Dota 2 update: Valve has released a new treasure

Alisa Barladyan
25 Jan 2022

On the night of January 18-19, Valve added a new treasure called the Collector's Cache into Dota 2. It is available for the owners of Aghanim's Labyrinth Battle Pass. One can buy it for 180 rubles in Russia and $2.49 in the other CIS countries. The new chest includes sets for 18 heroes. The players will get 36 Battle Pass levels for buying 15 sets. All the items excluding the rare item for Phantom Assassin cannot be bought at the community market or exchanged. Besides, a user will acquire 36 Pass levels for opening 15 treasures. One can exchange each unpacked set for 2,000 battle points. Read what is the main feature of the Collector's Cache and how cool are the sets in this treasury in the material by

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Collector's Cache

How to get new treasure

You can buy the Collector's Cache in the game main menu. After the purchase, you should open the treasure and you will randomly get one of the ten items that are there. If you open the treasure next time, you'll acquire new objects. That is, you won't have the items you got the last time until you take all the contents of the treasure. This rule isn't applied to rare and very rare objects. They fall completely randomly and without any rules.

The characteristic feature of the Collector's Cache

The Valve's treasures have always been a nightmare. You were lucky if there was at least one cool set in the chest. They were usually horrible and looked worse than ever. These are the treasures that Valve has released the last few years, but the Collector's Cache is an exception. We, the users, voted for the sets that would be included in this chest. The election was in the game client. And finally, the developers announced the winners and added the sets into Dota 2. The sets were made not by Valve but by common people. 

We thank the creators from the community who sent their works for the treasure this year and each Battle Pass owner who voted for the sets they liked. We can't wait to see all these new items in your games.


There are plenty of winning sets. The treasure consists of 18 sets, which were selected by the votes of the players. Two sets for Chaos Knight are among the best. Nevertheless, the developers left only one that had got more votes. The set for Abaddon that took 19th place was used instead of the second one. We should note that almost all the sets are very cool and memorable. Let's have a look at them.

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Abaddon — 209,704 votes


The set for Abaddon somehow squeezed into this treasure, and only by the "judges'" decision. And we can understand why. The set cannot be called "bad." No, it's quite good. But there is nothing memorable or unique in it. It is the classical set for Abaddon but the armor, horse, and weapons are more developed. Of course, it looks much better than other sets for this character but does not hold a candle to the other sets from the Collector's Cache. Therefore, it took last place in the voting. 5/10.

Axe — 215,059 votes


The set for Axe isn't the best in this treasure. With it, the character looks like a demon. He has got thin horns and instead of teeth, the hero now has fangs like a boar. Axe holds a gold mace instead of an ax. His armor is embellished with gold and masks with fangs and horns. It all looks seamless. Especially since Axe didn't have similar sets, and this is quite a good variant. 6/10.

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Alchemist — 217,552 votes


The Alchemist is really cool. They made an astronaut out of him. The ogre, on which the alchemist moves, is dressed in a willow green suit, and his chest is decorated with some kind of buttons and levers. And the alchemist sits inside the small robot crab on the ogre's back and holds his favorite vials. The set for Alchemist looks very fresh. There haven't been such works in Dota 2 before, so it definitely deserves attention.

Drow Ranger — 224,878 votes

Drow Ranger

The set for Drow Ranger looks unbelievably cool. The character looks like a Japanese samurai: traditional belt, two katanas, wooden "sandals," light baggy clothes, and straw hat. It all looks really cool. Moreover, Drow Ranger has a long bow, glowing blue, and a quiver with the same arrows. The Collector's Cache is worth buying for the sake of this set.

There is just one thing. More recently, an arcana on the Drow Ranger came out that looks even cooler (and costs a lot more). So, given the choice, that set is cooler. Why do we need this one? We don't understand. But it is still really cool. 9/10.

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Rubick — 233,860 votes


Unfortunately, the set for Rubick is not so good. It is wildly original but looks a little strange and even repulsive. Rubick has turned into some stone soldier in a uniform and with a drum. And there is a unicorn's head with a green mane and eyes at the end of his staff. The concept is cool, and the set is designed at an incredible level. But in general, it looks ridiculous. Besides, Rubick doesn't seem quite himself with this set. 5/10.

Mars — 235,436 votes


Mars with the new set looks like typical Mars. He began to look bigger only because of the massive armor, helmet, and huge shield and pike. The armor is shining with gold and red, and one can see fire under the helmet. The set looks not so bad, but it is also not so unique or memorable. 6/10.

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Broodmother— 240,884 votes


The set for Broodmother is totally different. This hero doesn't have normal sets. They all look similar, while the hero's model doesn't change. The set from the Collector's Cache turns Broodmother into a different character. She doesn't look like herself, though she is still a giant spider. There is nothing unique in this set, it's good at least because of the new model. Moreover, all the Broodmother's spiders are similar to their mother. The fiery set. 10/10.

