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Anastasiya Dudkina
28 Mar 2021

What Is an Accumulator Bet?

In the world of sports betting, accumulator bets are the most sought-after betting practice amongst bettors these days. If you are new to online sports betting, accumulator bet may sound a little off and alien to you. For your knowledge purposes, accumulator bets are a single bet linked by multiple wagers and a winning accumulator bet is dependent on all the linked wagers. The total winning of an accumulator bet is gotten by the multiplication of all the odds and the total amount staked. Accumulator bets or parlays are frequently used on football, horse racing, and tennis betting events. 

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Types of Accumulator Bets

There are various kinds of accumulator bets that bettors can take advantage of when it comes to sports betting, view the table below to get yourself acquainted with some of them.

S/NSelectionsAccumulator Bet TypeDescription
1Two (2)DoubleThis means a max pick of two games linked to form a single bet
2Three (3)Treble This involves up to 3 picks in a single bet
3Four (4)Four foldThis simply means that they are 4 picks forming a single bet
4Five (5)Five foldThe five fold accumulator has 5 picks in a single bet
5Six (6)Six foldA single bet made up of six picks is called a six fold accumulator
6Seven (7)Seven foldJust as the name implies it has seven selections in the accumulator
7Eight (8)Eight foldA single bet of 8 different picks

What Is An Each-Way Accumulator Bets & Non-Runners

An image of the each-way accumulator page
Each-way accumulator bet

Bettors are not in the dark about the perils linked with online sports betting. The each-way accumulator is a means whereby horse racing bettors have an opportunity to get a kind of leverage on their bet. Simply put, the each-way accumulator means that a bettor can place two or more betting outcomes on a single horse racing event, thereby increasing the total sum stake. The each-way can be used in two parts namely; “win” on all selected bets and “place” bet where a bettor can still win if your chosen horse is placed on the top places as offered by online sportsbook marques. On the other hand, what are non-runners?


Bettors who are new to horse racing may have issues understanding what the term non-runner means. In a situation in which a horse is not available to take part in a horse racing event for whatever reason, the said horse is said to be a non-runner.

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How Do Accumulator Bets Work

Bettors don't need a shrink to help them in understanding how accumulator bets work. Accumulator bets are the most common and popular method of betting. It involves linking several selections to form one single bet. Bettors can add different picks on the accumulator, each co-dependent on the next for the accumulator bet to have a winning outcome. If one bet fails to win, then all other linked bets are affected by the loss. Let's analyze it with the example below:

1Burnley vs EvertonBurnley to win4/120.00100.00
2Wolves vs NewcastleWolves to win3/1100.00400.00
3Chelsea vs Man U.Chelsea to win3/1400.001,600.00
4Fulham vs Crystal PalaceFulham to win4/11,600.006,400.00
5West Ham vs LiverpoolHammers to win4/16,400.0032,000.00

If you place a bet on the above accumulator bet with a stake of £20, it means that to have a winning outcome all the bets in the accumulator need to win.

  • With a stake of £20 on the Burnley to win Leeds fixture, your expected earning if you win the bet is £100
  • Won £100 becomes your stake for the Wolves and Newcastle game which will, in turn, bring a winning of £300 plus your stake of £100 which equals to £400.
  • The £400 becomes the new stake for Chelsea to win against Manchester United, which will bring a winning sum of £1,200 plus the £400 stake which will total £1,600.
  • The £1,600 becomes the stake for the Fulham to win against Crystal Palace game which will bring a winning sum of £4,800 plus your stake of £1,600 which totals to £6,400.
  • The winning £6,400 becomes your stake for the West Ham to win the Liverpool fixture will bring the winning sum to £25,600 plus the £6,400 which will amount to £32,000. From the example above if the selections in the accumulator go in the right direction, a small stake of £20 just into £32,000.

How To Place An Accumulator Bet

The below example is from sportybet Nigeria online sportsbook. Bettors who want to place an accumulator bet can follow the bit-by-bit steps.

  1. Open your sports betting account.
  2. Navigate towards your desired sports events.
  3. Choose the betting market of your selected betting event.
  4. Add your preferred picks to the accumulator.
  5. In the multiple section, you will find the accumulator.
  6. Insert your stake sum, and
  7. Make a bet by tapping on the “place bet” menu button.
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Accumulator Bets In Horse Racing

An image of the horse racing betting events
Horse racing betting events

Horse racing is one the best sports events to use the accumulator bet on. A bettor can choose between multiples such as the Lucky 15, Goliath, and Super Heinze. Also, online sports bettors can use the each-way accumulator in horse racing sports betting.

What Can You Win With Accumulator Bets

Not all bettors stake high, to reduce the risk of losing a bet, most bettors bet on single games but this is usually backed with a high stake. Accumulator bets are an amazing opportunity for low stakes to earn a big winning sum. Bettors are advised to thoroughly analyze their picks to enable them to stand a chance at winning big with an accumulator bet.


Accumulator bets are one of the best betting practices used by punters globally. Bettors can make picks on multiple sports betting events to increase the bet odds to enable them to stake low to win a high winning sum. More so, there are various types of accumulator bet namely double, triple, four fold, five fold, etc. In this article, we discussed how bettors can leverage their bets by using the each-way accumulator bet and also what a non-runner stands for. Furthermore, online sports betting fanatics can use the accumulator bet on horse racing and football. Also, the accumulator bet is worth it, as punters can earn a fortune if they’re successful with their accumulator bet.

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What is an accumulator bet?
These are a combination of a series of sports betting events into one single bet to maximize odds and profit.
What are the advantages of an accumulator bet?
The ability for bettors to select multiple selections and use small stakes to win a huge amount of money is a very big plus.
How to place an accumulator bet?
To place an accumulator bet using a sportsbook, a bettor must; -On your betting account page, choose your preferred sports events -Select the type of betting market for your selected sports event -Add multiple picks on the accumulator bet -Input the stake amount -Click on the “place bet” menu button to place an accumulator bet.
Working out the arithmetic of accumulator odds?
Bettors should have no problem calculating accumulator odds, the simplest way to work out accumulator odds is shown below. Example In a bet that has eight selections with odds 1.44, 1.33, 1.68, 1.99, 1.40, 1.88, 2.21, and 1.21, to calculate the odds simply multiply the odds together to get the total odds, i.e 1.44 x 1.33 x 1.68 x 1.99 x 1.40 x 1.88 x 2.21 x 1.21 will equal to 45.06 odds, which will be represented as thus 44/1. By this measure, the eight selections on the accumulator have a total of 44/1. Bettors who find this method confusing can simply calculate the accumulator bet odds using an accumulator odd calculator.
How do you win big on football accumulators?
Accumulator bet concentrated on football is a popular feat. bettors are to bear in mind that there are no miracles to winning an accumulator bet. So, therefore, bettors are advised to thoroughly make sure that selected football events on the accumulator are analyzed properly to reduce the risk of losing.
How does an each-way accumulator bet work?
Simply put, each-way bets are two separate bet selections that automatically doubles the main stake of a bet. In a nutshell, the each-way accumulator bet helps a bettor get some sort of leverage on their placed accumulator bet, thereby, helping a bettor reduce the risk of losing all placed bets.
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