Top 20 best films about hackers and programmers

Alisa Barladyan
07 Mar 2022

We’re presenting you a selection of films about hackers, programmers, and computer geniuses that everyone should watch. This article is about the best flickers of recent years in these topics.

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The Matrix

“TRON: Legacy”

  • Kinopoisk rating — 6.9/10;
  • Imdb rating - 6.8 / 10;
  • Year of issue - 2010;
  • Country: USA;
  • Directed by Joseph Kosinski;
  • Genre - fantasy, adventure, action;
  • Running time is 125 minutes/02:05.


Tron: Legacy is a sequel to Tron (1982) directed by Steven Lisberger. The picture continues the story of the virtual world, where Kevin Flynn got in. However, now the main character was his 27-year-old son - Sam Flynn. He accidentally gets hit by a laser that digitizes him and sends him into the cyber universe.

Once in a new world, the hero gets into trouble. He was forced to participate in gladiator fights to the death. Sam very quickly was able to understand the rules of the virtual world - this helped him stay alive. Later, the hero comes to Clu (corrupt ruling program), which turned out to be a cyber-clone of his father. Sam learns that Clu rules this world and wants to take over the portal to the real world.

In the cyber universe, Sam meets all sorts of people. First, he is rescued by a girl named Quorra, and later he meets Zyus, the owner of the End of the Line Club. Whether the hero will be able to get out into the real world, you will find out when viewing.

Reasons to watch Tron: Legacy

  • The special effects in the film can easily compete with the films of 2022. The costumes and virtual scenery are well done, and the blue lighting on the characters and objects is pleasing to the eye. The world of Tron is filled with cold and cozy futurism;
  • The authors of the film managed to logically continue the story without departing from the original. The protagonist is faced with many of the situations that his father found himself in. Thanks to this, the sequel retained the spirit of the first part;
  • Soundtrack. The musical accompaniment fits into the setting of the story and conveys the mood of the film. For example, the duet Daft Punk plays here.
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The Matrix

  • Kinopoisk rating - 8.5/10;
  • Imdb rating - 8.7 / 10;
  • Year of issue - 1999;
  • Country — USA, Australia;
  • Directed by Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski;
  • Genre - fantasy, action movie;
  • Running time is 136 minutes/02:16.


The plot tells us about Thomas Anderson, who works as a programmer in a large company. But this is all just a cover. In fact, the hero is a hacker under the pseudonym Neo. One day he receives a mysterious message: "You are mired in the Matrix." After some time, the hero finds himself in a nightclub, where he meets a hacker girl named Trinity. She tells him about the Matrix, and only her boss Morpheus is able to fully reveal the secret of it.

The day after that, agents started hunting for Neo. They catch the hero and interrogate him, since Morpheus is a terrorist. They later release Anderson by bugging him. The hero wakes up in his room and realizes that it was not a dream. Afterwards, he meets with Morpheus, who reveals to Neo the truth about the Matrix.

Morpheus offers Neo blue and red pills. If he ate the blue one, he would wake up at home and forget about everything. The red one will open the hero's eyes to what’s really happening around. Neo chooses the latter and finds himself in a ruined world that is sadly real. It turns out that before that the hero lived in an illusion created by a supercomputer that enslaved humanity.

Reasons to watch The Matrix

  • The film has greatly influenced the cinema of the 21st century, marking the beginning of many franchises. And in 2022, you can notice a lot of tricks that were first used in The Matrix. Every aspect of the picture is at a high level, so the film will appeal to all the viewers;
  • It is also worth highlighting the script. It combines a unique concept with philosophical themes and many cultural references. Each scene makes the viewer think about many things. For example, the choice of pills is a choice between the bitter truth and the sweet illusion;
  • Characters and actors. This is one of the main and best roles of the famous Keanu Reeves, who showed the incredibly charismatic Neo in the film. Attention should also be paid to Carrie-Anne Moss, who played Trinity and charmed many with this role. The other actors also fit into their roles well.
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  • Kinopoisk rating — 6.9/10;
  • Imdb rating - 7.3 / 10;
  • Year of issue - 2016;
  • Country — USA, UK, France, Germany;
  • Directed by Oliver Stone
  • Genre - thriller, drama, crime, biography;
  • Running time is 134 minutes/02:14.