Grimstroke — 242,631 votes


The set for Grimstoke looks like the set for Drow Ranger. It is also made in Japanese style. Juggernaut has a similar set. There is a straw hat on the hero's head, and red horns are sticking out of it. Grimstroke floats, and there are some giant bells, as if on an evil spirit, on his body. It looks interesting and unusual. 7/10.

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Chen — 246,221 votes


In his new set, Chen looks as pompous as possible. He rides an armored crocodile (lizard) and has a helmet made in the shape of the head of the same reptile. His clothes glow gold and blue. You wouldn't even recognize Chen with this set — he's so different. 7/10.

Ancient Apparition — 256,453 votes

Ancient Apparition

The set for Ancient Apparition can be easily called one of the best in the Collector's Cache treasure. With it, the hero looks like an ancient wizard from the East, like in the "Aladdin" cartoon. He wears a cap, traditional for those regions, and a mantle cloak behind his back. There is a blue gem on this cap. The coolest thing in this set is a giant book floating in front of Ancient Apparition all the time. Apparently, he reads the ancient spells in it. The hero's image is very memorable and unique. 10/10.

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Razor — 270,227 votes


Razor doesn't have such a cool set as Ancient Apparition. All his sets are similar: a strange helmet, many metal and sharp shapes, and a blue glow. This set is no exception. It looks too cliche, even though it's made on a decent level. The only cool detail is snakes who are Razor's legs. This has never happened before. 6/10.

Phantom Assassin — 284,424 votes

Phantom Assassin

Phantom Assassin has plenty of cool sets, including arcana. So, making up something new and unusual for this character is extremely difficult. The developer of the Collector's Cache set managed to do it partly. Phantom Assassin got a shield, small pike, gold armor and helmet, and red glowing eyes. In his new set, the character looks like a gladiator, and Phantom Assassin didn't have such an image before. It looks fresh. Finally, a hero has something other than a normal blade.

Valve liked this set so much they decided to make it the rarest in the treasure. It has an "unbelievably rare" status, so there is almost no chance to get it. The set is cool. 8/10.

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Clockwerk — 287,363 votes


The set for Clockwerk is one of the best in the new chest. With it, the character looks like a small mechanical lizard. It was such a robot (only big) that constantly collected the Power Rangers in the TV series of the same name. The set is very cool, and the cogs in the form of a lizard head are a separate art form. 10/10.

Dawnbreaker — 299,750 votes


The set for Dawnbreaker is controversial. The character has lost one eye, taken off his helmet, and got a new hairstyle. These are all the changes. The armor and weapon are almost the same. Despite this fact, the set looks interesting. And as Dawnbreaker is a new hero and she doesn't have any other normal sets yet, this work looks just fine. 7/10.

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Phantom Lancer — 308,474 votes

Phantom Lancer

Phantom Lancer in the new set is Anubis from Ancient Egyptian mythology. He has a helmet with horns, and his face is slightly forward, like those of jackals. He fights not with a usual pike. It looks like the guardians' weapon in Ancient Egypt. There are burning scales behind Phantom Lancer. The image is well-developed, and the set is of high quality. However, this set seems unsuitable for Phantom Lancer. It looks out of place. 6/10.

Dragon Knight — 309,696 votes

Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight has a great number of cool sets, made in various colors. We cannot imagine what can be done with this character. In this set, the character almost hasn't changed. Yes, now he looks cooler with a new helmet, armor, sword, and shield, but we have seen this a thousand times. It's a decent work, but the character is clearly outdated, and can no longer surprise us further... 7/10. 

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Ogre Magi — 362,974 votes

Ogre Magi

The set for Ogre Magi is the best in the treasure. That's what one half of the community says. The other half disagrees with this statement. It laments that Ogre Magi has been made a clown. This is partly true. The hero has no "serious set" where he looks cool or pompous. They all make Ogre Magi a comical and inconsiderate creature. Ogre has long been a joke, but that doesn't change the fact that his new set looks awesome.

Basically, the new set is the usual Ogre Magi dressed in Jakiro pajamas. But he looks really cool, especially with this burning tail. This image suits Ogre, no matter what anyone says. The Ogre has a "rare" status.

Chaos Knight — 366,364 votes

Chaos Knight

The new set for Chaos Knight won the popular vote. 366,364 voted for him. It is a huge number. If you look at the Chaos Knight set, you won't ask why he won. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the author did not just redesign the character, but created a new character.

All the elements of Chaos Knight remain in place. The horse, the armor, the mace, the helmet, and the hellish look didn't go anywhere. Everything is there, but the hero looks completely different. It's hard to explain what has changed But when you look at the set with your own eyes, it's obvious. Chaos Knight is incredibly cool, which is why it has "very rare" status. 10/10.

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