mobile app.

  1. Visit the Unibet website from the Android device
  2. You should see a tab named “Apps” on the top menu. Click this tab to access the mobile app
  3. Under this tab, there will be several apps available. Focus on the betting apps to access the Android and iOS apps
  4. Click the Android app link to start the download
  5. Once the app is downloaded, tap it and follow instructions from the installation screen to finish the process. It takes mostly a few minutes to have it set up right


System requirements for Unibet Android app

Author Unibet
Operating System Android 3.1 or later
Adobe Flash Player 10.1 or later
Category Sports
Size 13MB
Age rating 21+
Language English
Unibet Sign-Up
Unibet Sign-Up
Download Unibet Mobile App

Download Unibet Mobile App For iOS

Unibet also has an iOS app you can use for devices such as iPhone, iPad, and more. Here is the right process to follow to download the app and install it.

  1. Just as before, visit the Uniber homepage on your iOS device
  2. Access the “Apps” tab and navigate to the betting apps
  3. You should see the iOS app under this category
  4. Go ahead to click the link to be redirected to App Store to start the download
  5. Tap on the file, and it will be installed on your device
  6. Once the installation is done, simply log into your Unibet account and start betting as before


iOS system requirements for iOS device

Author Unibet
Operating System iOS 10.9 or later
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Price Free
Size 40.1 MB
Age rating 17+
Language English

Unibet Mobile Version

In case you are not interested in installing the app, then there is the option of using the Unibet Mobile version. This is the website you see when accessing Unibet with a mobile device. This website is mostly easier to load since it is made to be suitable for mobile phones.

Do not worry about odds since it is the same website as the standard website, only that it works better with mobile devices. You may get more people using such a website as it helps them browse Unibet while on the move or even when they have slow internet connectivity.

Those who might not have enough space to install the Unibet mobile app would still find this a great choice. So, go ahead and give it a try.


Unibet Old Mobile App