FitchM On Gambit Salaries And Life Outside Cybersport

Alisa Barladyan
12 Feb 2022

Former Gambit Esports player Bektiyar fitchM Bahytov exclusively for talked about salaries in Gambit, his activities, and the success of s1mple.

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Bektiyar fitchM Bahytov

— Hi, how are you doing? What are you doing now?

– Hi, everything is alright. Right now, I'm working on my ideas in a different direction.

— Could you tell us more about it?

– At the moment, all I do is outside of cybersports. It is primarily my personal life and the search for myself.

— Do you have any income?

– Yes, of course. There's a business that brings results. Of course, I have a return on it.

— What area is your work related to?

– My work is related to logistics transportation of goods.

— How did you become a professional CS:GO player?

– In fact, it all happened all on its own. Initially, the games were just for fun, and then they began to turn into training and tournaments.

— What didn't work out in Gambit and AVANGAR?

– During my involvement with Gambit, there were no problems. I felt the team needed a coach who could steer us in the right direction. AVANGAR was a strong team, and I added value to their structure. Later on, they decided to replace me with AdreN as he was more experienced.

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— Do you keep in touch with those with whom you played in the same team?

– I keep in touch with everyone I've ever played with. It's not just a game!

— Do you have a desire to return to the professional arena?

– Of course, there is such a will. The desire to return is my default state of mind.

— On November 15, 2020, you wrote in your official VKontakte group that you were looking for a team and would soon break into the scene. There hasn't been any news since then. Is there anything that didn't work out?

– Yes, unfortunately, it didn't work out. There were a couple of team ideas. But they all remained at the level of ideas.

— Last year, you played some official matches in the mix with Ramz1k. Why didn't you continue to play further?

– With Ramz1k we played a couple of tournaments, but we did not agree on the whole roster, so we decided to split up.

— In one of his interviews, Dosia said that at the team's peak, Gambit player salaries were $10,000 and even more? Is that true?

– Yes, Dosia told the truth.

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— Are you watching the professional scene right now?

– Yeah, I watch the big tournaments and support guys from the CIS. To be precise: Virtus Pro and Gambit!

— What do you think of the NAVI results? S1mple got 8 MVP medals for 2021. Will such a record ever be broken?

– Natus Vincere - good job! I think it was a matter of time for Sasha to start smashing everyone. Anyone can break the record.

— Did you have any desire to become a streamer?

– I tried it. It was interesting, but it isn't easy to do it regularly.

— You are 29 years old. When I saw that number, I couldn't believe it, because you look very young for your age. Have you ever been considered as a minor?

– Thanks, that's funny! Yes, it happened so that I look younger, and it often happens that some people ask for my documents in places where people under 21 are not allowed.

– Is there an action you regret?

– Yes, I regret that I once listened to a person I shouldn't have listened to.

— Give some important pieces of advice to our readers!

– Always make your own decisions. Your life is your decision.

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