SugaR: I'm going to train, look for a team and get results

Alisa Barladyan
01 Jun 2022

Professional CS:GO player Amin sugaR Azimov told about his first team, and favorite map and shared his plans for the future.

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Amin sugaR Azimov

- Tell us about the beginning of your career.

- I started playing after I entered university, I went to an internet cafe and played the usual FACEIT. I won local tournaments in Baku and saved up money for a computer. Then the Azerbaijani organization GMT came up. After unsuccessful results, the roster was disbanded and svyat called me for a test.

- What was the level of cybersports in Azerbaijan?

- Not very high. Few guys play well. Many have a language barrier that prevents them from playing with Russian-speaking people.

- How did you decide to become a professional player?

- It's simple, I was pretty good. I had a passion for winning, that's all.

- What was your first stack like? Were there any players who have become famous by now?

- The first stack included lov1kus, isolatioN, matusik, en0o and AKIMOV as a coach. I think everyone has heard about each of them!

- Kostya Raijin is being invited to the most prestigious teams, and recently RuFire said in our interview that he is on the wish-list of some good teams. What do you think about it?

- Kostya is a very talented player with a strong AIM. Everyone knew he would have offers to good teams.

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- You played with Kostya for a long time. How is he different from the other players?

- He can beat his opponent with his head, but he can also go out and give him one in the head.

- Recently, starix wrote in his group that the AVE team broke up, the organization did not answer the phone, and owed him money. How do you comment on this?

- Starix expressed the team's decision in his post, he wrote that we are considering individual offers.

- What are you guys going to do next? And you personally?

- Of course, I will keep training, look for a team and get results.

- In April, your team became known as ASG. Was that a change of organization or rebranding?

- That's the tag of the organization. Most of the time we played without an organization under the AVE tag.

- Have you received any interesting offers from other teams?

- There are some offers, but not the ones I had hoped for. I am in no hurry to make a decision yet.

- Do you think that if it weren't for the situation with the organization and the player's buyout, you would have had good results?

- I couldn't speculate ahead of time, I think we would have had good prospects.

- Do you know any very promising, but little-known young players in the CIS? Who will play in good teams in a year, for example.

- I won't say little-known, but speaking of the young ones - I like Magnolia from Websterz and donk from Team Spirit Academy. Those guys can make an impact.

- What do you do besides CS?

- I spend most of my time on CS. In my free time I can solve logic problems or go for a walk around town with my friends.

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- What is your favorite and least favorite map?

- Overpass is my favorite but Vertigo is my least favorite.

- Favorite weapon?

- M4A1-S.

- Win the major or become an MVP?

- Winning the major!

- Your dream team?

- Electronic, chopper, Raijin, fame, s1mple.

- Think back to your toughest moment in the game.

- Probably 1vs4 on LAN in Albania against forZe.

- Which team do you root for the most?

- Team Spirit.

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