The film "Snowden" tells the story of American programmer Edward Snowden, who in June 2013 leaked much of the information from the CIA's classified files to the media. The film is based on the books The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World's Most Wanted Man by

Luke Harding and Time of the Octopus by Anatoly Kucherena. The lead is played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

In the past, Edward worked as a CIA and NSA special agent, so he had access to classified documents. Due to the publication of materials, the hero was forced to flee the United States, crossing out his career and future, and also leaving his relatives and homeland. Snowden decided on this act because of the total surveillance of Americans over the citizens of their country and the rest of the world.

First, Snowden will appear before the audience as a true patriot who intends to continue the family tradition of serving the motherland. He believes in the US government and advocates for law enforcement. Who would have thought that such a person would open the eyes of the world to the truth?

Reasons to watch Snowden

  • The main character's personality draws the viewer's attention. It is curious to understand why Snowden did what he did and made public secret information, though being a patriot of his country. The film perfectly shows the formation of Snowden as a person;
  • A great example of a biopic. The director was able to fit in this genre both a drama and a political thriller. It gives us a glimpse of a simple guy defying a huge government system. The picture in great detail shows us the life of Edward Snowden;
  • The cast is perfect. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was born to play Snowden. He does not look like Edward in real life, however, as in the case of Michael Fassbender in the movie "Steve Jobs", he does not need this. His charisma covers all the shortcomings and allows the actor to dissolve in the screen image. Shailene Woodley and Nicolas Cage are also wonderful in this film.
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  • Kinopoisk rating — 5.4/10;
  • Imdb rating - 5.4 / 10;
  • Year of issue - 2015;
  • Country: USA;
  • Directed by Michael Mann
  • Genre - thriller, thriller, crime;
  • Running time is 133 minutes/02:13.


The film "Cyber" is a spy detective, which also contains elements of a thriller. The plot tells us about a large-scale cyber attack, the victim of which was the whole world. The essence of the picture is well conveyed by its slogan: "The new Pearl Harbor for humanity could be a cyberattack."

A group of American and Chinese programmers, led by a recently released criminal, are hunting a high-tech criminal cybernetwork. Who could know that the quiet life of modern humanity could collapse because of technology?

Reasons to watch Cyber

  • The film has a lot of action, which is a plus for this genre. Skirmishes and other driving scenes look as realistic as possible - the heroes do not smear all the bullets on the target;
  • The main advantage of the picture is the gloom and realism of what is happening. The manner of narration is close to real life, that is, important moments happen very abruptly and quickly. While watching, viewers are constantly under tension;
  • Despite such complex topics as cyber security and cyber attack, the film looks simple. The film is characterized by unexpected things: a girl falls in love with a criminal, and FBI agents who despise the hero gain confidence in him.
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Who I Am

  • Kinopoisk rating - 7.4 / 10;
  • Imdb rating - 7.5 / 10;
  • Year of issue - 2014;
  • Country: Germany;
  • Directed by Baran bo Odar;
  • Genre - fantasy, thriller, drama, crime, detective;
  • Running time is 102 minutes/01:42.


The plot tells us about Benjamin Engel, a computer genius who is a member of the hacker group CLAY. As a child, the boy wanted to become a superhero and help people. However, due to his nature, he could not find a common language with his peers. So, young Engel moved away from society with every passing day and spent time at the computer, which determined his future as a hacker.

At the time of entering the university, Benjamin does not have any special achievements - he still remains a shy guy with no friends. At one point, he falls in love with a classmate and tries to get answers to exam questions from the university network. The hacker is caught and sentenced to community service.

