July 12, 2017
B/OSS Asia

Redknee Unified debuts in the Asia Pacific region

June 15, 2017
B/OSS Asia

Teams up with Wipro, Verizon and Infosim to push service analytics-driven automation

April 13, 2017
B/OSS Asia

The solution will also add support for new capabilities such as VoLTE

October 13, 2016
B/OSS Asia

To transform IT infrastructure across multiple lines of business

September 14, 2016
B/OSS Asia

To help monetize digital and partner services and deliver personalized communications

August 10, 2016
B/OSS Asia

And to support the digital transformation of Canada’s largest independently owned telco 

July 14, 2016
B/OSS Asia

To enhance its competitiveness in data services and optimize the quality of service for its subscribers

June 16, 2016
B/OSS Asia

To quickly deploy new capabilities to support differentiation

May 18, 2016
B/OSS Asia

Order backlog strengthening as company signs multiple large contracts

April 13, 2016
B/OSS Asia

To ensure strong local presence amid rapid market growth

March 09, 2016
B/OSS Asia

Partnership augments Wipro's BSS solution and consultancy services

February 25, 2016

Redknee CEO, Lucas Skoczkowski, strongly believes for CSPs that want to be DSPs it’s all about how they treat their

September 10, 2015
B/OSS Asia

The joint offering will be available across the Asian, European and South American markets

August 13, 2015
B/OSS Asia

The acquisition broadens Redknee’s market share with customers across the telecom and non-telecom industries

July 16, 2015

The billing vendor is well prepared for its venture into new industries