Social media reaction to Team Spirit's victory at TI10

Alisa Barladyan
20 Oct 2021
Social media reaction to Team Spirit's victory at TI10

The biggest tournament in the history of esports — The International 10 is over. The winner is a team from the CIS called Team Spirit. No one could believe in the championship of these guys, as before the start of the tournament they were far from favorites. We saw the real "Cinderella story": players in whom no one believed became the main Dota and entire esports stars this year. Of course, after such a sensation, social networks simply exploded. And not only in the CIS, but also abroad. Some congratulated Team Spirit on the victory, others riveted memes, and others reproached the opponents of the dragons that they deliberately threw the games.

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The Russians are most happy

Obviously, for the CIS (Eastern Europe) residents, the victory of Team Spirit at The International 10 is very significant. Finally, their team managed to win the largest Dota championship.  Almost all media personalities, one way or another connected with the CIS esports, congratulated Team Spirit on the victory at The International 10.

The whole world rejoiced

"Cinderella's Story" always attracts people. It is at the expense of it that both sports and esports live. Before The International 10 started, almost no one in the West knew about Team Spirit. However, watching the team during the tournament, people started gunning for it. Moreover, the further the dragons went, the more people learned about them and began to support them. And after winning the grand final, everyone started talking about Team Spirit. No one remained indifferent to the difficult and thorny path that the team went through when climbing Olympus. Even the legendary IceFrog decided to congratulate the guys. The former champions of The International 10 did not stay on the sidelines.

Esports analyst Noxville also reminded that Team Spirit could not directly qualify for The International 10. To get to the tournament, the team had to play regional qualifiers, in the final of which the Dragons lost to Team Empire with a score of 1-2, but in the end, they were able to come back. Against this background, Noxville offered to make more slots for teams at the main tournament of the year.

At the same time, there were those who could not believe in the fair victory of Team Spirit. They were convinced that a team from the CIS simply could not win at The International 10, and all other teams simply decided to succumb to the dragons without banning their branded heroes. A global conspiracy was seen even here. However, we should admit that there were very few such people. After all, almost everyone was just congratulating Team Spirit.

A week with an increased number of memes about Team Spirit is expected

After Team Spirit's victory at The International 10, the team found itself in the spotlight. Everyone began to discuss them and share their opinions about the game of Dragons. Of course, a bunch of memes that are associated with Team Spirit immediately appeared on the Internet.

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