Benjamin is getting more desperate, as he failed with this case. But everything changes when he meets Max during community service. He persuades Engel to join his hacker group and go down in history by committing the largest cybercrime.

Reasons to watch Who Am I

  • The film shows the change of the protagonist. From an insecure lone hacker who isn’t t noticed by society, he becomes a real man who values friends. Benjamin's life changes only because of one fateful meeting;
  • The authors of the picture tried to depict real hackers and their activities, people who understand this topic will definitely appreciate it. They also showed a good visualization of all hacker chips, especially the darknet;
  • Simultaneously simple and complex movie that makes you think. You will not be given all the answers - you have to come to it by your own. To understand hackers, you need to keep up with the stream of thought that comes from them.
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The Signal

  • Kinopoisk rating - 5.3/10;
  • Imdb rating - 6.1 / 10;
  • Year of issue - 2014;
  • Country: USA;
  • Directed by William Eubank
  • Genre - fantasy, thriller, drama, detective;
  • Running time is 94 minutes/01:34.


The plot revolves around three hackers - John, Nick and Hayley. One day, someone under the nickname NOMAD contacts them. He demonstrates his abilities to the trio by sending them a photo from their own laptop, where the characters see themselves. They decide to find this hacker and square up with him. They arrive at an abandoned house and leave Hayley, Nick's girlfriend, in the car while they go inside.

At some point, the guys heard Hayley screaming. When they ran out to the car, they saw that the girl was missing. Nick and Jonah pass out. The first comes to his senses in an unfamiliar place, where he is interrogated by Dr. William Damon. According to him, a company of hackers encountered aliens, so it can pose a threat to humanity.

Later, Nick discovers that instead of legs he has prosthetic legs, which, according to the doctor, are made by extraterrestrial beings. The heroes manage to escape, but they were not ready for what fate had in store for them.

Reasons to watch Signal

  • The film will appeal to fans of non-standard science fiction. The rest will find little in it, since the picture had a budget of only four million dollars. The film is not a masterpiece, but it is a good movie for the evening;
  • Despite the small budget, the film crew did their job well. Camera work, soundtrack, as well as young and unknown actors will not make you bored;
  • There are a lot of plot twists in The Signal, but the film is not about action. The subtlety of the script lies in the thought. This is a psychological sci-fi thriller, not an action/horror movie. Therefore, the film has a unique atmosphere and a special approach.
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  • Kinopoisk rating — 6.5/10;
  • Imdb rating - 6.5 / 10;
  • Year of issue - 2000;
  • Country: USA;
  • Directed by Joe Chappelle
  • Genre - thriller, drama, crime, biography;
  • Running time is 92 minutes/01:32.


The story tells about the confrontation between hacker Kevin Mitnick and information security specialist Tsutomu Shimomura. The former manages to steal secret files from Tsutomu's computer. Later, he found out that they contained a virus that could destroy any computer.

Tsutomu does not want to reveal his development to the world, so with the help of the police and the FBI, he begins to pursue Mitnick. This is where the main action begins - a cybersecurity specialist is trying to catch a hacker.

Realizing the full power of the virus, Mitnick wants to publish it online. To do this, he, being wanted, needs to penetrate the university with powerful computers. Whether he will be able to do this or whether Tsutomu will be able to catch a hacker, you will find out when viewing.

Reasons to watch Takedown

  • Thanks to the script, the film turned out to be interesting even with a low budget. The picture is distinguished by good dialogues, staging and camera work. You can also notice the directorial touch of Joe Chappelle in it - a video sequence of clip moments and inserts with downhole rhythms;
  • Another reason to get acquainted with the picture is that the author of the original (book) is the same information security specialist Shimomura. In the film, he is a positive character who hunts a hacker. Shimomura also had a hand in the making of the film;
  • "The Takedown" is based on real events and the approximate facts in the film are observed.
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  • Kinopoisk rating — 6.5/10;
  • Imdb rating - 6.2 / 10;
  • Year of issue - 2014;
  • Country — USA, UK, China;
  • Directed by Wally Pfister
  • Genre - thriller, drama, fantasy;
  • Running time is 119 minutes/01:59.


