Moneyline Bet Meaning: Full Guide What Is The Moneyline Betting

Alisa Barladyan
27 Dec 2021

Are you looking to get into the world of online betting and casinos? What does bet mean, and how do you place it?

Or are you someone experienced who's always on the look for new ways to bet on sports? Whatever be the case, here's one technique of betting you wouldn't want to be unaware of — and it's called money line betting.

If you're yet to know about what it is, you've been missing out on a lot of good odds. Here's explaining all about it in this piece.

What is Moneyline?

A moneyline is a type of bet and is incredibly popular for sports like football and soccer. A key difference while betting money line is that the odds of winning or losing depend upon the team's ability.

 More on that later. You can either end up winning or losing a lot and in one place. 

Make a Moneyline Bet

How do you define Moneyline?

To understand the meaning of betting the Moneyline, one needs to be acquainted with a few terms.

The Favorite

This is the team or player that's most likely expected to win an upcoming game. It is based on teams' and players' records and performances, points table, and popular opinions — to name a few. The amount one would need to wager is denoted by a negative (-) for the favorites. For instance, if the moneyline bet indicates -200, it would mean that the bettor would need to risk $200 to win $100. 

The Underdog

The Underdog is the team or player that is probably going to lose the upcoming contest. To even things out, moneyline bet encourages betting on the underdogs with a lesser loss margin. In this case, the stakes are represented by a positive (+). If the bet lists +150, that'd mean you need to bet $100 to win $150.

Evens or Pick 'em

When matching teams or players for betting, it isn't always that there's going to be a clear favorite. At times, two evenly matched teams could be up for a game. Here, both the teams are evenly betted against. That is, +100 is what you'd see for this. Bettors can win or lose $100 for $100.

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Handicap Betting
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How does moneyline betting work?

Moneyline betting is usually standardized at the rate of $100. In most sports, there are pre-declared favorites to win the match. If teams A and B are to collide for a blockbuster Sunday weekend, here's how the odds would arrange themselves: 

  • Team A, the Favorite: -250 on the Moneyline
  • Team B, the Underdog: +150 on the Moneyline

What the moneyline scores technically mean is that you have a stake of $250 for winning a sum of $100. That is when you're betting on the favorites. If team A ends up winning the contest, you get a total of $350, but you end up losing your $100 if it loses.

If you insist on betting on the Underdog, however, moneyline betting tends to reward you with a lesser risk percentage. You are only effectively betting $100 for a profit worth $150.

Betting the moneyline
An example of money line betting
Place your first Moneyline Bet

Las Vegas Money Line Odds

The NFL Las Vegas odds are one of the largest betted sports bets in the country and beyond. Besides the NFL, you can also bet on a bunch of other sports and leagues like NBA, Soccer, and MLB.

How to bet Las Vegas Money Line Odds?

The bets are as simple as they could get. You simply bet on a team you think would win. If it does, you win the bet. Spread doesn't factor in here, so no ATS.

The matchups are tallied by Rotation alongside the date of each of those games. Rotation ensures the listing of the games by their scheduled start. The touring teams are usually placed at the top, followed by the home teams.

The odds are based around the index of $100. The favorites are represented with negative odds, meaning you stake that amount of money for $100. The underdogs are given positive scores telling the amount you're winning for every $100 you bet.

How do you read Las Vegas Money Line Odds?

Let us take an example to simplify things. Buffalo is a pretty strong team against New Orleans. Here's how you'd expect bookmakers to list their moneyline bets:

  • BUFFALO (-250)
  • NEW ORLEANS (+220)

The figures tell that you're winning $100 on betting $250 on Buffalo, if it wins the game, of course. But you could also trust your instincts and go on to bet on New Orleans betting for only $100. The prize for your team winning would be an extra $220 for your pocket.
Of course, despite the disparate odds at stake against the favorites and the underdogs, everything evens out at the end.

Make a Moneyline Bet with 1xBet

How to Make a Moneyline Bet?

Moneyline betting is an incredibly popular betting technique for many sports. Count Soccer, Football, and Basketball in. Here's what you need to do to make this bet:

  1. To start betting the moneyline, the bettor needs to pick his sport first.
  2. Choose a renowned and trusted bookmaker agency.
  3. The money lines are all shown by the players or teams.
  4. Pick either the favorites or the underdogs. Remember, favorites are just that — favorites and not declared winners. You don't have to go with the flow all the time.
  5. Enter the amount you want to bet. (You can calculate the winning stakes by a formula. More on this in the next section)
  6. Finally, you're good to place your bets.

How to calculate Moneyline Odds?

All that brings us to the question: How do you even calculate what to bet to take home a specific sum of winnings? Well, the calculation is different for the favorites and the underdogs for this style of bet. 

Vendor’s moneyline prices demonstration
Moneyline betting demonstrated on a vendor’s site

For the favorites:

You simply multiply the sum you'd want to win by a factor of Moneyline/100. If you'd like to win $200 betting on team A at -250, you'd have to place a bet of 

$200 x 250/100 = $500 

Make a Moneyline Bet

For the underdogs:

While betting on the underdogs, your winnings would amount to your wager multiplied by (Moneyline/100).
Say, you're betting $80 on team B at +250, your winnings, if team B wins, would be, 

$80 x 250/100 = $200 

Alternatively, to win $200 betting on B at +250, you could calculate your amount like:

$200/(150/100) = $80 = your wager

#What you want to winWager
Favorite (-250)$200$500
Underdog (+250)$200$80

What are the different outcomes of a Moneyline bet?

Here are all the different outcomes of a Moneyline bet:


Bettors only win when their chosen player or team wins. They can also win when "draw" is an option in the bet and they've thrown their stakes on the option.


If bettors fail to predict the winning team or player, their stakes are lost. They also lose if the game ends up in a draw and they don't select the outcome.

Draw or No Bet

"Draw no bet" is an outcome when a draw isn't offered as a betting option while the game ends up drawing. In this outcome, the total stakes of the bet are returned to the bettors. Soccer and football are two such sports where most money line bets offer no "draw" option.

Why would I bet on a money line?

You wouldn't. Or you would. At the end of the day, it is your call — and your bank balance, of course. If you're a follower of a particular game with good knowledge of the past records and history, you're probably going to be just fine betting on a money line. But then again, sports are a game of uncertainties. 

Do Moneyline bets cost any juice?

There isn't a bet that is devoid of juice. All Moneyline bets have a certain amount of juice on them. Of course, it isn't as explicit as in some other kinds of bet, as it's already factored into the betting line. 

Place your Moneyline Bet with 1xBet


Can you put money line bets in parlays?
Of course, you can. Gamblers can add several money line sides to the same parlay bet. One needs to be cautious, though, as betting on multiple favorites wouldn't always be optimal when factoring odds.
Do parlays allow putting money and spread bets together?
Indeed. The winning stakes are based on the spread bets in the parlays. The standard juice on spreads is -110.
Do Moneyline prices change with changing from one sportsbook to another?
Most popular sportsbooks have comparable Moneyline prices. But this isn't always the case. Bettors would be better off comparing the prices offered before choosing their vendor.
Will the Moneyline change once it's set?
Yes, the money line prices are dynamic. They keep changing as the game nears its schedule. You, however, cannot change the pricing once you've booked a bet already. A bet that starts on -120 can very well end up at -150 before the game. But if you've booked it at its opening price, you cannot change it anymore.
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