FIFA 23: everything we know so far

Alisa Barladyan
17 Mar 2022

Almost half a year has passed since the release of FIFA 22, and for some people, the game has already begun getting obsolete. The football simulator was amazing both in terms of the gameplay and the content.  EA has a lot of work to do on the next part.  Small additions and adjustments to existing elements of the title are likely to be par for the course, so we shouldn't expect massive changes across the board.

Electronic Arts (EA) hasn’t yet officially presented FIFA 23. Fortunately for many fans of the series, it's only a matter of time, as the developers release a new part every year. The release date can be predicted, but it’s very difficult to say exactly what will be in the game. Will the developers change the name of the series and will FIFA 23 become completely free?  You will learn about the details of the project from this article.

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FIFA 23: new features and everything we know about the game

FIFA 23 release date

At the moment, EA hasn't given an exact release date for the football sim in 2022, but we can give an approximate date.  In this regard, we should turn to the releases of other parts. FIFA 21 was released on October 5, 2020, and FIFA 22 was on September 26, 2021. We have received a time interval from which the authors will choose a suitable date.  According to some sources and following the EA trend, FIFA 23 will be released on Friday, September 30, 2022.


FIFA 23 will appear on the next generation of consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.  Also, the release may take place on the Nintendo Switch, and of course on PC. It is not yet known whether we should expect a release on older generation consoles.  However, since the majority of the players still use Xbox One and PlayStation 4, EA may easily make a version for these consoles.

Will FIFA be rebranded with the release of the new part?

Many users and journalists seriously thought about a possible change in the name of the project after the developers patented the EA Sports FC brand. According to some sources, this project is related to football games. Against the backdrop of rumors about a break in relations with FIFA, the likelihood of a new name for the series is extremely high.  In addition, back in the fall of 2021, EA announced that they were considering renaming the football simulation franchise.

EA recognizes that branded competitions, national leagues, clubs and players are important to its games, as all of these are unique to FIFA.  However, the developers don't like that the football federation is asking too much money for licenses.

All these facts and hearsays lead us to the fact that for the 20th anniversary of the series, EA will rename it to EA Sports FC. At the moment, this hasn’t been officially confirmed, so it remains to wait for new details.

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Is crossplay coming to FIFA 23?

FIFA 23 has a chance to get a new feature that players have been waiting for. This is a cross-platform game that will finally unite all the platforms. This is reported by several verified insiders at once.

This could mean much faster matchmaking, a more competitive FUT player pool, and a one-stop-shop for all platforms in FIFA 23. However, the possibility for users to enjoy playing with friends across consoles and even with PC users is very important.

It’s worthwhile to say that now players can  play with other users only within the same platform. For multiplayer, PlayStation and Xbobx owners will need paid subscriptions.

FIFA 23 could be free

One of the verified insiders said that FIFA 23 will be free. Perhaps this is just one of the hearsays, because the developers didn’t make an official announcement. However, we note that this will definitely make a splash among fans of the series and attract a large number of users to the game.

According to some sources, EA intends to transfer the FIFA series to a free-to-play distribution model, inspired by the example of its competitor, eFootbal.

The free FIFA 23 will attract a lot of players, which means that the demand for in-game paid content will grow. The company earns a lot of money from the sale of loot boxes and other things, but the figure can increase several times with free FIFA. Gamers may also have to pay for individual leagues or competitions.


Will Russia and Russian players be in FIFA 23?

Against the backdrop of the current situation in Ukraine, EA has removed the Russian national team and all Russian clubs from their sports simulators. This may apply to the new part of the series. If events don’t change, then more likely, FIFA 23 will be left without Russian athletes and clubs.

Most likely, the developers are aware of all the risks, as they may lose most of the audience due to this action. Now it's hard to talk about it. We can only hope that EA will allow Russia to be in FIFA 23.

Game modes in the new part of FIFA

VOLTA Football is still one of the newest modes in the FIFA series in terms of its structure, so it's safe to say that the next part of the series won't feature any groundbreaking regimes.

The Ultimate Team will remain the franchise's main attraction, as EA brings in a lot of money, and in return, they throw all their efforts into its development. Most likely, the mode will receive a couple of edits, but you shouldn’t expect anything radically new.

Career Mode has received a major overhaul in FIFA 22, so we shouldn’t expect major changes in the next game. Developers will strive to eliminate all the shortcomings, and not add a lot of new features.

Pro Clubs will remain a game mode for socializing and having fun. This is one of the main contenders for change because something new and exciting can be added there.

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Licenses in FIFA 23

Konami is usually a thorn in EA's side when it comes to licensing, but now FIFA has entered the arena. Atalanta, Juventus, Lazio, Roma and Napoli are exclusive to Konami and eFootball from next season, so they have fictitious names in FIFA 22.

However, the title of the game is in jeopardy as FIFA and EA seem set to part ways. The football federation is known to demand more money than the gaming company is willing to pay. Apart from the game name change, this shouldn’t affect any other in-game licenses than the potentially fully licensed World Cup mode or downloadable content.

New leagues

Will we see new leagues in the next part of the football simulator? The only new league we saw in FIFA 22 was the Indian Super League. We would like to see even more leagues available in FIFA 23, regardless of their size.

At the top of the wish list would be the restoration of the Brazilian league, which, despite being in the game, consists only of ordinary players.

In the user voting, the Greek league is in the lead. The players want Champions League entrants Olympiacos, Panathinaikos and PAOK to have their own space. Also the Israeli league is also in the top, which is only six positions below the Greek league in the UEFA coefficient rankings.

Other innovations in FIFA 23:

  • For the first time, the Women's World Cup may be added to the game;
  • Developers can improve HyperMotion's motion capture technology;
  • EA will take on the graphics again and show a new level;
  • The football simulator can get the VAR function (video referee assistance system). This will make it easier for the system to follow the game. It will also give FIFA realism;
  • Improved artificial intelligence and more complex combinations from NPCs.

Bugs and errors in FIFA

FIFA 22, like other parts of the series, is full of bugs and shortcomings. EA wouldn't be itself if the game was perfect in every aspect. Unfortunately, players have to put up with reality and wait for patches that will improve the situation.

Despite this, many gamers enjoy the bugs in FIFA, as they look very funny. YouTuber Alphyx shows the most interesting bugs in the FIFA series in his videos. You can watch one of the first releases of the latest part of the series.

At release, FIFA 22 had a lot of problems. Players complained that in the single player campaign the computer played instead of them, the referee didn’t whistle a foul when the goalkeeper and the player collided with the ball , the ball itself moved where it wanted, the players flew out of the field, and their models took on a creepy look with long arms and legs.

Of course, over time, all critical errors were eliminated, but this was imprinted in the memory of the players for a long time. Most likely, it will be the same with FIFA 23, since it is almost impossible to create a perfect game without bugs.

These were all the details of the upcoming FIFA 23. Of course, some parts may not appear in the final version, but we will hope that EA will try to improve the title to meet the expectations of the fans. As new information becomes available, we will update the article.

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