Will Custer is a researcher in artificial intelligence. His goal is to create a supercomputer that will surpass the human mind and achieve "superiority". Progress always has opponents - in the film, they are the RIFT organization, which advocates independence from technology. They commits a series of terrorist attacks, destroying Custer's work and mortally wounding a scientist.

Will's relatives, also scientists, learn that one of their colleagues managed to create technology that could digitize a person's mind and transfer it to a computer. Caster's consciousness was transferred to the hard drive of a supercomputer, and his physical body died. The hero has gained digital immortality and intends to continue his research.

A couple of years have passed since the RIFT incident, and Will's loved ones began to doubt his humanity. The scientist got rich and bought his own city, where he conducts experiments. Does the hero remember that he was once a man, or does he intend to move on to the next stage of evolution, destroying primitive humanity?

Reasons to watch Transcendence

  • The action of the film is measured. There is not much action here, but the picture catches fans of the genre with pure science or social fiction;
  • The topics raised in the film are actual in our time. Should artificial intelligence be developed? Will it decide to destroy humanity because of their shortcomings? All these questions are raised in Transcendence. The film presented its vision of the future, however, in reality it may be very different;
  • The viewer is given the opportunity to decide what is right and what is not. The film, like its ending, is completely open. They do not impose their point of view on the audience.
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The Zero Theorem

  • Kinopoisk rating — 6.5/10;
  • Imdb rating - 6.1 / 10;
  • Year of issue - 2013;
  • Country - UK, France, Romania;
  • Directed by Terry Gilliam
  • Genre - thriller, drama, fantasy, comedy;
  • Running time is 106 minutes/01:46.


The film tells us about the computer genius Coen Let. Due to his eccentric nature, he does not look like other people of his age. He directed all his efforts to solving the so-called "Zero Theorem", which the best scientists in the world could not cope with.

When Cohen fails and almost gives up, the bright boy Bob is sent to him. With his help, Let manages to advance in solving the theorem - Bob gives the hero a virtual reality suit that can connect a person to a global server.

There he meets those who are obsessed with the Zero Theorem, the mysterious Management. The organization secretly controlled and monitored the entire world. Cohen realized that he had done almost nothing in his life while living in lockdown.

Reasons to watch The Theorem Zero

  • The film has a unique oppressive atmosphere. This is the most painful and gloomy picture directed by Terry Gilliam. The picture is full of details, since most of the screen time takes place in the closed space of the protagonist's house;
  • The concept of the film is straightforward, it uses excessive openness to capture a larger audience;
  • "The Zero Theorem" is a mixture of the surreal world of the future, philosophical discussions about the meaning of life and the Kafkaesque mood of the protagonist.
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The Mandela Effect

  • Kinopoisk rating - 6.2/10;
  • Imdb rating - 5.7 / 10;
  • Year of issue - 2019;
  • Country: USA;
  • Directed by David Guy Levy
  • Genre - thriller, drama, fantasy;
  • Running time is 80 minutes/01:20.


Brendan, a talented programmer, is unable to complete a new task assigned to him by management because he recently lost his daughter. Along with his wife Claire he still cannot recover from what happened. At one point, strange things begin to happen to the hero.

Trying to understand what is happening to him, Brendan learns about the Mandela Effect. The phenomenon consists in the coincidence of several people's memories that contradict the real facts. This is what happens to the main character, who increasingly doubts the reality of his world.

Reasons to watch The Mandela Effect

  • Despite the small budget the film showed a fascinating science fiction that fans of world conspiracies will enjoy. The script is on a good level. It is based on the hypothesis of the existence of our universe;
  • The Mandela Effect is a great example of how to mix genres to create something interesting. The authors were able to shove a sci-fi idea into the world of a heady thriller;
  • The plot of the picture is very different from its own kind, so you won’t be bored when viewing. The picture makes the viewer think about what reality is it.
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The Fifth Estate

  • Kinopoisk rating — 6.6/10;
  • Imdb rating - 6.2 / 10;
  • Year of issue - 2013;
  • Country - USA, India, Belgium;
  • Directed by Bill Condon
  • Genre - thriller, drama, crime, biography;
  • Running time is 128 minutes/02:08.


