Announcement Of The DPC Season 2021/2022 in China: Who will be the new champion?

Alisa Barladyan
30 Nov 2021

For a long time, China, like Europe, was considered one of the two strongest regions. At the same time, the representatives of the Celestial Empire have not won at The International since 2016. The last time PSG.LGD was the furthest to go. It lost to Team Spirit 2-3 in the grand final. Also, among the Chinese teams, Invictus Gaming (top 4) and Vici Gaming (top 6) performed well. Quite a good result, but China only needed to win. In this regard, immediately after The International 10, the region started to make global decisions. Many teams changed their lineups, and in the new DPC season, they will fight for the title of the strongest team in China. In's article, you will know which organizations made the most successful replacements and who will become the new regional champion.

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Dota Pro Circuit 2021-22

China starts late

China, as usual, is not playing by the rules. The 2021/2022 DPC season officially begins on November 29. It is after this date that Division I games will begin in all regions. In this case, the tournament operator Perfect World has announced that in China, First Division teams will not start playing until January 3. Throughout December, viewers will only be able to watch the performance of teams from the second division. What exactly was associated with this decision is unknown. Presumably, it was the fact that some Chinese players were stuck in Europe after The International and could not return for a long time. Because of this, they had little time to rest and prepare for the league.

It is important to note that some teams from the Chinese first division have not yet announced their lineups for the 2021/2022 DPC season, even though the roster lock was November 21. How this could have happened is not clear at all. Perhaps the rosters are registered in Valve's internal system, but there is no data about them on Liquipedia.



PSG.LGD was the strongest team in the last DPC season in China and all regions. Many people predicted that this team from the Celestial Empire would finally become the champion of The International 10. Such an opinion had a good reason. PSG.LGD played TI6 champions Wings Gaming and incredibly cool performers in the first, second, and fourth positions. You could even say these are the best Dota 2 players in the entire world.

At The International 10 PSG.LGD played very confidently and reached the grand final without any problems. There, the Chinese team fought with Team Spirit and still lost in a persistent game with a score of 2:3. The Chinese players later admitted that they were very nervous during the finals, so they could not show their best game. They were intimidated by the Team Spirit players, who played and behaved too confidently. It was this factor that was key on the final day of TI that caused PSG.LGD lose, finishing second in the main tournament of the year.

Even though PSG.LGD didn't become the champion, the team decided not to change their roster before the new DPC season. Time will tell, but right now, it seems like the right decision to put the organization back in contention for first place at The International. So far, there is no suggestion that PSG.LGD will play worse next season. Right now, the organization's teams look as follows.

  • Wang Ame Chunyu;
  • Cheng NothingToSay Jin Xiang;
  • Zhang Faith_bian Ruida;
  • Zhao XinQ Zixing;
  • Zhang y' Liping.
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Invictus Gaming

Invictus Gaming

Invictus Gaming, just like PSG.LGD, played great in the previous DPC season. The team won the Singapore Major and got fourth place at The International 10, a good result. On the eve of the new season, there were minimal changes in Invictus Gaming. The team's captain Hu Kaka Liangzhi left. He played under the IG tag for two years. Pan Fade Yu took his place. The replacement looks pretty good. The team tried to keep the core of the team in the form of cows and charge new energy from a very experienced and famous player. The following players represent Invictus Gaming.

  • Jin flyfly Zhiyi;
  • Zhou Emo Yi;
  • Tia JT-Zhong Wen;
  • Pan Fade Yu;
  • Chang Chong Oli Kin.

Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming played well at The International 10, too, and managed to reach the top 6. However, on the professional stage, this result is considered to be almost a failure. That is why before the beginning of the new DPC season, there were some global changes in the Vici Gaming camp. At the same time, it seems that the roster became weaker after the resolutions. The following players now play in the team.

  • Yang poyoyo Shaohan;
  • Guo Xm Hongcheng;
  • Li Irving Zhang;
  • Yds;
  • Chen Victoria Guanghong.

In fact, out of the former lineup, only young carry poyoyo remained. He played far from his best at TI10. They added the notorious Xm and three players who had never played in a TI10 team before. It's hard to believe that this squad can achieve much success. It looks like it claims to fall to the second division.

Team Aster

Team Aster

All last season Team Aster was haunted by failures. The team played great in their region but failed in both majors. At the first tournament, the team could not go because the police detained Borax, and at the second tournament Team Aster just failed. At The International 10, the entire team was infected with coronavirus, affecting their play level. As a result, Team Aster was only able to finish in 12th-16th place. For such a strong team, it was a complete failure.

Before the new DPC season, Team Aster gained some strength. Ori used to play in Vici Gaming as well as Fantasy, joined the mids. This is a young player who previously played for Aster.Aries. He doesn't have a lot of merits, but he has potential. With the new roster, Team Aster may fight well for the championship. The lineup of the team looks as follows:

  • Du Monet Peng;
  • Zeng Ori Jiaoyan;
  • Lin Xxs Jing;
  • Ye Borax Zhibiao;
  • Yu Fantasy Yayun
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Royal Never Give Up

Royal Never Give Up

Royal Never Give Up is another team from China, which was completely rebuilt. Only carry GodKing remained in the main roster. At the same time, extremely strong players joined the team. The squad is very combative and has every chance to become one of the strongest in the region and the world. At the moment, the composition of the Royal Never Give Up is as follows.

  • Zhon GodKing Lushai;
  • Yao Somnus丶M Lu;
  • Yang Chalice Shenyi;
  • Chong Wei FelixCiaoBa Lun;
  • Jian xNova Wei.

The funny thing is that last season, DPC Royal Never Give Up finished seventh and should have been moved to the second division. However, the organization somehow managed to make a deal with Elephant, after losing at The International 10. Elephant had a slot in the first division of the DPC and gave it to Royal Never Give Up. There is no information about the terms of the deal.


Last season LBZS played in the second division and managed to reach the first division. The team's roster looks rather weak, so it is likely to return to the second division at the end of the league. The following players play in LBZS.

  • Lai Wishing Xinyu;
  • Liu EX Shaojun;
  • Li Irving Zhang;
  • Tang CatYou Xiaolei;
  • Xu QYQX Chenyang.



EHOME can safely be called the midget of the Chinese region. Last DPC season, the team did not pretend to win, but it was also far from being out. The squad looked pretty good, and in the qualifications for The International 10, the team made it to the grand final and lost there to Elephant 2:3. EHOME was one map short of qualifying for the main tournament of the year. So it was surprising that the team decided to disband the entire roster.

Before the new DPC season, EHOME signed four Phoenix Gaming players to the Dota 2 roster. Last season, the Phoenix Gaming team played in the second division of Dota Pro Circuit 2021 and made it to the top division due to their good results. Club management decided that hot-blooded rookies would play better than the old guys.

What's surprising is that EHOME currently has only four players registered on the Liquipedia website, even though the roster lock was November 21. How this could be is not clear. Perhaps, the lineup is registered on Valve's internal system, but there is no data on Liquipedia about them. At the moment, the EHOME roster looks like the following.

  • Shiro;
  • 7e;
  • pLAnet;
  • Zzq Zhang Ziqiang.

Phoenix Gaming

Phoenix Gaming played well last season and managed to qualify for the first division, but after that, four players moved to EHOME. There is only one person left on the Phoenix Gaming roster. He is the only one currently registered as a member of the team on the Liquipedia website. That's Hu dolem Sen.

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