Babylon's Fall By Bayonetta Authors - On The Edge Of Fail And Excellency

Alisa Barladyan
13 Jan 2022
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We've known PlatinumGames studio for a long time for its big releases. The team produced such titles as Nier Automata and all three parts of the Bayonetta game. Recently, PG has been busy with a new project called "invisible" on the Internet. Babylon's Fall title appeared in the news a couple of months ago. The developers posted another trailer or more screenshots. The announcement was heavily criticized, and PlatinumGames kept silent until the next time. But now, the vicious circle is finally broken. It became known that the game was finished. What is the game like, is it worth waiting for, and why is Babylon's Fall being hated on the Internet? Let's find all that out in this article.

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Babylon`s Fall
Babylon`s Fall

Graphics For PS3

Babylon's Fall is a third-person action game with RPG elements. According to the plot, the majority of the Babylon inhabitants disappeared. The few survivors gain mystical powers thanks to a certain artefact. Its name is the Gideon Sarcophagus. Those who are under its power can become lords of the city.
The player's goal is to conquer the Tower of Babel. You will be fighting against opponents, the same Chosen Ones. Moreover, you can do that either alone or in a team. Cooperation mode in Babylon's Fall can host up to four people. Have to resist a new civilization that appeared on the ruins of the old world. Treasures are hidden under the ruins. The person who is the first to seize the relic will become the ruler of the new empire.
PlatinumGames promises unique combat mechanics. The player will be able to develop an individual battle style. Warrior's skills depend on their equipment. You can take up to four kinds of weapons with you. So the game is built according to the standard scheme—the inexhaustible topic of fantasy in the Middle Ages multiplied by the elaboration of combat tactics. In the end, you'll get great glory, the mysteries of creation, and trumpets.
From the synopsis, it is already clear that we should not expect outstanding content. The cool mechanics and graphics could have saved the unimpressive storyline. But even here, PlatinumGames is a mess. To be more precise, that's the weakest part of the game. Babylon's Fall visuals caused a storm of discontent that the developers had to fix the graphics in a rush. It did not help much. Users make jokes that the game's appearance is quite holding the standard... If the standard is considered to be PS3.
There is more pain because of the failure of the "new" games than the failure of the large series' sequels. Original ideas have been lacking lately. The market is mostly filled with remasters, DLC and new sequels to popular stories. They are often failures. But there is much more power invested than in standalone stories. Babylon's Fall is not an exception in this sense.

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Going For Gold And A Huge Price

Anyway, recently the developers announced that the game is finished. It appeared to be considered gold, and the release date was finally confirmed. The game will be released on the third of March. It will be available on PC, PS4, and PS5.
The team working on the game was not in a rush to go home. The team is already working on the first patch. It is worth recognizing PlatinumGames. They are very attentive to the gamers' feedback. The game still has a chance to become something decent. But there is a very small chance for that.
Even if Babylon's Fall release is still two months away, the users are already pretty displeased. There's a good reason for that. The game's publishers Square Enix suddenly inflated the price of the game. The price rose almost twice, and it happened in most countries. It is now possible to pre-order the action game for sixty-six USD. Before that, the price remained at thirty-three USD. The reasons for such a sudden price increase were not mentioned.
Network users complain that the time of elite gameplay has come. A weak project for sixty-six USD is a doubtful pleasure. Babylon's Fall will almost certainly come out as a mediocre one. This game should not dream about the success of NieR or Bayonetta. Therefore, it is better not to buy it for the full price. Those who are interested can always wait for discounts.

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