The plot revolves around the programmer Daniel Domscheit-Berg, who gets the opportunity to reveal many secrets of states and large companies. To achieve it he is helped by hacker Julian Assange, who is the creator of the WikiLeaks website. On this portal the denials of the lies of the authorities and other secret information are published.

After meeting in life, Berg and Assange begin to work together. Assange receives information from volunteers, and Berg checks it. The finished material is uploaded to the site and creates a resonance in society. This went on for some time, until it became known about a critical vulnerability.

It turns out that WikiLeaks whistleblowers are at great risk for leaking information. So, some of the volunteers are killed, and Berg begins to blame himself for what has happened. The hero realizes that for revealing a big secret he should pay an equivalent price.

Reasons to watch The Fifth Estate

  • The film shows well how the authorities quarrel between two hackers. Assange deteriorates as a person and begins to do everything for his own benefit. And when you are in possession of world-class secret information, your mind is very clouded;
  • The picture of fellow programmers is well suited not only to people working in IT. The film is also made for journalists, as The Fifth Estate raises the theme that at any moment everything can become available to the public;
  • The script perfectly reveals one of the main characters - the founding father of Wikileaks. It’s worth to say that the film is based on real events, and Assange is a real person.
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  • Kinopoisk rating - 6.2/10;
  • Imdb rating - 6.1 / 10;
  • Year of issue - 2017;
  • Country — USA, Canada, UK, Germany;
  • Directed by Andrew Niccol
  • Genre - thriller, science fiction, crime;
  • Running time is 100 minutes/01:40.


The film takes place in the near future, where technology has firmly entered the life of society. People have put implants in their bodies that greatly simplify their lives. Thanks to this, states can easily look through the eyes of any person and know their location. Personal life is completely gone.

The main character is a police officer and detective Saul Freeland, who lost their son. That’s why he drinks a lot. One day, the character meets a mysterious girl on the street, who is not in the database. The hero does not attach any importance to this and hurries on a call to the scene. During the investigation, he meets the same girl, whose nickname is “Anon”.

Saul figures out that Anon is somehow able to manipulate people with implants. She hacks victims and controls them at will. For example, a girl can replace a person's vision with various scenes from his past or show what other people see. In addition, she uses a new kind of anonymity, which makes it impossible for the police to catch her. Saul needs to catch the hacker and solve the mystery of the murders of ordinary people.

Reasons to watch Anon

  • The film combines the atmosphere of film noir and cyberpunk. Minimalism, talk about freedom in a dystopia. All this completely immerses the viewer in a fantasy world where everyone knows everything about each other;
  • All the accents of the picture are formed on the most classic combination - two lonely people, a man and a woman, confront the whole world. Such a scenario always finds its audience;
  • "Anon" is a film that touches on the upcoming problems of the near future. The authors of the film show what will happen to humanity in a world where information is everything.
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Ghost in the Shell

  • Kinopoisk rating — 6.4/10;
  • Imdb rating - 6.3 / 10;
  • Year of issue - 2017;
  • Country — USA, India, Hong Kong, China, Canada;
  • Directed by Rupert Sanders
  • Genre - thriller, fantasy, action, drama, crime;
  • Running time is 106 minutes/01:46.


The future has come; it’s time of cyber-technologies. Humanity has changed a lot. Most people have replaced their body parts and organs with implants. They had the opportunity to improve their eyesight, strength and other characteristics. Crime has not gone away but has only become more dangerous. Hackers using the latest technology pose a great danger to people.

