Chopper About Team Spirit, Career Start And Future Plans

Alisa Barladyan
10 Dec 2021

Professional CS:GO player Leonid Vishniakov told about Team Spirit, his career start and his plans for the future.

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Leonid Vishniakov

— Tell us a little bit about yourself: where are you from, and how did you get acquainted with games?

– My name is Leonya. I play under the nickname chopper. I was born and raised in Kurgan. Now I live in Moscow. When I was five years old, a friend from my neighbourhood called me to go to a computer club, where he played CS 1.5 or CS 1.6. This is how I got acquainted with the game.

— What was going on at the beginning of your career? What was your first stack?

– A lot was going on in the beginning. I tried to break into 1.6, started playing thoroughly sometimes, like at the end of 2008. There were the first teams from the communities and teams from a school. There was even a school tournament in our town in which I participated. Then the teams were connected to the Kurgan community. In CS:GO, my first stack was with Sanja taifun. I don't remember the rest of my teammates. We took those who could play a lot and tried to make our way somewhere.

— How did you get into Fluffy Gangsters?

– I got into Fluffy Gangsters after a split in the Quest team, and we decided to disband. I think Vova ROBO called me to play with them.

— At the end of 2016, the Vega Squadron lineup emerged. How did you come together? What were your goals?

– The Vega Squadron came together after the team split too. At that time, I was playing in the ANox or Noksukao team. The teammates were mir, jR, hitMouse, and DERZKIY. After DERZKIY and hitMouse didn't want to continue with us, we decided to invite our old teammates: keshandr and hutji. That's how the Vega Squadron was formed.

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— At that time, you were playing very well while surprising the fans and the whole pro scene. Also, you made it to PGL Krakow. How did you reach it, and what were you thinking about?

– We played a lot, tried to be more than a team. We didn't have any experienced players, but through constant practice, we progressed. It was a cool experience.

— How did your signing to Spirit go? Who was a candidate for a place on the team except for you?

– My contract with Vega Squadron finished, and I wrote to Diman Sotf1k asking if they needed + or not. I do not know whom else they tested except for me, but I was told that I fit, and they called me to play with them.

— Six months after you came, they signed mir. Was that your initiative?

– Both yes and no. In general, that idea belongs to Kolya Certus. I knew how tough Kolya could play, and I wanted to play with him. That's why I supported the coach.

— After two years of playing in the team, your lineup broke up. What was the main reason for that?

— The main reason is that our results were getting worse all year long only. Initially, it seemed like we were missing just a little bit. Then the dissatisfaction got bigger and bigger. The lack of results, the understanding of the need to change the lineup and the whole idea led to the disbanding.

— Many people say that you left the team just because you left it. Is this true?

– I don't know. We had 1x1 conversations. Therefore, it is better to find out the answer to this question from Kolya or the organization.

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— What are your goals and plans for late 2021 and early 2022?

– At the end of 2021, I want to rest and start building a team. In 2022 I plan to create a team and try to achieve my goal: to win the majors.

— If it's no secret, tell us about any interesting offers from organizations you've declined?

– I never received invitations from organizations. Before, a team player would write and call me for a test. But now, there is no such thing. You have to prove everything again.

— What's your opinion on continuing flamie's career? What will happen to him?

– I don't follow Egor. He's a good player, and if he's willing and enthusiastic, he'll do well.

— Highlight three free young talents from the CIS.

– I didn't see free guys because many young players are on contract at the academies or are already in teams. I want to highlight Patsi, Raijin and SugaR, as they surprised me in the mixes. But they're not free agents anymore.

— Make your personal top 5 teams at the moment.

— Natus Vincere; G2 Esports; Gambit Esports; Team Vitality;

— If not cybersports, where would you go?

– So far, I see myself in cybersports only. There are goals that I haven't achieved, and I need to fix that.

— Whom do you see yourself in ten years from today?

— I want to win a couple of majors, create my era with the team, and then work in this sphere. Trying to pass my experience to the young.

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