The main character of the whole story is the cyborg girl Mira Killian. Hanka Robotics Company saved her life by replacing damaged body parts and organs with artificial ones. She became the world's first cyborg with a synthetic body and a human brain. The girl was near death due to a terrorist attack, her parents could not be saved.

Mira works in a specialized detachment "Ninth Department", which deals with the elimination of terrorists. Thanks to his body, Killian easily copes with criminals. One day the group is given the task of catching a mysterious hacker. At the same time, the world is tormented by nightmares about the past. The girl realizes that Hanka Robotics lied to her about the terrorist attack and the death of her parents.

Reasons to watch Ghost in the Shell

  • The setting of the movie is incredible. Every part of the world of "Ghost in the Shell" makes the viewer believe that the near future lies ahead of him. Cybernetics, flying cars, neon signs - this is what cyberpunk fans should be impressed by;
  • The plot initially follows the original, copying entire scenes. However, further history and narrative change. Everything is presented in a simplified way so that every viewer can understand the film. The mixture of the original with the director's edits makes the film unique;
  • Graphics and design. It is unlikely that anyone will have claims to this part of the picture. 3D and VFX organically fit into the plot. Thanks to this, Ghost in the Shell is enjoyable and interesting to watch.
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Live Free or Die Hard

  • Kinopoisk rating - 7.4 / 10;
  • Imdb rating - 7.1 / 10;
  • Year of issue - 2007;
  • Country — USA, UK;
  • Directed by Len Wiseman
  • Genre - thriller, action movie;
  • Running time is 128 minutes/02:08.


The plot takes place 12 years after the events of the last part. Detective John McClain is already retired, but the world is under threat again, so he has to return and save his family. This time the hero will face a cyber attack on the US global computer network.

Several skilled hackers have been hired by a mysterious organization to create a program that would crack US classified information. The data is so important that it can lead to the destruction of the country's infrastructure. One day the corporation begins to eliminate all the hackers involved in the case. It turns out that this all is the work of a group of cyber-terrorists.

McLane has been assigned a new task - he needs to protect the hacker Matthew Farrell and bring him to the headquarters for interrogation. Terrorists who want to eliminate witnesses get in the way of the heroes.

Reasons to watch Live Free or Die Hard

  • The main highlight of the film, of course, is Bruce Willis. Although the actor has aged, everything also looks very impressive in the frame. This franchise is one of the most successful for him, so it is not surprising that the actor gave his best and gave the audience that same McClain;
  • Unlike the previous parts, the film is based on a well-written script. The hand of director Len Wiseman is immediately visible. The sequel turned out to be worthy and is the last successful one in the series;
  • The action scenes are awe-inspiring. The audience will watch the film attentively. Ordinary firefights also look impressive.
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The Net

  • Kinopoisk rating - 7.1 / 10;
  • Imdb rating - 6.0/10;
  • Year of issue - 1995;
  • Country: USA;
  • Directed by Irwin Winkler
  • Genre - thriller, action, drama, crime, detective;
  • Running time is 114 minutes/01:54.


The story tells about the programmer Angela Bennet, who lives in a time of high technology. All the data of the heroine, like other people, is in the global computer network: her age, place of work, bank accounts, information about the absence of a criminal record, and so on. Possessing special skills, a person can get all the personal data of the victim and completely “break” her life.

The same thing happens with Bennett. From a colleague, she receives a Trojan virus disguised as the Gatekeeper security program. The virus is distributed by a group of cyber-terrorists calling themselves the "Praetorians". Hackers send the virus to the computer systems of banks, airports and FBI databases, using it for break-ins, robberies and murders.

Angela crosses the path of the Praetorians and becomes their new victim. Hackers remove all information about it from the network, changing it to a fake one. Now the girl's name is Ruth Marks, she has no home, and she is also wanted. Bennett has to find the leaders of the cyber-terrorists and get her personal data back.

Reasons to watch Net

  • The events of the film do not let you get bored. The thriller does not stand still, there is always some movement on the screen, so the timekeeping of two hours becomes invisible;
  • Unlike the previous parts, the film is based on a well-written script. The hand of director Len Wiseman is immediately visible. The sequel turned out to be worthy and is the last successful one in the series;
  • "Net" clearly shows us how easy it is to destroy a person's life in the era of high technology and computer networks, when everyone's data is crammed into numerous databases. The film is also worth to watch because you can see how lonely a person is, even if he has the entire Internet.
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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

  • Kinopoisk rating - 7.7 / 10;
  • Imdb rating - 7.8 / 10;
  • Year of issue - 2011;
  • Country — USA, Sweden, Norway;
  • Directed by David Fincher
  • Genre - thriller, drama, crime, detective;
  • Running time is 158 minutes/02:38.


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a detective story about journalist Mikael Blomkvist and hacker Lisbeth Salander. The hero has to help businessman Henrik Vanger solve the mystery of the disappearance of his wife Harriet. The woman disappeared about 40 years ago on the island, but Vanger is sure that this is a murder. He's sure someone from his family is involved.

Blomkvist and Salander begin their investigation. The heroes search for information about each member of the Vanger clan to understand who had motives to eliminate Harriet. Along with this, the characters also have personal problems that pop up along the way. So, Mikael was convicted of slandering the businessman Wennerström. Henrik promised to help him if he uncovered the secret of Harriet's disappearance.

Lisbeth had a difficult past. Her guardian raped her until the girl dared to answer him. She recorded everything on video and began to blackmail the man. A great feature of the girl is a tattoo in the form of a dragon. Using her hacking skills, she helps Blomkvist learn the truth about not only the Harriet case, but Wennerström as well.

Reasons to watch The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

  • The film skillfully manages the mood of the viewer. This is especially true in the atmosphere of suspense. All this is the merit of director David Fincher, who "put the soul" into this picture;
  • The film resembles a kind of adult and scary fairy tale. Even while watching a relaxed movie scene, you will be nervous. The sound and camera angle are also a high level;
  • The plot almost completely coincides with the book, but a little shortened and accelerated. This gives those familiar with the original a new insight into the story behind the investigation of journalist Mikael Blomkvist.
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The Girl in the Spider’s Web

  • Kinopoisk rating - 5.9/10;
  • Imdb rating - 6.1 / 10;
  • Year of issue - 2018;
  • Country — USA, Sweden, Germany;
  • Directed by Federico Alvarez
  • Genre - thriller, drama, crime, action movie;
  • Running time is 115 minutes/01:55.


The Girl in the Spider’s Web is a thriller film directed by Fede Alvarez and adapted from the book of the same name. The film is also a soft reboot and sequel to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by David Fincher.

At the center of the story is still hacker Lisbeth Salander and journalist Mikael Blomkvist. This time the main events take place in the life of Salander - she is hired by Professor Frans Bolder, who developed the Firefall program that controls all the world's ballistic missiles. The scientist realized that he had created a formidable weapon, so he decided to get rid of it. He asks Lisbeth to hack into the authorities' server and take the program from them.

After hacking, the terrorist group "Spiders" and special agents begin to hunt for the hacker. Lisbeth will not cope with it single-handedly, so she asks Mikael to help her out.

Reasons to watch The Girl in the Spider’s Web

  • The film will appeal to fans of the James Bond franchise. The picture most resembles a spy thriller, but with hackers and cyber-terrorists. Action and shootouts are also enough here;
  • Unlike the first film, The Girl in the Spider’s Web concentrates completely only on Lisbeth, revealing her from a new side. In addition, the heroine was played by another actress - Claire Foy, who did an excellent job with the role;
  • The picture stands out with a special noir atmosphere. There are almost no dialogues, and whole fragments of the story can go on for five minutes and without a single conversation. It makes the viewing unsettling and exciting.
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  • Kinopoisk rating - 7.6 / 10;
  • Imdb rating - 7.5 / 10;
  • Year of issue - 2018;
  • Country — USA, Australia;
  • Directed by Leigh Whannell
  • Genre - fantasy, thriller, detective, crime, thriller;
  • Running time is 100 minutes/01:40.


The protagonist of the film is auto mechanic Grey. The world where he lives has long since moved to the use of high technology in almost every activity. People began to put implants and chips into their bodies that make their life easier. Gray is very skeptical about it.

One evening, he and his wife Asha were returning from a client who was the owner of the largest technology company named Ero. A couple gets into an accident in a troubled area and they are captured by unknown people in masks. The criminals kill Asha and injure Gray. The hero becomes disabled and loses the ability to walk.

Ero comes to visit Gray in the hospital. He persuades the character to implant the Stem chip, the latest development of his company. Technology has its own intelligence and is capable of almost anything. The hero accepts the offer and begins to take revenge on the killers of his wife.

Reasons to watch Upgrade

  • Many aspects of the film are at a high level - the story, the atmosphere, the color grading and the soundtrack. The correct arrangement of details attracts the viewer and begins to intrigue from the very beginning;
  • The picture has a very powerful script, where everything is logically intertwined. The “Upgrade” has a super mission, it's not a movie for the sake of a movie;
  • The film is distinguished by the main character. The character is not just ambiguous, his internal conflict is raised to such a level that the film can be called a real dramatic picture.
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The Thirteenth Floor

  • Kinopoisk rating - 7.6 / 10;
  • Imdb rating - 7.1 / 10;
  • Year of issue - 1999;
  • Country — USA, Germany;
  • Directed by Josef Rusnak;
  • Genre - fantasy, thriller, detective;
  • Running time is 100 minutes/01:40.


Hannon Fuller is a scientist and business owner who invented the virtual reality system. This world imitated the city of Los Angeles in 1937 and was almost an exact copy of the original. It

was inhabited by people with artificial intelligence who did not even know that they were living in a virtual world.

After Fuller has finished working on his project, he is killed. All the blame is thrown on his assistant Douglas Hall. They begin to closely monitor him, but there is no one hundred percent evidence yet. Later, the hero meets Fuller's daughter Jane, who intends to shut down her father's project.

One day the protagonist plunges into the simulation and realizes that something is wrong with his real world. This is where Hall's adventure begins.

Reasons to watch The Thirteenth Floor

  • The film does not look like a typical fantasy film, loved by the mass audience. The picture is more like an author's movie. It poses uncomfortable questions and forces the viewer to look for answers themselves;
  • "The Thirteenth Floor" includes love and philosophical questions. There are also beautiful romantic scenes in the film;
  • The picture will be very appealing to fans of The Matrix, as they have similarities, but you should not call The Thirteenth Floor a copy of this film.
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Minority Opinion

  • Kinopoisk rating - 7.7 / 10;
  • Imdb rating - 7.6 / 10;
  • Year of issue - 2002;
  • Country: USA;
  • Directed by Steven Spielberg;
  • Genre - science fiction, thriller, thriller, crime, detective;
  • Running time is 145 minutes/02:25.


On Earth it is 2054. In the United States, a new technology has begun to be widely used, which allows to find out about a crime before it starts. Thus, criminals are detained before they have had time to do something. As a result, the crime rate in the country has dropped significantly. Scientists are confident that the system works perfectly.

One day police captain John Enderton, who was dealing with another case, becomes the object of Precrime recognition technology. He does not admit guilt and is hiding from the police. The hero decides to go to the creator of this project.

Dr. Hyneman, the creator of Precrime, informs the hero that the system may give an error. But few people know about this, so they believe that technology always shows the truth. Now Enderton has to get the memories of one of the seers in order to clear his name.

Reasons to watch Minority Report

  • The film is deeply philosophical, it tries to define the rightness and wrongness of predestination from the point of view of a person without faith;
  • The storytelling is very lively, and the script keeps the tension at a good level with the help of action situations;
  • The setting of the future completely immerses you in the atmosphere of what is happening. It is especially interesting to watch the work of future technologies, for example, biometric scanning of the retina.
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